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Contrary to Opinion

I have used Ebay almost exclusively for 10 years approx for my purchases, however more and more the opportunity to let others know when you receive bad service is being watered down. However, during the late part of 2018 and into 2019, I decided to give the product side of Amazon ago, I have purchased many Kindle books from them. I have been so happy, they communicate well, their delivery is outstanding, I have been waiting 3 months for an article from China from and Ebay sellers. I find their prices are a little more expensive, but at least arrive right the first time. So they get five stars from me.

Product Quality
Return Claim MadeNo
Warranty Claim MadeNo


Good working order. Fast processing. My son has had a good time playing with this toy loves it especially at night when all the lights are lit up

Truly First Class

Amazon Au supplier received my faulty drone for assessment at 3.20 pm yesterday, by 5.30 pm I had a full refund credited to my Amazon Au account. They did not even bother getting assessment from the manufacturer. My word was enough.
Two months prior and another faulty same brand of drone, Amazon not only gave me a full refund (based on my report) BEFORE returning the product plus on request they credited a further sum to match the new higher replacement price!

Fast Shipping

I got my products on time and delivery was fast it was in nice packaging and I was happy with my orders

Superb Service and Quality Products

As a former, but deeply disappointed eBay customer, I thought to try out Amazon to purchase some items. I did so and was very positively surprised by the excellent customer service, the quality of the products and quick service. I also was happy that I was not forced to pay by the double dipping PayPal. My VISA Debit card was accepted without any difficulty and no third party account (PayPal) was involved in the transaction. One of the items I ordered I did not like and unlike on eBay there was no hassle to return the parcel and I received a refund very quickly. Compared to eBay where it was cumbersome to get a refund and only after countless time phoning, Amazon was courteous and instantly refunded the price. With great pleasure and after often getting annoyed, I cancelled my eBay account and decided to stay with the quick and helpful service of Amazon.

Best customer service

Bought a slow cooker recently from them - there was a slight defect with the product as it seems to leak liquid when using it to cook. Painless refund process.

Best customer service in years

Cannot recommend amazon enough!! I made multiple orders for Christmas presents, and my orders were received quickly and were exactly what I ordered, I had one bad purchase through a third party on amazon and amazon were so quick to deal with my complaint and refund my money completely even though the error was through no fault of their own!

Great Customer Service

I purchased a book on Amazon Australia earlier this week and purchased the priority delivery option to ensure delivery within 2 days. The book didn’t come for 3 days and this was very inconvenient as I had gone on holiday by then. I contacted Amazon Australia about this issue and was so surprised with how quickly they got back to me and with how reasonable they were with finding a solution. I felt that they were really trying to make sure their customers have good experiences with them. I will definitely be using Amazon Australia again.

Highly recommend

Fantastic deals and cheap shipping, especially when you’re a Prime customer. It’s worth paying the small monthly fee for the offers and free shipping. Items are always sent quickly. I bought heaps from the Black Friday sales and leading up to Christmas and it was always hassle free

Shipping time from US to AU pretty quick

I ended up buying two Kipling bags one from Amazon Au and one from Amazon US. However both were to shipped from the USA. I was very disappointed with searching and pre-ordering processes on the websites, specifically from US one as it doesn’t show until the end that item can’t be posted to AU. However if the same item is available on AU website it can be posted but there is quite a price difference even though I have US website set to convert the amount to AU$. Anyways my Kipling bags that were ordered on Black Friday arrived today; almost a week earlier than ETA. I am quite happy and pleased with the bags and shipping times for sure.

Service is so good and I think you should definitely try it.

On last black friday,. I have bought so many items and most of them arrived on Monday.. Then due to some issue with a postal service they were unable to deliver my ps4, on Tuesday when I contacted them. They were willing to send me another one and made it priority shipping and gave me a 10$ coupon as well. Also the price was what I paid on black friday deals price. Also i returned some ps4 games because I found them cheaper elsewhere and they were happy to refund me for those as well. So I think you should definitely try them. Also don't forget to use cashrewards to save some more money.

Excellent service

The Amazon store is a breeze to navigate and is has a great range of products. The product I purchased was new and of good quality.

Better then Ebay

When Amazon originally dropped in Australia I could confess I wasn't a big fan. Overpriced and low in stock. A few months later and looking for Christmas presents I've fallen in love with the site. I was so use to Ebay and it's terrible service such as poor packaging that left the product damaged or waiting for a package that was being shipped from around the corner for months. Amazon cares with its packaging. The product usually coming in a box and the item being wrapped in protective material. Amazon Prime is awesome. I of course started off with the trial and with free delivery of products in Australia it's been incredibly cheap and I would receive the item 2-3 days later.

The site is still growing and it'll eventually start to match the US but in comparison think of how far Netflix Australia has developed.

Brilliant, convenient, fast, reliable

When Amazon first arrived in Australia I was sceptical. Now I'm a fan. They don't always have the best pricing, so do your homework, as you would with ANY purchase. Delivery is always super fast, if I order on a Friday afternoon I usually have the product by Tuesday morning. I'm a prime member too which gives access to Prime Video, Twitch Prime, and Amazon Prime. I think Amazon arriving in Australia has shaken up the retail market and after a slow start they have upped their game.

Cheap, quick, top service

You cannot go wrong with Amazon in Australia. Great service, quick delivery, even better if you subscribe to Prime! The customer service is way better than eBay and also the returns are very easy. With Prime comes also Prime Video, so no need for Netflix or Stan anymore.

Good service

Very happy with Amazon Australia. Purchased a RFID credit card wallet and passport wallet. Amazon generously also sent an additional gift. Website was easy to follow and delivery was prompt and by the due date
Thank you Amazon Australia

Timing was perfect

I ordered a pair of shoes a week before i was going on holiday. Amazon told me that the shows would be arriving in 3 weeks so i lost all hope that would be wearing them out on holiday. Yet the day before i left the package arrived at my doorstp. 2 WEEKS EARLY! I have nothing bad at all to say about the delivery or the quality of the shoes

You've Got To Be Kidding

Whilst browsing through Amazon book list I came upon 4 books written by Brian O'Donnell. One title "You've Got to be Kidding" set my mind working. This book contains 56 short stories of the life of the author. Many of them are focussed on the wheat belt in WA. I was amazed. the author claims they are all basically true stories. I wonder if people really are this careless with their lives. Of course they are and it makes for a fabulous read. Amazon do a great job of presenting and delivering their books. Shake Rattle and Roll sounds intriguing as well.

Great and helpful customer service!

I subscribed for the kindle unlimited free trial for a month but I forgot to unsubscribe and I got charged. I originally didn’t know why was I charged by amazon as the details wasn’t provided on my transaction so I got panicked, thinking I might get hacked or smth. But it’s all fixed! They are processing the refund right away after I gave them a ring about it. GREAT CUSTOMER SERVICE. Thank you!

Inquiry of payment options PayPal

I recently emailed Amazon au about payment options enquiries and would they consider PayPal in the future and to get in more Paranormal tv series in stock. Amazon responded very quickly to my question and they were very helpful and added that they were working on getting PayPal up and running . Very impressive.

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