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Amazon treats Aussies like pushovers

What is it with Amazon Australia and their inflated prices that are a quarter of the price elsewhere. Of late I've been looking for a new foldable shopping trolley with wheels. Found just what i wanted which happened to be through Amazon US at a great price of $29.88 USD ($40 AUD). As shipping was almost twice the price of the trolley, thought I'd check out the price on Amazon Australia. I expected a price hike but $174 AUD??? (yes it's the same product). I was excited about Amazon Australia opening to finally be able to access a wide array of amazon goodies without having to pay massive shipping costs. They apparently saw it as an opportunity to try to blindly rip us off. Inflated prices, crap customer service and questionable delivery times, i don't think our online retailers need to concern themselves yet.

Well Goodbye Amazon

LIterally shopped with Amazon for over a decade now, and hadnt bought anything in a couple months, went to buy a few items then relized the new laws, and was forced to find the same items on Amazon.com.au instead of .com and the difference between price was astonishing, these prices are both AUS prices including delevery

Amazon.com Amazon.com.au
$24.18 $123.95 (Not joking)
$93.80 $199
35.60 Didn’t Have
$39.80 $121.70 (Still not joking)
$24.67 $84.40
$218.05 $529.05

So thats me never shopping with amazon again, unfortantly id rather buy from other companys that still deleery to AUS, or find cheaper ones in AUS, the price difference for the exact same items is laughable, i could buy the items send them to someone in the US to then to me and Id still save hundreds.

Amazon is now dead to me, they no longer shipping to Australia

Their loss, I had spent many hours browsing there stores and purchased over a dozen times from dog toys to sun glasses to computer fans.

I had even use to support their twitch spending bits to various online streamers.

Now they had basically forced me to buy from ebay and though the items are sometimes costing a little higher I am at least able to buy want when I want and continue shopping online.
I wasn't first buying from Amazon to avoid gst or lower cost items. I was doing it cause it was fun to buy something online each month and this went on for over 2 years I was a customer of Amazon.
Having something shipped to me and I was an impulse spender.

Good bye Amazon

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Revisiting this review since Amazon had made that decision above. The amazon.com.au portal is still not up to speed with the likes of Amazon or even online stores such as BigW even. EG; Ebay purchased "Recent Feedback ratings (last 12 months)" 1 month 6 months 12 months Positive 5 27 43 Neutral 0 0 0 Negative 0 0 0 The good thing here is now I am receiving feedback on my purchases even though the seller/s on ebay might just copy paste a ie"Good buyer, prompt payment, valued customer," etc. it would never have happened if Amazon made this decision as I would had still been shopping on their .com website. The strange thing about this decision Amazon products I use to be able to purchase came out of the US. Now the Items I purchase are coming out of Australia / China / UK etc. Oh and I enjoy writing reviews on the products too;) So I am still salty with Amazon but Ebay has the sweetness to keep me happy.

Rip off pricing on the AU site, loved Amazon before...lost interest now.

A pair of new balance shoes that cost US$49 on the Amazon US site is over AU$200 on Amazon.com.au. A pack of running socks is over AU$100? Really Amazon AU? I prefer to buy from the US site as the service is great & the prices are fair & I don't mind the transport costs...but I am now being blocked from the US site so as to force me to buy from the AU site. If this is the case, I will buy else where. No happy Jan!!!

Amazon must have a very low opinion of Australians

Prior to the Geoblocking, I tried to re-order some items that I had previously purchased from Amazon to discover that they no longer ship them to Australia. Checked the Australian site just to see and discovered of course that they were not available. A 'comparable' product was available for 300% of the cost in a local store. Gave it a month and went for a look on a jigsaw - the hardware kind. Found it for 400% the American Amazon price and 300% the Bunnings price. After 16 years, I won't be back.

A sound business tip might be to not give the work experience kid the responsibility for setting up the business on a Friday afternoon.

Damaged Products, dishonest descriptions, missing parts

I tried AMAZON Australia for the first time and this was the review I placed on their site which they refused to post!


Damaged goods, dishonest descriptions, bad packaging, missing parts.

Item was purchased as a gift.

I specifically asked that this item be packaged and posted completely padded so the product box would not be damaged.

Item arrived in a loose box with some brown paper screwed up on one end.

The product box was completely damaged and torn.

I “researched” the return method for a replacement, and noted their time frame was ridiculous. Thinking they may sell out, we gave this game to someone else and purchased another from BIG W which arrived beautifully packaged and undamaged.

This was my first purchase from AMAZON Australia.

We recently gave them a second chance and ordered some sunglasses for our son.

Another complete DISASTER!

The description states “made from soft rubber”. NOT TRUE. They are made from hard plastic.

Description says, “Includes soft strap to keep sunglasses on”

Absolutely no strap in the box!


This is AMAZON’s reply:


Your review could not be posted.

Thanks for submitting a customer review on Amazon. Your review could not be posted to the website in its current form. While we appreciate your time and comments, reviews must adhere to the following guidelines:

We encourage you to revise your review and submit it again. A few common issues to keep in mind:

Your review should focus on specific features of the product and your experience with it. Feedback on the seller or your shipment experience should be provided at www.amazon.com.au/feedback.
We do not allow profane or obscene content. This applies to adult products too.
Advertisements, promotional material or repeated posts that make the same point excessively are considered spam.
Please do not include URLs external to Amazon or personally identifiable content in your review.


Obviously they will not accept honest negative reviews.

They were cheaper but giving them a second chance and them failing us again, it’s goodbye AMAZON from us.

I would rather purchase online from a small Australian online business and pay twenty bucks more for pure personal five star accurate service and have peace of mind.

Waste of time

Almost everything listed is 3-4x above market rate.
Managed to find 2 items which were actually decent price only to find out the price was incorrect after buying them.
1 seller just cancelled without saying anything, and another made up an excuse saying the item was damaged during postage (postage company couldn't find their tracking number either).

Heck, even retail is cheaper than Amazon here.

Disappointed, will never use again.

I ordered 2 items which were both 'in stock' last Thursday. Today is Tuesday and my order is still awaiting shipment. This is the 2nd time I have experienced this long wait for an order from Amazon AUS and I will not use them again.
I have never experienced any delivery issues with the e ?Amazon USA site, so why is the local Amazon such a disgrac
Stay away, their service is appalling.

Warning to sellers looking to do Amazon FBA - Customer service from India is atrocious / farcical

A warning to all Aussie sellers thinking of doing Amazon FBA (fulfilled by Amazon) their customer service is some of the worst I've ever encountered in 20 years. Full of copy and paste messages, no regard for customer welfare, misuse of power such as closing cases, misreading of serious issues, ignoring requests for supervisors, blocking phone number so you can't call back, run like a dictatorship. I am reporting them to the relevant Australian dept that deal with these matters as they will not get away with atrocious 3rd world customer service.

So if you are wanting to partner up with Amazon, beware.....you may not get far when you need help (and you will)

Amazon Australia is an absolute joke!!

Take down Amazon Australia!! Give us back access to amazons from other countries. Unable to purchase the products I want. Prices are ridiculous. I was excited for amazon but it needs to go. Hoping for the day it shuts down.

They just don't deliver - then you can't get your money back

I purchased a rather expensive book through Amazon Australia. They sent a note to say it had been delivered - problem is - it was never ever delivered. Their online help says check with the courier. I did so - and the courier says sorry the parcel did not get to you, but Amazon must sort it out. Now there is no way to contact Amazon Australia directly. What a joke! Daylight robbery.

Amazon & [name removed] - You Just Screwed Over Australia

[name removed] just screwed Australia - so damn you [name removed]. I had some Levis 511 jeans in my cart on the US site and now they won't ship here. The US site has 35 color variations compared to 7 on the Australian site and not one pair is in stock. I also had some Slayer rock t-shirts I wanted to order. None are available on the Australian site.

So I went to eBay instead and made the purchase. Screw you Amazon and screw you [name removed] you arrogant billionaire jerk. You deserve zero stars morons.

Just went to place a $US450 order on Amazon US...

And was blocked. If Amazon think this will drive me to Amazon AU they are dead wrong. If the Australian government or the greedy Australian retailers (who lobbied the government) think this will drive me to paying well over what they go for overseas from them they are kidding themselves.
This is going to be a major fail for Amazon, be the final nail in the coffin for the fat Australian retailers (who are too greedy to compete or offer products at fair prices) and will just drive customers to new overseas retailers or eBay.

Poor deals (hardly any) and very very slow

What a terrible experience (over and over again). You expect that a company that has been successful internationally wouldn’t make such a mess in this country. Deals are far from impressive but the worst part is the extremely slow delivery and poor customer service! I tried a couple more times after the first poor experience and it keeps happening. I ordered several items that are all apparently in stock, the order just hangs for several days with strange status updates - not yet shipped, preparing for shipment, shipping soon - but they all seem to mean the same thing; “nothing is happening with this order”. After weeks something might happen but it is completely random. My advice is to shop with an Australian company that understands this country because these Amazon people have no idea how to operate in Australia. All hype and no delivery!

Expensive and Slow

Now double the price or more, and now takes at least twice as long for a book to arrive. I will be taking my business elsewhere.

My first experience with Amazon AU was not a good one.

I have been buying items from Amazon U.S., U.K. and even some European locations for many, many years and have never had an issue. I tried to buy some DVDs from the US site recently but now that we have been geo-blocked, I was forced to use the local site and had to pay the ridiculous Au prices. Where are these extra $'s going? Are they just paying the Au staff wages?
Anyway, my shipment was split, I got part A OK but after two weeks when part B had not showed, I chased them up and discovered that it had not even been shipped! I had paid priority shipping as this was a gift so needless to say why this review is lucky to get 1 star. Poor form Amazon, you should have just increased your online marketing for the US site rather than rubbishing your reputation down-under. I'll be sticking to Kindle digital books only for Amazon Au, at least they can't screw those orders up.

Amazon Australia - ridiculous prices!

Looking to purchase spice jars: From Amazon US $31 (incl delivery). From Amazon Aus $75 Why are you ripping Aussies off? Less product range and higher prices.

Overpriced on most goods

I wanted a Nightcore NU 30 rechargeable headlamp. I looked at Amazon US for price and reviews. Which were good and price $53.00 .went to EBay and they wanted ex China AUD $53. AliExpress price AUD $50.00 delivered. Amazon Australia $203!!! Wow some price gouging going on here. Unbelievable. I will not be even looking at their site again.
Where do they get their prices from? Do they think we are idiots here in the Colonies.
Check your prices before buying.

Amazon Australia Seller's price ripoff.

It's simple; total rip off seller prices. For example.
Amazon AU - 2 x Ztylus Stinger Plus Car Vehicle Emergency Escape Tool = $181.46 AU +$19.98 delivery.

Manufacturer's website - 2 x Ztylus Stinger Plus Car Vehicle Emergency Escape Tool = $60.00 AU +$0* delivery.
*My order came to over $59.99 USD as I ordered 6 of these so delivery from the USA was free!!!

So Amazon Australia seller wants more than 3 times the price. Oh, plus $19.98 delivery.
Just read an article where an Amazon Australia executive stated Amazon AU is off to a slow start because Australians aren't "accustomed" to using Amazon yet. No; we're just not idiots.

Overpriced compared to American Site.

I was going to purchase something from Amazon’s American website and it would have cost me around A$250 ( postage and currency conversion included). The exact same product sells for $406 on the Australian website. This item wasn’t a necessity so I definitely won’t be buying it at the hugely inflated price difference of A$156. It makes me really angry that Australians are always getting ripped off and our politicians are the ones that allow this to happen.

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