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Why Amazon is Good.

I like the Service Amazon for many reasons, which i shall state below:-

Arrival Time
The arrival time on Amazon's products are amazing! Even if you choose the 3-5 working day delivery, it comes within 3 days! For example I ordered a Nerf Gun for my Child on the Monday with 3-5 day delivery, it came on the Wednesday!

The condition of the item from Amazon is pristine! On the multiple occasions when I have used amazon (for over 50 items) they have all arrived immaculate.

The service Amazon provide is really good. On one occasion when I wasn't in my house, they were able to deliver it ASAP.

Amazon, thank you for all you have helped me for. 10/10 every day of the week!!!
reliable, quick, helpful, kind, good quality.

Great range - however a lot of stock not available to Australia?

I've started to buy more and more stock online for the reason that Australian retailers are inflating their prices far higher than needed. Its typical that Aussie retailers are just getting greedier and greedier every year and I got sick of it about two years ago.

I've used Amazon since late 2011 and purchased things like Pelican Cases, CD's, Maglite's and Maglite upgrades and never had an issue with the service or delivery or packaging. Most have been quick and packaged very well!

My biggest gripe is that most of the products eg: Washer Punches that you make tap seal washers are not available to Australia as the edge is 'sharp' WTF? Anything with an edge is not available? This is a real big let down personally and terrible let down from Amazon.com!!

Anyhow, I've tried to find the other things that I need on eBay - however constantly find that the quality is not as good or as cheap?
easily navigable online store, interesting and cheaper products than eBay and large variety
Many items are not available to Australia - which limits variety and wastes time!

When Things Go Wrong!!

Amazon in general have been very good. But post GFC they are certainly not as goo as they were.
I buy a lot of books from then and in the past if it was in stock it shipped the nest day. But I have noticed in the last year and a half that while their site says its in stock it may not ship for several weeks. I have even had orders canceled under the excuse that it was not available from the publisher but Amazon are showing it as in stock.

They seem to be splitting orders as much as possible, once again this may be that they are actually overstating the stock they have on hand, or maybe they make jut a little bit more with multiple shipping. Certainly does not make sense if you order three things that are shown as in stock but they are all shipped as separte items each with their own shipping charge so you end up paying more.

I arrived home from work one day to find my driveway literally full of parcels from Amazon all addressed to me on the outside but containing other peoples orders on the inside. There were a lot of packages!! The list ran into several pages. When I contacted Amazon they wanted me to take them to the post office and airmail them back to them!

Great online shop, not so great restictions

Bought a lot of stuff from Amazon through the years and usually the stock is available, shipping reliable and on time and pricing, well pricing is usually around half of what's available in Australia. The only downside that a lot of the brands have restrictions against shipping to Australia which must be related to local importers and wholesalers rather than the shop not willing to post over here but other than that, love them!
prices, stock variety and availability, reviews
local shipping restrictions

Long-time customer, generally very happy

I've been ordering regularly from Amazon for the past 4 years with great results on the whole. Even with postage costs, many toys, games, books and DVDs still work out significantly cheaper ordered direct from them. I now order almost all gifts from Amazon.
Generally, they dispatch orders very promptly and the items arrive well within the time frame provided. With books and DVDs you can select a slower (cheaper) form of post and I find they generally arrive within a couple of weeks. For toys and games they don't offer the slower form of post, but only two expedited types for a higher price. I generally pick the slower of these to save cost and it arrives well within the week. A couple of times I've needed something urgently and used the fastest shipping - I ordered a book on a Friday afternoon and it was at my door in Sydney on Monday morning.
TIP - I've learnt not to mix books and DVDs in with toy / game orders (unless I really have to) because the toy / game shipping rates make the books and DVDs in the same package cost more to send.
Recently I had an issue with Amazon changing an estimated arrival date without giving me a chance to cancel. I complained to the online customer service (it's real-time contact, like you're on the phone with them except by email) and they looked into it and apologised and explained something had gone wrong and refunded half my shipping costs, which was an okay outcome for me.
Another time I was having trouble cancelling an order and I also did the online chat customer service. The service rep immediately fixed the trouble so that I could cancel the order there and then.
My only issue is that quite a lot of toys and games (in particular) are not available to ship to Australia. From my experience these are items that are not stocked by Amazon (they *seem* to send anything they stock to Australia- I could be wrong) but items that are stocked by some other merchant and then shipped by Amazon. But it's quite limiting and annoying.
TIP - you can use various companies in the US to receive these items on your behalf and send them on to Australia. I've done this with one such company but I don't recommend them so won't mention them right now.
Unfortunately, I've not so far found any Australian online retailer for toys / books / DVDs who matches Amazon for reliability and price.
Sometimes I use Amazon.co.uk, mainly for UK-published books and DVDs which are cheaper through them, but I find toys are very expensive to buy from the UK.
Quick, excellent prices, reliable, great immediate online customer service, reasonable shipping rates
Some items not available for delivery to Australia

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Hello - this is a problem, but I would never order from fishpond as a solution. Read my review of fishpond (by clicking on my name here) - and the other 430 "terrible" reviews they have earned on this site. Fishpond used to be good, but now I wouldn't go near them.

Amazon US site was great Australian site overpriced rubbish easily bought cheaper elsewhere

I used to love shopping on US Amazon site & shopped there for many years. Everything about it was great but they now refuse to send orders to Australia thanks to greedy gov't applying gst to low cost import goods. Their Australian site is a joke that seems to only sell same as ebay & Aliexpress but way more expensive.
Everything, great prices, range of products, service, postage, couldn't be better


I have used Amazon for the odd purchase here and there for almost 10 years. Everything I have bought has been punctual (generally way ahead of schedule) and in excellent condition. I've never had a single complaint, and they have re-defined the way I shop. I've heard that when things go wrong, Amazon can be poor...but I can't vouch for that personally, because nothing has gone wrong! Awesome!

Amazon is the best store ever

I always find Amazon.com one of the most reliable and trusting sources out there for online shopping, I am always happy with what they have, and what they deliver. Sometimes I find that their postage prices can be overpriced [AT TIMES, not always] and other times they may not ship to other countries, i have found out sometimes they overcharge for certain products and sometimes they don't but really common sense on Åmazon is just needed to find the best thing!!!!
Great Stock, Speedy Delivery, Great Service, Trusted Source, Quality Products
Some items may not ship to Australia, some items overpriced, sometimes overpriced postage on certain items

Would not use again

Bought a shaver from Amazon ... almost three weeks after placing the order it finally turned up

Why did it take so long? - Amazon drop ship - so I had to wait for lots of other Australian orders before they sent my package to Australia which is then repackaged and sent Australia Post

Finally the shaver arrives and ... it is dead

So onto the website to generate a return - several webforms later I am instructed to print the label and stick to the package

Take the package to Australia Post to discover that the label Amazon provided includes a warning that the package contains Lithium Batteries and Australia Post will not allow you to post it (this warning was not on the original package so Amazon clearly know not to advertise the fact)

The Amazon website promises that they will pay for return shipping - so I kept the receipt.
However they provide no means of claiming the refund hence of the $35 it cost to post the package Amazon choose to refund $6 (even the original postage was double that!)

Will I buy from Amazon in the future - No

Perhaps when Amazon lead the way into online retailing they were worth the risk
But now there are significantly better online retailers who offer real customer service

Ship faulty products and then expect you to pay the postage

Excellent range, great prices, horrible shipping costs

The only reason I would ever want to live in the USA is for Amazon. They are that good in regards to their product range and prices.

The one thing that I absolutely despise about Amazon is their awful, awful, awful shipping costs. We can all agree that a video game, a dvd and a bluray are essentially the same thing, right? Not according to Amazon! A DVD will set you back roughly $6.00 shipping. A video game almost $12.00. Want to add a bookmark to your order? That'll be another $6 on top of the $12 for your video games (this actually happend to me). A book will set you back $11.00 shipping, despite Amazon owning the Book Depository, which offer free shipping. But the most baffling thing, and the thing that annoys me more than anything is, is that they do offer cheap shipping on others things. I purchased a Royal Doulton Bulldog, about the size of an orage + a Funko Pop Vinyl figure. Total shipping cost for both was $8.53 AUD. These two items weigh considerably more than a video game, also cost more, yet was $3.50 cheaper for two items.

I have contacted Amazon customer service many times about this issue with how they calculate shipping and not one of them could explain to me how they come up with their shipping costs to Australia. I question whether this is nothing more than trying to make a bit extra on top, but the best thing they could do for the international customer is offer flat rate shipping, much like Iherb, which has flat rate shipping to Australia for $4.00 if you spend over a certain amount. Why they can't do this, I don't know, but it would make me have a more positive view towards Amazon.

shipping costs have chased me away

I agree with some of the other reviewers the Amazon shipping costs to Australia are bordering on profiteering, I have reached the stage I only buy when cornered with no other source .
I can purchase most goods from companies that offer reasonable shipping costs and don't surcharge me for living in Australia. Many of the products they sell are now available from other suppliers who charge little or no shipping. ( this includes DVDs) Do what I have done and look elsewhere, as orders decrease competition hopefully will make them review shipping costs, I will keep watching shipping costs and until I see downward movement I will continue with alternate suppliers. It is a pity as they do have a good range and a well set up billing system and I would like to use them more often but not when I can purchase cheaper elsewhere it isn't the product base price it is the shipping that's the killer for me.

Amazon America rules especially for Kindle

I visit Amazon Store very often, sometimes daily, mostly to buy books.

I rarely buy books on paper any more unless I need them and they are not available in digital format. This being the case, and Kindle being a free app, I have buying an reading books on Kindle for many years at very affordable or cheap prices (and some of the classics for free). Most digital serious books in Amazon would cost you around 9-10 American.bucks, some academic ones included (these ones always tend to be most expensive, though). I have found many Kindle books being more expensive that the ones on paper, but this is not the rule but the exception..

I usually buy my books, Kindle or not, by using "Buy with a click" button. You just press the button, and voila --. Easy and dangerous. If the book is digital, is delivered to your device/s immediately and a confirmation sale email is sent to your mail box. If you buy a hard copy book, the process is the same, but your order takes a while to be processed and dispatched. The process of fulfilling the order is not immediate, even if the book is in stock, so you have a sort of natural cooling period to cancel your order if you decide so.

Delivery times of paper books I have bought in the past are around 15 business days, but varies from product to product.

In the past, I have bought books that were very expensive in Australia at half the price from Amazon America, same book, same edition, same everything. And that is despite the high fees. That is worth the wait, the price of books in Australia being so abusive.

Unfortunately, Australians cannot buy some of the mp3 music and albums, at the ridiculous prices Americans buy them. They just tell you that you cannot buy that product from your part of the world. The same happens with some fashion brands and items, which are sold in Australia way more expensive, sometimes three times more expensive. Unless you have an American address to redirect your purchases, you won;t be able to buy any. It sucks!

With regards to Amazon Australia.... that is an Amazing Mutant, because it is a replica of Amazon USA minus the good things.The only good thing is that you can pay in Australian Dollars, saving in currency conversion fees. That is it! The volume and variety of books, for example, is way reduced. If you have magazine subscriptions and move your account to the Australian site your subscription will be cancelled. Isn't that sound nonsense? Why opening that sort of Amazon? Probably because Australian retailers want to keep their rip off polices untouched and abuse us every day.

If you are new to Amazon and are making your first purchase, you might find that the system can be a bit annoying demanding your VISA to be verified, something that I recommend anybody doing before ordering anything, just in case. Most online retailers do not require this any more and Amazon might not, but they did when I started buying from them.

I found Amazon Customer system in the past kind, very well organised, but robotic and very frustrating despite them wanting to help. The good thing is that only required their help once in the last 15 years.

I would like us to have something like Amazon in Australia. It is not just the books. It is everything!

I don't believe it

I was charged nearly 20.00 the difference for each book advertised. Four years ago my credit card was cleaned out after an Amazon purchase. I vowed never again but decided to give them a go,however, this is the second time that prices advertised differ to prices charged by quite a substantial amount. Amazon said they had not kept my credit card details, however, when I returned they were quick to tell me that (the old one they said they had not kept) it was expired. They would not have known this unless they had kept it and tried to process it. Bad business ethics. I'll delete the Amazon account. Three strikes and they're out.

Absolute best

I never used the online stores before my first purchase from Amazon few years back. Since I started using Amazon, I rarely goes to stores (except groceries!). I am big fan of Amazon and buy all the valuable items from it. I like it gives you fast & free delivery, like prime services, and 1 year return policy. Their website/App is flawless and their customer services add more charm to it.

I would definitely recommend it to all my family and friends.

Amazon UK serves the interests of dishonest buyers only not hardworking honest sellers

Shocking online marketplace I'm surprised the number of traffic and sales this giant generates but its on the account of hardworking individual merchants whose accounts are terminated after few months and their earnings frozen. Its so easy to commit fraud and obtain refund against a seller, you need only to lodge a so called AZ claim, and the money and goods are yours in 7 days. No questions asked. No return required.
But if the seller receives few requests for refunds or returns, or even a false report then his account is reviewed and eventually suspended. However these rules don't apply to Amazon Prime operated by Amazon itself, they have different set of Terms and Conditions and a buyer cannot defraud Amazon. Amazon is typical example of lawless trading and violation of consumer and business trading laws. Its big business and politics at play with no regard for fair trading and common sense. Avoid at any cost, you're feeding a bottomless pit.

Amazon USA 68 orders and counting...

So far I've made 68 orders with Amazon, and been very happy with the service provided.
I always buy when items are on sale. Their discounts are the best I've seen for the items I've been after.
All orders have been shipped within 48 hrs and only 1 incorrect item has been sent. The sealed bag had the correct item name and code sticker on the outside but a different item was inside. I got onto amazon live chat to sort out. There were no other sizes available and since it was going to cost Amazon more for the product to be sent back, I was able to keep it and still receive a refund. (You would normally pay the postage back first and then amazon reimburse you.
I always select standard shipping which normally reaches me within 14 days of dispatch.
All items have been well packaged. Amazon does tend to send items in larger than needed boxes, and items within one order can come from different warehouses so if you are using a freight forwarder, I would make sure that they offer a consolidation service.
The only downside for me is that Amazon are not allowed to sell certain brands/products to Australia.
For reference the items bought over the years include toys, shoes, watches, handbags, makeup, sunglasses, headphones clothing such as jeans and leather jackets.


Just bought $US 105.01 of books, biographies of US Presidents, and postage from Amazon, got hit for $A147.65. A rip off exchange rate when the $A is still buying US 74cents.. I suppose I deserve it for not supporting a local Australian supplier like Berri Books. Will do so in future

Massive selection, excellent customer service and competitive prices!

Have spent thousands and thousands of $$ at Amazon. Why? They have a massive selection of items that ship to Australia, all the items have heaps of useful reviews and they do fast shipping. I have also found many items are actually cheaper than OZ retailers. What's not to like? Returns.. Posting items back to Amazon US costs a fortune, they do pay for it, but only 50% of the cost.

Amazon Australia or Amazon Mars?

We used Amazon in the UK for two years and I used it to purchase nearly everything. For me it was excellent.
Amazon Australia works so well I have decided to cancel my account.

My first pair of shoes I ordered went walkabouts as soon as they landed in Australia. When I was told after reordering that the second pair increased in price by 20%, I cancelled. Went to a shoe store instead.

I try and order parts for RC helicopter and on processing the order told that it is cancelled as some items are not permitted to be sold in Australia. What an absolute waste of time.

Australians are poorly served when it come to internet consumerism and Amazon Australia is a classic example.

Go on ebay instead.

Amazon Prime Rip-Off

I recently made a purchase on Amazon.co.uk. to send a present to my Grandson in England, after beguiling me with delivery requirements credit cards and addresses, I somehow signed up for Amazon Prime without having a clue what it was. In my next months credit card statement I was charged $162 for amazon prime, a facility that lets me download lots of wonderful things, which I clearly do not want! I searched the Internet for a solution and was finally guided back to amazon prime which let me unsubscribe and refunded my money. If you subscribe to something costing that much you would expect to receive an email or something. Amazon Prime is a carefully crafted Confidence Trick! Not all people check credit card details and I assume this will net them a vast amount of money! I will never use Amazon again!!

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