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The Wonthaggi pharmacy charged us a dollar more than our home pharmacist. When asked why, they said it was so we would reach your medicare threshold faster!!
That's a bit like your coffee shop charging you double for your first cup for two stamps so you get you free coffee faster!!

rude pharmacist; expensive medicine

pharmacist at met centre george st very rude! and prescription tablets are way too expensive. Mine is $4 higher than priceline!

We are Newbies.... Very Impressed

We buy Optifast in $1000 lots and then nothing for ages. Our local chemist gave us a good discount on the $55 a box that they charge, but then the manager changed. We Googled Optifast and got onto AMCAL on Line. Wonderful !!! and at $40 a box including free delivery. Delivery Melbourne to Bundy in a week.TIPS when setting up your account you have to use a a mix of Letters and numbers on your password. Don't forget your product purchase includes a a free gift such as a nail polishing kit but you have to quote the gift # like NAIL.

VERY costly

more costly as campare to other store.
Other store 12.99 and this store 18.99 - big difference same product . I will not recommended because if it is 1 or 2 dollar it's ok but huge difference

Was too expensive medicine than others

I bought medicine from Amcal in Melbourne airport , total price $37.40 including 2.5water

But.. i got check website and other sellers

It's price more $7 than website or $9 difference than other sellers , i just want to know why same product too much different price

Hydralyte orange Tab 17.95
Buscopan frote 20mg 10tab 16.95

Shop twice online, good experiences

Was browsing the internet one night & saw the sale on the Amcal website, went into it & ordered a few things. choice the pick & collect option to save my delivery charge. had the order within a week without extra charge.
very easy process & i checked out as guess.
went on the website last weekend, compared the price with CW, found that Amcal actually cheaper on those items. quickly place the order & had the pick up within 2 days.
So far the experiences was good, however, really need to shop around & know the price that you after.
Services at the counter was good too. will use the online service again.

Prescription medication so expensive!

My prescription medication costs me $7.39 at chemist warehouse. So I was shocked when I visited Amcal at Southern Cross station and they told me that the exact same medication was more than $20 (almost triple the price). A few dollars difference in pricing I can understand but this is unbelievable!

Way more expensive for the prescription medicine!!!

Such a huge price difference when compared with Chemist warehouse! I was so surprised when I check the same prescription medicine price online where the Elocon Cream 50g is only $28 at Chemist whereas I was charged $39.50! Unbelievable!!!

Amcal Max Forster NSW - Shameful - Judgemental -Opininated

Came in to get a blood pressure reading as advised by my doctor as I have been having some problems due to allergic reactions? My doctor wanted to get a few readings to see a pattern. That is all I came in for and I asked and wanted nothing more. I did not expect to be judged, measured and contradicted about my health at that particular time I mean I am already unwell due to having an allergic reaction episode that morning.

The judgements and opinions began. I also have a significant spinal injury that requires other forms of pain management. I did not realize I had paid the Pharmacist for a consultation as a doctor or a dietitican or an exercise specialist.

Basically he was trying to fat shame me about my diet not realizing that some of the medications I am on are causing the weight and what did cause it as I do eat healthy and exercise and am very healthy. He used the worse example possible here it is: He then even went on to say the people in the concentration camp in Germany lose weight because they don't eat enough and have to work all day (Didn’t know there was still concentration camps in Germany and what a horrible example to use very disrespectful to the people who were in those camps!) For the record the pharmacist made it sound like those poor prisoners choose that situation not that they were forced into it and as someone who has had a family relation who was in Changi and suffered abuse and rations of half a cup of rice every second day and forced labour under unbearable conditions I am pretty disgusted that he chose that as his example ...I mean really!!! Was this guy trying to fat shame someone with this example. I thought at this time why am I even being made to discuss or listen to this!

After he continued to go on I briefly showed him my muscle mass to prove physical activity and I advised I exercise despite my injury and my allergic condition at the moment I keep as active and as healthy as I can I even use a lot of organic products. (Not that I should have been having to explain myself to him again).

My point being I didn’t have to prove anything to this man and he was making it hard for me to leave and he was badgering me …just being at me. I advised him I would just go as I just came to get a Blood Pressure reading for my doctor not a lecture and he still went on. He even went on again about exercise and that his partner is an exercise physiologist. I mean really shut your mouth dude! Enough you have embarrassed and attempted to humiliated me enough but failed as I just wanted to get away from you. You were even rude enough to keep going on about it as I tried to leave. I would have told him then and there but did not want to cause a scene.
Can’t understand why so rude and opinionated about someone’s health when he didn’t even have a whole medical history in front of him and him not knowing anything of what is going on with the my health at that moment. My family were very good customers of yours but we will never be coming there again.

What a rude spiteful opinionated uninformed fool is that man. The pharmacist is South African going from his accent so I didn’t expect much they don’t have a good human rights record as it is!
Lucky for me I have enough self-esteem to see this little fool of a man for who and what he is. A silently nasty hypocrite who judges and forms an opinion without any real facts who thinks he is more superior to other people. This is also not the first time we as a family have had to endure him going on about things.

Message to that guy: CHECK YOURSELF! Also show more respect to our diggers and any other prisoner of war or people who had the misfortune to even be in a concentration camp and never use them as your pathetic example again!

Bought a same product at a different Amcal Chemist for $10.00 dearer

I was recently prescribed a drug I need to take for a long time and have collected my first packet last month. My first packet was purchased at Amcal Max in Casuarina NT which is just next to the Medical Clinic.
As I am working in the CBD, I’ve decided to collect my second packet ( a month later) at the Amcal Barden Chemist in the Galleria Smith Street mall. Firstly, I had to wait about 20 minutes and when I went to pay for it, I was charged $10.00 more for the same product. I was unaware of this until I got home and looked at my old packet and the price on it.
I think this is rip off! I am so upset and feel cheated!

Ripping off charging double the price and rudely refusing to refund

After midnight bought blood pressure machine from Amcal @ craigieburn central paying Aus$129/-and went to return after couple of hours as I realised the same one at super saver discount chemist is half the price I,e Aus$70/-approximately the girl at counter refused to take back even it was not sealed by advising me to sell it or give someone as Christmas gift
I request her to call supervisor or someone senior which she refused.
She has no customer skills at all the way how to talk to customer even how to convince customer even unable to make refunds she just lost a customer for future as I left without buying another items which I bought from another farmacy and also will make aware my other relatives and friends about what happened.

Their Excellent Prices are Let Down by a Terrible Website

I have brought from Amcal a number of times and find their prices excellent and their click and collect feature very handy. Unfortunately for whatever reason almost every time I try to purchase something online I am plagued by error messages. Every time I ring their customer ‘support’ they fob me off by either saying there’s nothing they can do or the problem is with my Firefox browser. So today I tried making the purchase on 3 different browsers and I had the same error message on every one, confirming the problem is not my browser but must be at their end. I was told today that everyone who uses Firefox often had to ring because of the same problem. If that is the case, why don’t they invest in an IT Department that can fix the problem once and for all? I’m tired of being fobbed off because customer agents can’t be bothered following through on support issues. Amcal lost a good customer today.

Terrible faulty replacement process

Bought humidifier online and faulty after 2 nights. Brought back to Nunawading branch local amcal store and they say they do not do replacement. They say website and store are completely different business. They provide option to replace with the local store rep but have to wait for few days. Local store owner said it is a favour for customer. How is this a favour?? Why can’t they replace with their own stock??? Horrible Amcal business practice!!!

terrible website!!

online website shocking - stock not available at checkout with no info as to which item was out of stock - just an ID number given!? had to re-enter payment info many times info to get order to go through

Prescription rip off

Very disappointed with Amcal after I was charged $18.36 for a prescription instead if $5.30 at chemist warehouse. I told the staff about the price difference who said wow it must be because they buy in bulk. What and Amcal doesn't? Don't go to Amcal unless you like being ripped off.

Check prices elsewhere and check 'Special' offers

I bought a product in Tuggerah Amcal for $18 and later on bought exactly the same product at Terry Whites at the other end of the shopping centre for $12.60.(including senior discount which they offered) I went back to Amcal to return the one I bought there but they don't do returns, only credit which I didn't want. They told me the difference in price was because the other pharmacy had the product on special. Maybe!! but Amcal also had a special on that product for a half size packet, and the price for that was $9 so even if I had bought the Amcal 'special' it would still have cost me $18 for the same amount that I paid $12.60 for at TW. . It does seem to me that it's best to shop around, and when you are buying something on 'Special' check the unit price because the Special might be good value, but sometimes it isn't. Also, if you are a senior, be aware that you can ask for a Senior discount because they don't always ask - Amcal didn't)

Amcal click and Collect.

I have been with this ONE Amcal for over 30 years and have bought lots of stuff from them AS well as all my Medical scripts but as I was not well this week and ended up doing my groceries on line, I thought I would do the same thing with what I needed from the Amcal chemist. I thought I would just have to go on line pick out what I wanted and have a Friend pick it up as they were passing, not to be I was informed that it would take 3 to 7 days for the products to get shipped from Melbourne to the local store!? ( which is 5 Ks from me)
I would likely not need the products in 7 days! What a ridiculous way of shopping on line, I even rang the local chemist and they also were of NO help at all and said I would have to do it as stated as they could not gather the things for my Friend to pick up -- so much for 30 + years of loyalty -- I know what they can do with their Amcal Chemist from now on.

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Over the last 6 months at least, I have spent a great deal at this Amcal and as I have a rewards card -- I was always getting rewards -- but many times of late the rewards were not working and they said it would be added later -- well later has never come and NO reward points have been added I rang the number 1800 220 578.and left a message as asked to do -- still waiting on a reply I still have the receipts for the amounts spent. After 32 years with this chemist, I will be looking for another chemist.

good price fair shipping cost and on time

this online pharmacy shop is a good deal ecommerce pharmacy
accurate pick up and dispatch also their customer service or helpdesk very nice.

Do not buy from Amcal!!!!

Amcal is the absolute worst! Do not use them for anything!!! They don't offer refunds or returns!
I ordered from them 3 days again and chose 'click and collect' so that I could pick up my package before I left for NZ but they didn't have it in store when I went to pick it up. I then got my stuff from Priceline as they had it in store. Then when I asked if I could return the package that I hadn't even received yet, I was told that I could pick it up or leave it but that they wouldn't refund me! Even though I hadn't even touched the thing! Absolutely disgusting considering they're quite a successful chain. The nerve of the employee to suggest that I leave the package and just throw my money away.. absolutely horrible. I hope Amcal goes out of business at this rate.

Wadalba Amcal Pharmacist.

Absolutely disgusted at the pharmacist at Wadalba Amcal. Judging, rude and totally unprofessional. Refused me service after I was offended by her attitude and judging attitude

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