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Ameda Purely Yours Electric

Ameda Purely Yours Electric

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Dont waste money...

I bought this since my baby wasnt latching and wanted to keep my supply. I opened it and check the pump and it wasnt working as to how it suppose to work. I called them they sent new parts new base yet it didnt work. I got so frustrated trying everything they asked me to and still didnt work. When i called back they told me rent one from hospital and use that for a while. Like really you think i have money to do this. I just spent freaken 220$ on buying this crap and you want me to spent more money. They wouldnt give me refund and asking me to spent more money..how is this fair? Just piece of garbage. Please moms dont waste money on this crap.


this had no sucking action and only got a tiny bit of breast milk. Compared to the hospital ameda grade it is pretty disappointing and also retailing at 150 oh wow would you p0aty app pay that and yiou would be kicking yourself. I had yto to sell it yep

Great pump

Purchased second hand as was looking for a reliable double electric pump but on the budget. This one is great, has been going strongly with nearly daily use for over 7 months now. Compact and a great range of features, helped a lot with maintaining the breastfeeding for my LO. Very happy with my choice.

Good performance at an affordable price

I bought this pump when breastfeeding my 3rd child after using a manual pump for my first child which was useless and using a hired electric pump for my 2nd child.

The Ameda Purely Yours was available at a very affordable price compared to other electric pumps and I liked that it was also a double so could do both at once. It was comfortable to use and had a good range of adjustment in the settings. Easy to use, easy to clean, would recommend this pump to any breastfeeding mother in need of an electric pump.

Excellent and long lasting with easy to find replacement parts

We first got a Philips Avent single electric pump that was fine until we realised how long expressing milk takes. We found this Ameda double pump on sale and immediately loved it. Cuts your expressing time in half and is small, powerful and compact enough to fit everything inside a small lunch cooler bag for travel. It is also the same brand that a lot of hospitals use / loan out (albeit they have the commercial versions). The only downfalls are that the bottles are smallish capacity and unlike the other major brands, you can't easily find a nipple to simply screw on to then feed the baby (i.e. you have to tip it into a feeding bottle, creating another thing to wash up). The other minor annoyance is the lid system that has two parts to it. The great thing about this is you can choose to use AA batteries (x6) and combined with the fact this is small in size, makes this a great travel companion.


This product is easy to use, fast and no mess. Easy to clean and store and it doesn't take up much space at all. I would definitely use this product again in the future and recommend it to all mothers. It is also great value for money and would choose it again over any cheaper brands.

Easy to use, reliable

It is very powerful, but you do need to ensure the clear cords are pushed in just enough but not too far, to the little line. I found that I lost power but it was actually the cord was pushed in too far. Very good unit, easy to clean, have used for two babies now.

Do not buy

I have owned 3 of them (2 were second hand, one was brand new). Yes, i know, after the first 2 i should have learnt my lesson but i had all the attachments and was used to operating this pump, so i thought maybe i was just having bad luck. Each unit lasted me a few months, loss of suction was the major issue, and we found that the motor is cheaply made and breaks at the same place (had a little rattling sound, it was a piece of broken plastic).
The good thing about this pump is that it's a closed system (ti's the only way i would buy second hand) unlike the Medela. To be fair the after sale service was pretty good, even if it is an American company, i had a bit of luck contacting one of the suppliers here in Australia and the guy was very helpful, sent me a new one as replacement (he didn't have to as i didn't have a proof of purchase). Unfortunately this unit lost suction as quickly as the other two so i will have to buy a new brand for the next baby. I'm thinking Unimom as it is also a closed system.

Worst product ever!!! Not fit for purpose, manufacturing defect from purchase supplier wont refund m

After recently purchasing Ameda double electric breast pump, I was disappointed with the product in general including suction. We have also noted that after 20min the pump stops working and the diaphragm collapses. I have attempted to contact the manufacturer and the supplier Milkbarbreastpumps.com.au in regards to a refund as the product supplied is not fit for purpose and does not function as described. They have advised that they want to me to do all the running around for a product which was defective from from delivery!!!

Additionally I would like to mention how the product made my partner feel as if she was not producing adequate milk for the child, and the whole time it was the pump not functioning correctly.

Do not buy this product and waste your hard earned money!!! What a poor product

Amada purely yours is dump product and valve is very bad

The Valve came with this kit it self is not matching and we have changed 2 set of ameda purely yours valve its not matching with product.
Purely your team should review this product design and i feel wrongly choose this product .
I never recommend this product to any one

Expensive, poor quality, unreliable

I did my research and splashed out on one of these with #1 as it's a closed system and I wanted to be able to use it for more than one child. It had great reviews! It was barely used with #1 yet still managed to cark it about 2 nanoseconds out of the 2 year warranty. I called the company to see if I could pay to have it repaired and I could not. They said it might be the belt so I opened it up to see if I could replace it myself. I discovered a crucial piece of plastic in the motor had sheared off and couldn't be replaced, glued or fixed in any way. The fact that the piece had sheared off even though I had hardly used it, really demonstrated to me what poor quality plastic it was made of. I am amazed that there are positive reviews on this expensive and low-quality item and very disappointed I bought it.

Saved our sanity

Bought a second hand unit before our bub was born as we thought it might come in handy, little did we know we come to depend on it.
Get over the icky sensation of buying a second hand unit - clean and sterilze and all is good.
In a nutshell - the pump works well.
The previous owner used it for a number of years for multiple children before we took ownership of it.

We use it for every feed and the only issue we have experienced is the user controls are a bit small and hard to rotate making it easy to go from low suction to excess suction with out great care.
Also, while pumping 2 breasts it tales an assistant to adjust the controls as you need a 3rd hand to get the job done. After getting used to the unit and the whole breast pumping experience it is possible to operate it on your own.

The unit is capable of pumping 2 breasts simultaneously with ease. I recommend getting a second set of pumping heads and collection bottles to save having to clean them between night time feeds, that's if you rely on it for every feed. The unit runs well on batteries ( 6 AA's ) or via a plug pack Ours gets a hammering 6-8 times a day and doesn't miss a beat.

Loved it, a godsend. Used it so much I hated it.

Best features: Reliable reliable reliable. Base has two deep wells to fit two bottles without risk of tipping over, can use one or two pumps at same time. Super simple to use. Comes with lots of spares.

Used it for bubba one and two. Less frequently for bubba 1 as I wasn't working, so it was more of a back-up. Great for storing some extra milk in the fridge, but really came into it's own when my supply was getting low. Bubba one weaned himself at 22 months.

Brought the Ameda back out of storage after a four year gap. At first I was surprised at the low suction, then I realised that one of the soft silicon cap thingys was torn, so was letting in air. The Ameda comes with lots of spares so an immediate fix, forgot to dial the suction back down, nearly sucked my own nipple off! I went back to work after 3mths and hubby stayed at home, so this pump got a workout! Every working day for a year, this pump didn't miss a beat and it certainly got banged around being carried to work and back. I ended up hating pumping towards the end of the year, but only because I'd done it so much, not because of this pump, it did a great job. Bubba no.2 weaned at 2yrs.

I've promised this pump to a pregnant friend, and I know it will be hard to give it up. I don't need it anymore but it was so damn reliable and made it possible for me to keep breastfeeding, I am really loyal to it. At least I know it's going to a good home. Highly, highly recommend.

Nightmare!! Spend a bit more on a better brand

If you're like me you have read good and bad reviews on this product. One thing I noticed was far more bad reviews than good- again not unusual (I probably wouldn't have written this post if I hadn't had a bad experience). Unfortunately the nightmare experience has come to fruition for me. I experienced complete loss of suction within seconds of pumping. When I contacted the online company I purchased it from they didn't even know how to use it so couldn't even help me troubleshoot. They then proceeded to advise me that I must have torn a diaphragm or valve when cleaning (even though I cleaned and sterilised as per manual instructions). The pump is so cheaply made and apparently the diaphragms are so fragile that you can even use them. The company said they will need to send it to a third party for testing so I was left without a pump. I noticed some positive feedback about Ameda's replacement policy if you live in the US. The customer service and lack of assistance available in Australia is appalling and giving Ameda a very bad name in Australia. I would avoid this product and spend a bit more on a better quality product.

Served 3 babies well

I purchased this pump 2 years ago after hiring a pump from the hospital for the first month after my baby was born, and couldn't be happier with it. I initially used it to increase my milk supply, as breastfeeding was a bloody nightmare for the first 8 weeks with combination feeding on the breast with a nipple shield, feeding her milk expressed after the last feed, feeding her formula, then pumping. Finally got breastfeeding sorted at about 12 weeks, so only needed the pump if I was out. I had a few Christmas parties to go to so I was able to take the pump and pump in the car using the cigarette lighter to power it - never had to use the batteries option but it was good to know that was available if I didn't have the car or power.

I then returned to work when she was 4.5 months and would pump at 6am before work, take it to work and pump at 11 and 3. My pump came with a mini esky and ice packs and a great travel bag and 6 bottles for $300. It's a bit bulky but I was able to take it on the train every day with the laptop.

When my baby stopped breastfeeding at 1 year, I lent it to my sister who had a baby who was tongue tied and couldn't attach. She pumped every day for about 10 months as well with this pump. Then she gave it back to me in time for bub#2.

I am now back at work with bub#2 at 4 months, and am pumping right now in the first aid room at work while I write this review. The machine is still working a treat, even after the thrashing my sister and I have given it. I see that other women have had problems with this machine - that must be very annoying, but luckily it hasn't been my experience. I've been very happy with this machine, which has let me go back to work in a senior role without having to compromise my breastfeeding.

Got my money's worth

For those time when I had breast feeding issues, the pump was there to help me rest one side and still keep my milk up. From newborn to a year old now, this product has been worth every cent! The price is reasonable - bought it online for $175. I was introduced to this product in hospital (the commercial grade) and it is very simple to use. The only downside is that when the house is all quiet say 3am in the morning it can be a little noisy (maybe I have sensitive ears) but I just put a towel over it and it does help keeping it down to a minimum.
Price is reasonable, great warranty, reliable
None, slightly noisy but not really that loud

Don't buy this pump!!! You will be sorry!!

I am not someone to write reviews about products but really felt like i had to warn mommys NOT to spend their hard earned money on this cheaply made junk!! I bought the Purely Yours Ameda breast pump for $200!! Although i loved it WHEN it worked in the beginning it broke as soon as the warranty ran out!! My friend also bought the same pump broken in the exact place as mine broke! She then bought a brand new 1 it lasted 2 months broke also in the exact place!! Thats 3 faulty pumps in a year!!! And i am not a person thats hard on my things, i take very good care of my things! Its a plastic sleeve that breaks inside the pump that has to do with suction. It then starts making a terrible noise and pushes in and out the side of the pump where the tubing is attached to. And the company is aware of this common problem and won't sell you any parts, i tried my hardest!! Altough you might like it at first as i did, it will not last!! I took it to a tech to try and repair and he said ' its very cheaply made'!! He also couldnt fix it because you cant buy parts for it!!

Cheaply made, very poor quality, faulty product!

Buy another pump

I purchased the Ameda Purely Yours breast pump as I decided to bottle feed my 12 week old due to the stress of breastfeeding a baby with silent reflux and also to monitor her intake to determine if top ups were required. After only a few uses, the pump started hissing and the motor would sometimes cycle irregularly. It also started losing suction. I contacted the Ameda representative in Australia who sent me the user manual and told me to contact the supplier that I purchased the pump from for further help. When I contacted the online retailer, they told me it was Ameda's policy that they could not replace a faulty pump until it had been returned for assessment, which would take 7 working days. This was impossible for me given I was feeding my baby expressed breast milk with formula top ups. Therefore, I am now stuck with a pump that I need to turn up to full speed and suction to get any milk out and has dramatically reduced my milk supply. The pump also splashes milk up into the top part of the flange between the silicone diaphragms. Complete waste of money and I have now been forced to feed my baby formula due to an inferior pump and lack of support from ameda. While I think that my pump may have been an unfortunate one off faulty product, if you like this pump and want to purchase it, I would suggest spending the extra money and purchasing it from an actual brick and mortar shop front where you might get a bit more support.

Lack of support from supplier and manufacturor, decreased my milk supply, lost suction, hisses, ineffective

Easy to use, fantastic pump

I needed a pump to increase my milk supply and to take to work. I compared the Ameda with the Medela and chose the Ameda because it looked easier to take apart for cleaning and was better value for money. I purchased it as a set with a bag, car adapter and freezer bag for ease of transport. It also has three different sized phlanges so you can get a good fit, this was great for me as the Avent manual pump I was using was too small and caused pain. The Ameda is very easy to operate and I'm very happy with it.
Easy to use and take apart for cleaning, very efficient.
Expensive, but cheaper than the Medela.

best pump i've used!

Well.. this was wonderful.. the ameda expressed me the most milk in the quickest amount of time.. it was a godsend.. easy to set up and use allthough i always left it set up on a table.. i also brought the silicone sheilds and they were fabulous! best pump ive used!

a little loud

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