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Qantas American Express Discovery

Qantas American Express Discovery

3.7 from 11 reviews

Best No Fee Credit Card

I have been using this credit card for more than 5 years and highly recommended it. No annual fee and every dollar you spent will convert to Qantas Frequent Flyer points. During the last few years, a lot of restaurants and shops are accepting payment from Amex. Most supermarket, department stores, petrol stations and even Maccas are accepting AMEX card. I always use this card whenever I can to collect more points, paying them in full monthly will not incur any interest so win win. Love it!

Nice rewards

This is a great card to have as there are no annual fees. As long as you're not spending frivolously and you're paying your statement on time, you will have no issues. I use this card for most of my purchases as I earn Qantas Points for each dollar spent. As I'm using it on stuff I'd normally buy without the card, it's really a bonus.

Best of all with AmEx is they have very generous cashback offers - for example if you spend $20 at a small merchant you'll get $10 cashback (campaign known as Shop Small).

The only disadvantage with AmEx overall is the fees they charge merchants compared to Visa/Mastercard/EFTPOS transactions. This has resulted in some merchants refusing to accept AmEx or imposing a fee on AmEx transactions. Sometimes, the fees negate the Qantas Points rewards so it's better off to just pay through Visa/Mastercard/EFTPOS, unless of course you're taking advantage of a cashback offer.

The interest rate is 20.74% which is crazy compared to alternatives from other institutions which charge around 10%, but as mentioned, don't spend frivolously and pay your statement on time and you won't have to worry about that.

It's a fraud

We had this card for 1 year. Within a few months they downgraded points you earn on everyday purchases. They also make it almost impossible to use the travel credit. The kicker was when we finally figured it out and purchased a flight abiding by all the rules, we there was an extra tiny and very hard to find tick box to 'add the travel credit' which we missed and they didn't honour it saying we 'forfeited it'. Don't bother. They make the bonus points on sign up not worth the hassle at all.

Best no annual-fee rewards card in Australia

I have had the AMEX QANTAS Discovery card for just over a year now. Not only is it a no annual-fee card, but since many banks have stopped issuing high earning points cards, the $1 - 1 point earn rate is pretty darn good for a no fee card. What I like about having a card issued directly by AMEX is that they have a steady stream of offers that you can save to your card (things such as "spend $50 at these retailers and get $20 back" etc.). The AMEX app is really easy to use too and sends you timely prompts when your balance is due. AMEX also allows the use of Apple Pay which is convenient when you forget your card!

Amex False Advertising - Don't Be Fooled

Signed up for balance transfer. 12 mth balance interest free.

With balance transfers, beware that once you make purchases, 44day interest free on purchase DOESN'T APPLY.

Which means every $1 you spend 20cents IMMEDIATELY goes to AMEX.

Which totally negates the term where they were suppose to allocate your payment to the highest interest. Since it's useless in this situation.

Why even put this term in the first...

I rather pay another bank balance transfers fee that's up front about this sort od thi by ans doesn't do this kind of manevours that let AMEX get a single cent out of my money.

Entry level Qantas Amex CC access

While it doesn’t have the bells and whistles of its peers, this entry-level credit card offers the basics. Pros include: no annual fee; 44 days interest-free (ok considering zero fee), and 1-1 Qantas FF points (there was 7500 bonus points when I signed up). Downsides include: limited credit coverage, but the biggest shortfall is that as an Amex, limited acceptance and surcharges are aplenty. Nevertheless, as a secondary card this is a handy piece of plastic.

Got rid of my discovery card

I got this card, mostly just to earn frequent flyer points for qantas flights. When i realised i could only use it at the petrol station and the supermarket, it started to bug me. This meant I had to carry 2 credit cards, the amex to use where it was accepted (more than 50% of the places i shop at) and then also carry the visa to pick up on where amex is not accepted. It gets messy paying for things on different cards and makes it complicated. If you are willing to put in the administration and effort of having 2 credit cards for this reason then do it. But like myself, I got sick of asking every time 'do you take amex' and most of the time they say 'no'. When you work it out, it takes forever to rack up $8,000 to get 8,000 points for a one-way flight. It just wasn't worth the time for me. Better off packaging a rewards card with your current bank and getting a good deal with them on a mastercard/visa.
No annual fee. Duplicate transactions were rectified within 2 days, not 6-8 weeks as they quoted.
More than half the places I tried to use it said they don't accept amex, or charge a fee on top.

All in All a Great Card

This card is my first issued directly by AMEX so I am well aware of limited acceptance outside cities and surcharges inside the metro areas. However, most supermarkets (where I would spend most of my money) do not have surcharges, this is highly appealing to me. Combine this card with spending money in Safeway (as it is known as here in Victoria) and you can easy get points quick. One of the most admirable features of this card is that there is no annual fee on this credit card. My partner is listed as a supplementary cardholder to gain more of those precious frequent flyer points. All in all a great card however still has issues with acceptance and surcharges.
No annual fee
Limited acceptance especially outside metro areas.

Great card with no annual fee

Great card, no annual fees, you earn 1 FFP for every dollar spent, and points are transferred to your FF account at the end of every month. The card is easy to use, I also applied for supplementary cards quick delivery and no fees, and accepted by merchants who accept Amex.
No annual fee, rewards points, reliable and good customer service.
There is a $2 fee if you decide to pay the balance by cash at the post office, no fee if you pay by bank transfer.

No Annual fees and no catches!

The first card that I applied for with Amex. What made me apply for it was the privilege of using this card with no annual fee and be able to accumulate points that go to Qantas frequent flyer. You can use this card at Woolworth to pay for your grocery and earn 1 point for every dollar spent. And as an extra bonus if you spend over $30 at woolworths make sure you scan your everyday card to get more points. I got my 7.5K starter points when I spent $300 on the card in the first month. Some other places where I got extra points were spending at Dan Murphies, Big W and Dick Smith Electronics. I'm thrilled that these places accept American Express and the everyday rewards card. I recommend taking up the Qantas Discovery Card with the woolworths everyday loyalty card.
No annual fees and complimentary reward program with 1:1 transfer rate
Points are tied exclusively with Qantas and if the airline goes insolvent like Air Australia or Ansett you lose your vouchers and loyalty credits

Exactly what I was after

This card is exactly what I wanted: a credit card with no annual fee and a reasonable no interest period that provides Qantas frequent flyer points. Only down side is American Express merchant fees are very high so I need to have a secondary MasterCard since many merchants won't accept Amex or charge a fee for doing so.

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Is travel insurance included with The Qantas American Express Discovery Card?
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Is the travel insurance included with this card?
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Qantas Discovery
Card TypeAmerican Express
Minimum Credit Limit$2,000
Minimum Income $35,000
Additional Cardholders 4
Additional Cardholder Fee $0.00 p.a.
Rates & Fees
Purchase Rate20.74% p.a.
Late Payment Fee$30.00
Annual Fee$0.00
Interest Free Period 44 days
Balance Transfer Rates
Balance Transfer Period 12 months
Balance Transfer Rate 0% p.a.
Balance Transfer Fee 1%
Release dateJul 2011

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