Amy Lee Fit

Amy Lee Fit

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This is perfectly amazing :)

Thank you so much Amy Freeland for giving me the chance to take part in this. As you knew in the start I lacked motivation and my fitness level were super low personally I thought I had to fitness at all haha. I didn't loose much weight but I did tone my tummy down to a nice size I like it at. It was super hard at first but through out these long 3 months it slowly become easier :) What I truly loved about this was the easy recipes that you had in your ebook. and I love the home exercises especially when I couldn't make it to the gym with my wee bubs. I may have been a bit inactive in this group but I have been watching ever post go up and its been amazing to be apart such a awesome group of ladies :)

I hope I can keep up this to loose a couple more kgs :). Week 1 60.5kg now Week 12 53.9kg so I have lost 6.6kg in total :)
Once again thank you so much Amy Freeland and to your amazing team xx

Really enjoying the program so far and feeling the results.

Amy Lee Fit (downloadable fitness program and meal plan) is a comprehensive guide to fitness and feeling better within. I purchased the program and have been following it. I like the practical approach and the short preparation time for the meals. I actually have felt well in the last 2 weeks, less bloated and generally more engergy from following the fitness program. I recommend this to anybody starting out wanting to make healthy changes in their lifestyle.

Definitely worth giving a go

I've tried so many diets and meal plans, but I could never stick to any. Amyleefit's plans are so easy to follow and she is great at helping you get motivated. So far I've managed to stick to this program for three months and I've lost 6.5 kilos. I can't wait to see the rest of my progress. For anyone considering this it's definitely worth a go!! Thanks amyleefit!!

delicious meal plan! easy to follow workout routine! love it!

Amy Lee Fit program is a must try! Her meal plans are only 10 minute meals that taste great. So its awesome for people that have little time and or dont have the time to meal prep or just not interested in meal prepping. All her meals are 400 calories along with 100 calories snacks, soit is easy to keep track of how many calories you intake daily.
The workouts are great! There is a gym and home workout program. I chose the home workouts as im a stay at home mum, so its great for mums!!
Amy gives you great support throughout the program! Definitely give it a go!
Cannot wait to see my end results!

I'm happy with the fitness & meal guides

Amy Lee Fit is an online (downloadable) fitness and meal plan which I recently purchased from Amyleefit.com (Amy is a personal trainer with a following on Facebook of 17000 ladies and gives free fitness & meal advice). She recently started offering a paid program so I decided to try it out as it has a 30 day money back guarantee.

I'm writing this review for other ladies like me because I always look at reviews before I buy online but couldn't find one for Amy's program. So here's my opinion so far. I've loved the guides (3 weeks into it) because they are practical and realistic. :) I have already lost a little bit of weight. Still 9 weeks to go though! I have purchased a few other ebooks and meal/fitness guides from people I follow online (social media) as I am aiming to get a bit more muscle tone & lose a bit of fat. Some of these plans were unrealistic for me personally as I don't have a lot of time for cooking and preparation and time spent grocery shopping.

The meals have been tasty & fast to make, and the workouts are only 3 hours a week (although I probably take a bit longer as I like to spend a long time stretching).

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Amy Lee Fit
Program TypeDiet and Exercise
Duration12 weeks
Price (RRP)4.90

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