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Scam company

I was scammed. They didn’t pay me for 2 month. Somebody still live in the property. They change me $10000 for furniture but bought me $2000 worth stuff. Everything is very simple. They promised rental guarantee never pay me.
How to take legal action?

This is totally a scam

This is very disappointing, they dont even deserve half a star for review. They talk a great sale pitch, but miserably failed to deliver any of them regarding payments and management.

Stay clear

I was lucky and got out of the contract with minimal financial loss and damage . However the cost to my health and well-being in terms of stress in the fight to get out was enormous.
There is no office or feet on the ground. All my phone calls and emails went to the Philippines.
When I challenged a plumbing charge it was refunded rather than explained. We were well in to legal threats at that stage. There were double bookings and long unexplained periods when the property was not being advertised.
I was lucky. I got out!

Stay away from this company!

An absolute nightmare. Poor communication, no money or statement since Feb 2019, calls are always going to voice mail. I terminated the contract but no one has returned to refund my funds yet.

This company does not deserve a half star even.


This doggy company are described as :
- never paid me any income last 2 months
- no one check the cleaners job done, house was always dirty, bad smell plus they let strangers book ,
-my house was badly damage, claim from them but never response - director authorise staff [name removed] to talk, he only said i don't know my boss said so.
Looking to report this company and I believe that a lot of you guys here are on proceeding to do so,can any one let me know what step are you taking now because I'm keen to bring those fools to front of court... karma will come


AVOID. The below reviews speak for themselves they owe all their hosts money, go to glass door to see reviews from employees that even confirm that from back end perspective. Refuse to pay, dodgy invoices, terribly unprofessional. Owe me money from 3 months ago that they point blank refuse to pay. I’m taking them to court. AVOID.

Doggy company. Terrible!

Doggy company. They didn’t pay us rent income for 5 months with no reasons! They sent huge repair bills to the landlord which caused by the tenant.
Bad management! Listing always been taken off from Airbnb due to bad reviews. This agent have seriously beached the conduct. Be careful they may probably take the money and run away.
I’m suing them too. Any victims who wants to do so, contact me.

Awful - Stay Clear!!

We listed our house with andchill while we were living overseas. The lady who signed us on was fabulous and I felt very confident that it was going to be a positive experience for us. This was where the positives ended. It took over month from when they took possession of the keys to when they listed the house.
They put the price down so low that we had all sorts of riff raff staying in the house. I had constant angry messages from my neighbours about loud parties every night. Police were called multiple times. They caused extensive damage to our pool that was very costly to fix. One guest was witnessed doing burnouts in our back yard. After one of the worst parties right before Christmas the cleaners did not remove the garbage they left in the car port. It took 2 weeks for them to finally Come and take it. This was over the Christmas period and we had guests cancel because of the mess.
I could go on and on... this is just skimming the surface of what we went through.
I pulled out after 4 months.
Stay away!!!

Worst company, not been paid my money

And Chill doesn't pay the bill to me since I listed my apartment with them in March, and I terminated the contract in May 2019, they are the worst company that I have ever deal with. seems there are so many victims meet the same situation. I'm gonna sue them, contact me please if you see this review, we could do it together.


I have placed three properties with and chill, and it has turned into a nightmare - I cannot get a statement that realistically represents the property occupations and monies that are owed. I have received a paltry amount of money that does not represent even 10% of the amount owed. On top of this a house was left uncleaned and there were areas inside that were left moldy. I arranged for an independent inspection which identified the poor state of the property. Four sets of keys are missing, each labelled with property address. My Account Manager is not returning my emails or voicemails. This needs immediate attention. There appears to be a consistent theme through these reviews.

I have now received advice to present the case to the Queensland Office of Fair Trading there is no satisfactory outcome, to the Queensland Civil Administration Tribunal, after that, through private local channels. In parallel with these actions, I will be reporting and chill to the Real Estate Institute for violation of Trust Account regulations and breach of licence.Still no response - I will be reporting them to AirBnB tonight - i Will keep this thread updated

Terrible organisation to deal with- stay away.

Listed three properties with them.
Will be taking all off of them.. a shambles to deal with and invoicing is still owing upwards of 7k.
Do not use this company if you want to make money and keep your sanity.
They do not respond, ignore requests and have no logic in how they operate.
In the process of seeking legal advice as money still outstanding.
Sorry to say but left am incredibly bad taste in my mouth.


This TEAM does not pay their bills to their suppliers. They do not pay their home owners correctly they are dodgy and underhanded. When trying to deal with them on a professional level, they laugh at legitimate requests, they ignore OH&S issues, they refuse to follow through on legitimate requests for months, dodge phone calls. When confronted about payment they try to bully clients and suppliers, lie and say they "never received the bill." AVOID these people AT ALL COSTS!!! They owe me thousands of $$$.

Stay Away from this Agency

I am the same. I was not paid for 2 months. First reason due to needing the ‘full’ month cycle. Now, they start not responding. They used very good sale man and website to mislead you. Stay away

Not been paid my money

Sounds like I’m about to have the same issue. Sold me the moon and have not paid me my money owing after 2 months. I will be visiting their office with my legals and shortly after that if it’s not resolved I will be reporting them to fair trading and Real Estate Institute for violation of Trust account regulations

Keep away, unless like us you want to chase them using the court system.

Keep away, unless like us you want to chase them using the court system (let me know if you do, I'll do best to help).

Not even worthy of one star. They are the worst company I have ever dealt with. Empty promises to follow up and all the same issues as every other review. Consistent themes include poor communication with cleaner, bills for property mgt services that don’t occur, useless offshore call centres, incorrect listing information on booking sites, missing payments, no response to emails or only partial responses with all the too hard questions ignored, listings constantly taken down and host names changed because of poor reviews on other properties.

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It is sad to see more and more reviews of people who put their trust in this company and got hurt

Appalling company to deal with - not sure they are still operating.

Not even worthy of one star. Been with this company 12 months. Have given them every chance to improve given they were a new start up. They are the worst company I have ever dealt with. Owed money from guest stays over 5 mths ago. Empty promises to follow up and all the same issues as every other review. Consistent themes include poor communication with cleaner, bills for property mgt services that don’t occur, useless offshore call centres, incorrect listing information on booking sites, missing payments, no response to emails or only partial responses with all the too hard questions ignored, listings constantly taken down and host names changed because of poor reviews on other properties. Was told last week my listing was removed and eventually changed because the host (and chill employee) was blocked by AirBnB due to poor reviews on other properties. This company is unconscionable and clearly have no idea how to run a property management business. They are all gloss and no substance. I’ve been trying to contact them for a week now, including directly to the CEO and have had not any response. Would not be surprised if they have closed shop or are insolvent. Will be lodging complaints with Fair Trading and other relevant authorities.

Very concerned will never see money

These other reviews mirror my experience

Two months in and have allegedly had many guests but not seen a statement or any money

Dealing with 3rd person in short period of time due to staff turnover and she does not appear to have a functioning mobile or voice mail

Can rarely get them on phone -tried to escalate and told by oririginal sales people that CEO not interested

Has been a time wasting exercise-I am heading to Department Of Fair Trading -feel very ripped off

Two weeks in and regrets already

The other negative reviews all ring true. Great to deal with up until the point of handing over the keys.

We handed over our two final airbnb guests to them to manage. The first guest was left waiting for an hour on the street in the rain (after an overnight international flight) as check in details hadn't been provided. I spent an hour trying to call everyone I'd previously been in contact with but no one answered. The office number goes to voicemail, at least on weekends and calls are not returned. It seems we were lied to in the days leading up to this booking - told the check-in details had been sent to the guest on numerous occasions even though the guest was still asking me for the info. When I asked to also be told the check-in details in case the guest got in touch, my email and voicemail was ignored.

Two weeks into our contract the property hadn't been listed anywhere and we hadn't seen any property photos. The property was poorly styled and only lightly cleaned. On the day of terminating our contract, a new contact emailed with a link to the property listing and she got a 1 week booking before taking the listing down as instructed. This new property manager may have provided a better experience, but they seem to have a high turnover of staff and I wouldn't trust them with my property.

Terrible, Terrible Company. Don’t Even Think About It!

Most of what has been written in other reviews I have experienced myself. My property was listed with them from September 2018 until recently. They ignored conditions we had contractually agreed to, like minimum nightly rate, minimum nightly stay, maximum guests. Rented my house out over Christmas and New Year for about $100 per night, when I used to get $500+ per night at that time of year when I was managing it myself. Never once did they rent it for the minimum agreed date. There was zero guest screening, and my house, which is in a very quiet and exclusive neighbourhood by the beach was mostly used as a party house, often by large groups of drunk teenagers.

They are extremely hard to contact, both for guests and for me. Their 24 hour hotline often goes unanswered, and when it is answered it is done so offshore in an outsourced call centre. Their accounts department is also offshore, possibly in India.

What makes matters worse, is that since day one they have not paid me one cent! They refuse to acknowledge receipt of three sets of keys and garage remotes, and refuse to return them. They have charged be hundreds of dollars of maintenance that was not done (and not required) and the “maintenance” company that the invoices come from is owned by them.

Cleaning is average at best. They rented my house out before it was supposed to be listed, did not give the clients the access code to get in, and I was at home with my one year old daughter when a group of 12 teenagers arrived with a truckload of booze at 9pm one night, insisting that they had paid to rent the house. Similarly, after I terminated the contract guests continued to show up, even though they had assured me that all future bookings had been cancelled or relocated.

Because they breached our contract on multiple fronts and collected thousands of dollars rent without passing even once cent onto me, I have engaged a law firm to commence legal action. The company has ignored letters from my lawyer.

I wish I had read this forum BEFORE appointing this company. It looks like so many other people have suffered the same way that I have. Everything on their website looks so amazing, but it is all lies. They have no app for cleaners, they have no dashboard for owners, they have no noise monitoring technology, they have no yield optimization algorithms, no calling cards for distressed neighbours... it’s all lies. Such a scam. I read in another review that the CEO doesn’t care... I copied him in one of my many emails expressing the grievances I have, and he was quickly removed from the CC field. They have high turnover of property managers... I think I had 3 or 4 in the 5 months that my property was listed with them. I can only imagine that it is just as bad a place to work as it is a property management company.

Something must be done to shut this company down. I can see that they have “rebranded” from “And chill” to “ACPM” this month, and can only assume this was to try to escape the terrible reputation they have earned themselves. Ultimately though I expect that they will be exposed for the crooks that they are.

Whatever you do, do not engage with this company.


Shocking customer service. Product did not arrive and they take no responsibility for it, yet it is clear that product was not sent. Will never use again or refer them to others. DO NOT USE, DODGY SERVICE.

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Hi all, I am sorry to hear of your experience with this company. I was recently told about these guys and thought that I would check them out. If anyone on The Gold Coast is looking for a local REAL management company that stand by their promises give us a call 0756 606 266 Gold Coast Holiday Management
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Hi andchill, When are you going to be accountable and pay the thousands owed to the customers you have ripped off?
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