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Angelcare AC401

Angelcare AC401

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Very dissatisfied with the product

I brought this product 3 weeks ago. First I thought it's working fine.

I found following 2 issues with it.

It fauls alarms even when the baby is moving. I did follow the correct installation as instructed.

Also the temperature reading is incorrect and it triggers a fauls alarm. I have 2 other temperature monitors in the room . One in the camera right next to it with correct temperature reading.

Very dissatisfied with the product

Purchased at Catch for $169.00.

Love it

Love it. I have had this monitor for 6yrs and I got it second hand. It works perfectly even with a cracked screen from being dropped 2 years ago and a trip in the toilet yesterday.
It's so easy to use and set up and sound is great. I do wish I got the video one as I would like to see what they get up to without opening the door but that It is a personal preference.
The coverage isn't that great if I go out the front and bubs room is at the back it beeps to let me know I'm out of coverage. But it is old so they may have improved that.
I bought another brand for my eldest when I had bub #2 and it was the worse.

great product!

As a new mum, this product has given me great peace of mind. The instructions were easy to follow, and I like how the sensor pad is adjustable - I also love how sensitive it is to my baby's movement. The range of the monitor is great, I can be anywhere in my house and still know that it works. Overall I am really enjoying using this product, I also like its sleek design.

Don’t buy this monitor

Our first monitor broke after 6 months, we were told that our warranty ended so we bought another one, then about 5 months after that the charger stopped charging, they said we would have to buy a new charger, then a few months later our monitor broke again. We tried to contact customer service by email, phone and Facebook, but never heard back from them.

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Hi L Cole, thanks for getting in touch with us. Have you been emailing and facebooking Angelcare Australia? I deal with the facebook page and there are no messages received from you or unanswered, I am sorry this has been your experience. All Angelcare monitors come with a 3 year warranty, any manufacturing faults that occur during this time are covered by this warranty. Please call our customer service team on 03 9581 8000 as I feel that you have been receiving incorrect information or the monitors are breaking due to incorrect use. Either way, please call our team and we will see what we can do.

Great features, works well for us.

Overall i'm really happy with this monitor. I was given it second hand. It took some getting used to.
Pros- the sensor pad is adjustable so with trial and error i got a perfect level of sensitivity.
You can plug in the cot side and use rechargable batterys on the parent unit. It has a audible ticking sound that you can turn on or off so you know bubs is moving without even looking or checking unit is turned on which has been really helpful for me especially in the middle of the night, just hearing it helps me relax knowing bub is ok. (Thought it would annoy me but it is the opposite!) It has great range and i can be in the back paddock 100 metres away and still works.
I sit the monitor on the ground so there is no way bub can reach it or tangle in the cords. To turn off i use my toe which is actually a pro as it is very easy to do when hands are full with a bub. After a few times forgetting to turn off and hearing the alarm my husband and i are in the habit and i never forget to turn it on as i listen for the reassuring ticking sound. I don't expect miracles from it though so hear are the cons.
Cons- the cot unit doesn't take rechargable batteries and has terrible battery life so must remain plugged in most of the time. Weird as the parent unit recharges the batteries in it little cradle and last almost 1-2 days (i often forget to turn off the parent unit) WHY didn't they make the cot unit able to recharge with rechargeable batterys? Also the cords are really really long and have this stupid plastic cord cover in an attempt to make it safe. I had to remove the cord covers as they were not practical and the cord has been wrapped 20 times around a back cot leg to prevent any strangle hazard but still not 100% safe. I sit the monitor on the ground so there is no way bub can reach it or tangle in the cords. This works for reaching the power cord too which is sandwiched between cot and other furniture to prevent strangle and bub access to power cords so it works well this way.
The light on the parent unit is bright so i either face it away from me when in cradle or if charged put it face down on the bed near my pillow. The parent unit could be misleading if you don't use the ticking feature, if you turn off the cot unit the parent unit remains lit up as if still monitoring so be aware of that. They should improve that by showing an off sign or something.
Someone mentioned the hold button? I wouldn't use it, it isn't for what they were trying to do. I just turn it off at the cot unit, -problem solved. Also another mentioned it doesn't constantly play sound which isn't actually a problem and i don't understand their logic. It only activates sounds if there is a sound. So if i have it on while bub is listening to music tv or playing you can hear everything constantly but at night it only switches on if bub coughs farts crys etc which is perfect. Don't know why you would want to hear silence really? So overall good product and gives me piece of mind and a bit of freedom to hang washing etc

Worst purchase of my life

Battery life on this item is terrible. After just a few uses it constantly needs to be plugged in. This monitor constantly goes offline and shuts off which isn't helpful when the baby is asleep. It's a monitor - and doesn't serve its purpose. Please save yourself money and headaches and purchase a different brand. I'm throwing this monitor out and purchasing a different brand. Too many frustrations. Extremely disappointed.

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Hi Mama Bear, I am very sorry that this has been your experience. All our monitors have a 3 year warranty. If you would like to contact our customer service team they will be able to assist you. Our phone number is 03 9581 8000 :)

So far so good.

The instructions to set up the device were a little bit confusing but once I got to grips with them it was fine. I am very happy with the product and it is reliable & works well. The heart rate monitor has not yet given be a false alarm. So far I would say it is worth the money.

Complete Peace of Mind ! .

I have used this monitor with both of my children. It is both super simple to use and to set up. The movement sensors have different sensitivity settings and work really efficiently to pick up the slightest breathing movements of the chest. The audio quality is excellent and the range offered by the parent monitor is excellent. I have been outdoors and still had excellent audio and movement quality. Occasionally the parent monitor does make a loud white noise sound, however if you adjust its position it tends to settle down. This usually happens when it is in close proximity to something else using a frequency.

I currently use this monitor just on audio setting to be able to hear my children when on the other side of the house as our bedrooms are very far apart. It is very reliable and, although it has had its fair share of bumps and falls, still works as new. Excellent purchase, worth every cent !

Peace of mind made easy...

I had two little ones born 12 months apart and it was an easy decision to buy a second Angelcare system for our youngest. Easy to set up, great range on the parent unit and my littlest poppet still uses the night light even now that he's three. Money well spent. Twice :)

Does not charge and crackles

I was given the angel care monitor as a gift and was so pleased as believed it was a trustworthy brand. My little one is only 12 weeks and the monitors won't stay charged, have to be plugged into the wall constantly.
The monitor is also very crackley and annoying when you are trying to sleep

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Hi Jess, do you have NIMH rechargeable batteries inserted in the parent unit. The AC401 has the option of 8 channels, have you tried changing channels?

Most unexpectedly worst buy EVER!!

I thought we were buying a good brand & worth the expense, I still remember the day I brought it home before our first baby was born and justifying to my husband why it was worth the money. From the beginning it has had a "hum" on both parent units no matter what channel we are on, display of temp stopped working on one unit then the other, realised pretty early on that the movement monitor wasn't worth using as it's impossible to get the sensitivity right to not have false alarms but sensitive enough to trust it which was important as our second baby had a central sleep apnea for 10 months. Wish I'd spent the money on a video monitor & not an expensive monitor that is only useful for hearing our baby wake, and having to sleep with the sound of a "hum" on our parent unit for the entire time we've had it. My most frustrating purchase ever - I curse the product and brand daily.

No peace of mind

Incredibly hard to use. Directions are not clear. Goes off randomly and sometimes not at all. Was looking for peace of mind and all we got was frustration in the wee hours of the morning and no peace of mind just anxiety. I highly recommend buying a different brand that is more practical and more reliable

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Hi, you have mentioned this product was purchased through Amazon. There could be many reasons why this monitor is not would as the US is on a different frequency to Australia. Please call us on 03 9581 8000 to try and assist you further.

A reliable brand

I purchased the AC401 based on the functions it showed and the baby movement pads for when baby is little, you know, a little bit of extra safety is wonderful
The extra features I feel this amazing baby monitor could do with.
Further instructions on how to turn the movement pads off when you lift baby out of the cot. Nothing worse than hearing baby cry at 3am go in to get him only 30 seconds later have this high pitched beeping going off at you for not turning it into Hold mode before picking up baby. It's not very clear in the instructions. I thought ours was broken when we first got baby home. To turn the movement beeping off you just press and hold the 'hold' button - but you then get left with a single beep which reminds you the machine is on hold. Not so amazing at 3am when the rest of the house is trying to sleep. But also a very handy feature for a sleep deprived mum.
The other is the parent display screen. I hate light in my room. You can't turn the display light off?! I've covered the monitor in our bedroom with all sorts of things just to stop it lighting up the whole room.
The good parts. The easy to read display screen on the parent monitor. The clear sound. The easy to use features (once you get used to it) the simple design.
Mine is still working solid after two years of being plugged in. I also take mine when we travel, always nice to have an ear on baby while your away in a noisy house. I always take the baby and parent monitor but recently have just started to take the baby monitor as we use the light on it for little man to have the same ambiance and consistency no matter where we are.

I would recommend this product to other parents, it's very reliable and simple.
Though I would test it out and get to know the movement 'hold' function first.

Piece Of Junk

To all the prospective parents out there, congratulations on your little one. I am writing this review at 3:30am. My baby was sound asleep 15 minutes ago and this piece of rubbish product has gone off in the middle of the night waking the entire household. I managed to silence it and check my babies breathing perfect nothing wrong at all so I tiptoe back to bed goes off again for the four time in last week.
Was working fine the last 6 months and it is now waking me up more than my little girl.
Do yourself a favour and get a different brand, not worth your heart leaping into your chest everytime this thing malfunctions.

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Hi Dan, We are sorry to hear that you have not been completely satisfied with your AC401. We would be very happy to assist with your monitor and encourage you to contact us immediately if you encounter any issues. Your monitor may only require a quick and easy tune up or settings adjustment. Please give us a call on 1300 082 526 so we can get you back to enjoying a restful nights sleep.

My favorite baby purchase

We purchased this second hand and wow it has been our favorite baby product! The sound quality & range is excellent, absolutely love the ability to turn up or down the sensitivity so we don't ear bubs every little groan and grunt. The peace of mind with the movement by sensor is worth every dollar this cost. We have only had one false alarm when we had tucked too many blankets under the mattress and this caused the sensor pad to loose contact. Used with both our bassinet (1x pad) and cot (2x pads). A must have for any new parent.

Buying the costly products doesn't always mean quality!

Wish I had of bought a cheap one! I purchased 2 of the AC401 monitors 3 years ago. 1 has an issue with the main monitor and the other has an issue with the parent unit. I enquired on repairs and have been told they don't do repairs I have to purchase the item from Angelcare at a total of $90.75. I should have purchased cheaper monitors and I could have replaced them and still been financially better off.

Love it!

When expecting our first bub my family purchased our Angelcare unit as bubs gift and have not been able to fault it at all. The senor mats give great peace of mind and I love that you can adjust the sensitivity if you have a fan in the room during summer. I test the mats every now and then by leaving something heavy in the cot and walking away and without fail it alerts me to the issue. My daughter is now transitioning to a bed and I will continue to use the unit for her and I am already arranging for a second set for bub #2 later in the year. Have also found the customer service to have been such a wonderful experience. When checking what mattress to purchase for the new bed I received an instant response which was more than helpful!

Great for peace of mind

Have found this monitor great for peace of mind.

Ny son is a tummy sleeper and refuses to sleep on his back (once he could roll by himself). He was also a very quiet baby when sleeping. If we had had a video monitor I wouldn't have been able to see what was happening as he would have been lying still on his tummy.

Monitor has very good (adjustable) sensitivity. Had a few false alarms when bub has moved to the edge of the mattress. Other than that it works well.

Mostly good

Have used this monitor for 4 years now, and that seems like pretty good value for money to me.

For young babies we used it with the movement sensor pads. It took a while to adjust the sensitivity correctly - in the beginning the alarm would go off when the fan was on, etc. But after we worked this out it was great. Then we switched to just using it without the sensors as they got older.

The manual was a bit of a mission to read. After our 2nd child we discovered a lot of extra features that we didn't know about, like the temperature alarm! So make sure you read it in full.

We do have an issue on the parent unit where it occasionally doesn't work 100%. Some of the bars will remain blank, so you have to kind of guess what the temp is from the bars that do appear. This only seems to be an issue on rainy days...weird. But it still picks up sound, so that's fine.

Also had to replace a cord on the nursery unit after 3 years of use, for an extra $75.

And lately it has started beeping sporadically during the night, as though it has lost it's connection with the nursery unit. I think it is trying to tell us our kids are old enough to not need a monitor anymore!
Temp alarm, voice activation setting.
A few glitches here and there.

Excellent monitor and great piece of mind

My mum bought this for us for our new baby who we knew was going to be extremely little. In the course of my profession I have seen a few SIDS cases so was terrified that being a much smaller baby than my previous 9 pounders that my little bub may suffer from apnea. This was such a wonderful piece of mind. It was so reassuring to have the motion sensor to go off if bub stopped breathing even though he was right beside the bed. It is hard to remember to turn the monitor off when you pick bub up and sometimes the alarm goes off but that is nothing to the piece if mind this monitor provides.
The motion sensor pad, piece of mind, great range for parent monitor.
Remembering to turn the monitor off when you pick bub up and the alarm goes off

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Questions & Answers

Just wondering if there is any way to turn off the alarm sound in the nursery unit. I have the AC401 and have followed the instructions on page 21 but it only seems to change the alarm settings on the parent unit (vibrate, sound, vibrate +sound).
No answers

Hi, I bought a Angelcare monitor AC601. However, it is not transmitting any sound. I have tried all troubleshooting suggestions, still no luck. How do I go about getting this unit tested? Based in South Africa and bought the unit from a local pharmacy.
1 answer
Oh I'm not too sure. On mine I just turn the volume sensitivity up on bubs monitor and the turn the volume up on mine. Maybe have a look at this if you haven't... https://www.manualslib.com/manual/765570/Angelcare-Ac601.html

Hi I purchased a angelcare monitor module Ac601 and plugged it in yesterday. The first day home from hospital. I checked everything twice and tested the pad without baby on it , the alarm works. But that's the only thing that does work. There is no ticking noise and it is not communicating with the parent unit . Surly there is something wrong here? What should I do?
2 answers
Hi Sinead, sorry that this has happened. Please call our customer service team on 03 9581 8000, they will be able to help you troubleshoot it over the phone :)Hi, Can I ask if your issue was resolved? We have the same issue and we are not receiving any useful support. Thank you in advance


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