5Angelcare AC401

Angelcare AC401

5Angelcare AC401

96 reviews

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96 reviews
KaylzPerth2 posts

Must-Have for new Mummies

This monitor has given me the added peice of mind as a first time mum that my new baby is safe while she is sleeping. I have been able to get more sleep between feeds knowing that all i need to do is wake breifly to hear the parent monitor tick tock away, instead of having to get out of bed and disturb bub every few minutes to check on her. The continueous tick tock can be turned off or left running for added peice of mind and theres no mistaking the alarm when it goes off!
Worth every cent!
Only one set of back up battries supples
NicoleM5NSW, 274512 posts


I wouldn't hesitate in buying this monitor again! It gave us the reassurance that the baby was breathing meaning we stopped panicking every 5mins (being new parents) and checking them. I used it for 2 kids until they were 18 months old. Never had a problem using it with fans on like some have reported. The only time the alarm went off was if we forgot to turn it off before taking them out of the cot
Reliable, peace of mind, effective
A bit pricey but worth it
TreensQueenslandAustralia2 posts

At ease with my tummy sleeper!

This monitor is amazing! With all the SIDS warnings regarding tummy sleeping I was fretting because I couldn't get my gorgeous bundle to sleep any other way - she's determined just like her mummy and daddy! But with the Angelcare movement sensor pad, I can sleep soundly knowing she is safe on her tummy. I'm sure she is also sleeping better without me checking on her every 5 minutes!!! Fantastic product in a world where us mum's tend to already be sleep deprived!
Security, reliability, worth every penny!
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Simone Franssen
Simone FranssenAdelaide SA13 posts
ace35Perth4 posts

Great product

I bought this unit second hand and I really like it! It's very reassuring that it picks up baby's breathing! I've had no problems with it so far.

One annoying little thing is how often it is set off and it does get set off just a little too late so very often, it gets set off but I can't hear baby making noises.
Reliable, easy o set up, breathing sensors work grate
Sound activation a little late, expensive

SareBearAU2 posts
hisui21Greater Melbourne (Outer), VIC19 posts
Michael M
Michael MMELBOURNE8 posts
dbsmumNSW, 274924 posts
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the Angelcare AC401 is unreal!

Have a perfect night sleep! I previously had the ACS201, it was wonderful, I took great comfort in the alarm would sound if my little guy stopped breathing. However the interference was painful in the older model! In the AC401 model completely eliminates that issue. On the front of the monitor it has an icon indicating that it is registering each breathe!
That the monitor registers sound after 3 secs, so you don't get disturbed by a quick cough.
sheryldanielsAU2 posts

I am having the same problem - my parent unit blaks out, and I have been given a new parent unit, which does the same thing. I dont even know how long the parent unit remains off before I notice the fault

katotia3 posts
mlmac06North Queensland, QLD2 posts


mlmac06, did you get your refund? Waste of money. Paying top dollar for a product that doesnt do what its supposed to.
The light
The mats pick up EVERYTHING. Brought this as my daughter had breathing problems in hospital, spend a fortune on it (as you would all know) and it doesnt give me the peace of mind as i thought it would. Worked perfectly while our baby was in our room, in cradle, with aircon, now that i have moved her to her cot with the fan on, it will detect movement even when she's out of her cot.
Alesya11 posts

Not bad

On General, not a bad product. Does what is promises. Static is terrible despite of 8 channels. The problem I have is that parent unit switches off by itself, and I cant even know when it happens. It happened at night last night, and I dont know how long the monitor was not functioning (all charges and connections are correct and on). This is the SECOND parent unit I have got - the previosu one was doing the same thing. Will see how quickly they will fix the problem under warranty.

Temperature readings ar off by about 2-3 degrees.
great functions, movement detection works great
Expensive, needs mpt work on the development

booomaSydney Surrounds, NSW30 posts

Great peace of mind for parents

We looked around at monitors and being parents we were bamboozled by so many and so many opinions.

We took the advice of good friends whom had a 3 yr old and 18 month old boys to seriously consider the Angelcare and we are glad we did.

Haven't had static problems as others have , it has multiple channels to select if you have diff devices on the same frequency.

Our newborn sleeps in the cot in his room and we can hear the reassuring 'tic tic' to indicate there is movement ie breathing and moving.
Clear sound ,range is about 100meters from base (through walls etc).Proven product , sensor pads under cot mattress , transportable if you want to take it away.
Slightly more expensive than other brands but worth it !

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JubiegirlAU3 posts

Best product we have ever bought

This product is fantastic. The breathing sensors allow us to know that our little one is breathing properly and saves us from wanting to go in every 5-10 minutes to check that he's still okay. The temperature also shows on the parent units and can be set with an alarm if it goes above or below the temperature range you choose. This has been great as there have been a couple of times we've set the air con too hot, or let the room get too cold, and it always lets us know. The audio is great, we have one monitor upstairs in our room for when we're asleep, and one downstairs so we can monitor during day sleeps.
Great product, love the safety of knowing the alarm will sound if there's a problem, temperature display is excellent.
katiemartinTasmania, 70186 posts
KerrinSA, 53337 posts
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joleneAU41 posts

Peace of mind

This was fantastic, having a very early bub with poor immature lungs having this product was essential. I was able to sleep a litle easier and after it alarming when bub was having aponeas i swear by it. PLease when setting it up keep in mind of above ceiling aircons. this interferes with motion somehow.
Well worth cost. Light was handy. Accurate
Super sensitive.
BestMummyBearTownsville, QLD4 posts

One of the best buys for me and my family

This gave (and still gives) complete peace of mind that when my baby is sleeping and I can't physically hear her she is still fine. I can sleep more happily knowing that if something were to happen, an alarm would sound. I love that I can see the temperature in her room and the night light makes it great for night time feeds. Overall I would not be without this one.

The only drawback is that it takes a bit of setting up and it's not as effective with a ceiling fan on. (Still love it despite this though!!)
Complete peace of mind, see the temperature, night light is perfect
Takes a bit of time to set up properly and can't have a fan on or window open for it to work at it's best.

graziacampisiSouth East Queensland, QLD5 posts


This invention is the most ever great things made for your child and parents the safety factor alone and knowing you can keep an ear out from other parts of the house and relax because you can monitor your child without being in the same room great invention very happy ...
the whole aspect of safety for your child
moiAU59 posts
cjaynsw, 2529

best baby product i ever bought!!!!

I bought this monitor for my son who is now 3 and am now using it for my daughter who is 6 months it has sensor pads under the mattress to give you peace of mind when your little one is sleeping it has a temperature monitor as well as the usual sound monitor and when your baby stops breathing it sounds an alarm both in the baby's room and on your hand held parent control no more worrying that they are breathing or not . I have had it now for three years and never had a single problem love love love it : )
clear reception no interference variable volume control
nothing i could find
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Mama M
Mama MGreater Melbourne (Inner), VIC2 posts

Absolutely invaluable. Cannot live without it!

The Angelcare monitor with sensors is the best investment you could make for the safety of your new bubba.

We were going to buy just a sound monitor but opted for the sensor pads. A-Mazing. Love it! Love it! For a first time mama, the worry of checking on baby every minute of the night left me sleepless and stressed. The Angelcare has given me many a peaceful nights sleep, knowing that the sensor pads will detect and let me know if something is amiss.

Highly recommended,
Reliable, easy to use, provides complete peace of mind, great investment

CristieMELBOURNE, Victoria22 posts
Mumma care
Mumma careSYDNEY

Do not buy

I have this monitor and have had nothing but trouble with it. I have to move it back and forth when I put it on the charger to try and get the charger to pick up that it is on there. Parts of the screen have blacked out multiple times so I could not read the temp and recently it has started making a constant fuzzy noise. I have to turn it right down so I don't hear the constant fuzzy noise in order to sleep, which defeats the purpose of the monitor.

I am buying a new one of a different brand and would NEVER recommend this unreliable monitor to anyone.
When the screen is working i like that it has the temp. But really not much
Unreliable. Kept breaking down

debbstaaAU6 posts

Great for peace of mind

Great monitor only issue is had to replace power adapter after a year and a half and having constant charging issues even though i replace the batteries every few months. Not cheap for the rechargeable
Peace of mind when baby is sleeping
Not even 2 years before problems started to occur Show reply
Krystal86nsw, 243016 posts

Very happy with Angelcare monitor

Very happy with Angelcare baby monitor never had a prob i felt i sleep so much better with it on and when my child was 2 i finally took it of and it took me ages to sleep prob coz i was so worried but it would the best thing i can not rave about this product enough it is excellent
I like that you could turn it on censor sound so it only made a noise when the baby did as i am a light sleeper
bear1985AU4 posts
ConsumerCrusaderSydney, NSW4 posts

Easy peace of mind

Really easy to use straight out of the box. No interference. Handy temp gauge. Small parents unit that doesn't look too awful. Nice long cord. Handy very soft nightlight.

Can be quite sensitive and give false warning alarms although the only 2 times the alarm has properly gone off we are pretty certain my sons breathing had stopped as he was in a very deep sleep and floppy when we scooped him up.
No interference. Easy to use. Handy temp gauge and nightlight.
Can be a bit sensitive.

modernmummyAU3 posts

Peace of mind - when baby sleeps mummy sleeps!

Love this product as it gives peace of mind that my babies are sound asleep - not crying or stopping breathing - when i would usually be out of earshot.
3 in one. its a thermometer, a sound monitor and a movement monitor. Peace of mind to me is definitely worth the price. also like that you can turn off certain settings when not needed. we continued just using the sound for our son when he was in a bed and the movement sensors were no longer needed.
it has gone off a few times. though unsure if these were false alarms or if they were life saving...
furseyMAU3 posts

Every parent should own one

I bought this monitor for my second child. Since birth she has had a chronic respiratory disease. This monitor gives me the piece of mind that when she is sleeping I know she is ok.

It is also helpful in that I can hear what is happening as well as see what the temperature is like in her room
Reliable, secure, confidence building

charlotteo8 posts
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michelle_sAU2 posts

I love this Monitor!

This monitor has been a life-saver for our family. My son was born prem so when I brought him from the Hospital I was so nervous once he went into his cot to sleep. With this monitor I always felt secure knowing that it would detect if he stopped breathing or moving at all. Its very sensitive which I love and easy to install and use.
Reliable, peace-of-mind
PhoKatAU8 posts

Absolute Must Have!

I was sceptical that we needed such a fancy monitor but my partner insisted that we get one.

I couldn't live without it now. It has saved me many a "neurotic new mum" moment in the middle of the night. To be able to actually see that your baby is breathing (through the swinging pendulum icon) has saved me from getting up in the night to trudge through to her room to check on her on so many occasions.
Extremely reliable. It's digital so you can have it on all night and there's no interference like with the other cheaper ones out there.
It was expensive but on hindsight I'd have paid double for the peace of mind it has brought us.

Wizza1985AU23 posts


Great, peace of mind for a nervous new mum! The monitor is great, we had it with two sensor pads, never had a false alarm, not one problem!
We had a tummy sleeper from day one and this gave is great peace of mind. The units are small and way to use and the instructions were easy to follow to set up the sensitivity. The options to have it noose only, noise and

Movement, eta were great as we were able to customize the settings as our children got older.
So far so good, this monitor is on to our second child and we have never had a problem with anything.

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