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Just what we needed. Thank you!

The door Fit perfectly with the ability to adjust to the size of your screen. Cats like being able to come and go.
The instructions were easy to understand and didn't cost too much money.

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Took money but no service

I don't have good feedback because despite the fact you took my money (over $600) a month ago, no one has called me to arrange time for measurements, let alone installation. I am minded to request a refund.  We are desperate to get our doggy door installed and I am having to call the glazier half a dozen times and he won't even commit to an appointment to measure yet. He was on holidays at the gold coast. Surely you have more contractors than that? It is extremely bad service and I am extremely unhappy.

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Patio pet door

Bought one of these doors 9 years ago & gave it away when my dog died . Now have a new dog, so bought the new version. This is a brilliant product, very easy to install & the updated version with the slide in panel is much easier to use . Puppy figured it out in a couple of hours . Thank you for this very clever product ( easily installed by 2 women!)
My dog is a whippet, got the large size door as you recommended. Has also been used by 2 visiting 10 year old golden retrievers that have never seen one of these doors before.

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It was perfect as we are renting and couldn’t put in something permanent

Looks great, just can’t teach an old dog new tricks...she sits one side with her nose against the door staring in lol. I put my hand thru and wave her in but she just doesn’t get it... still going to keep trying

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Wonderful product

I originally was enquiring about a permanent door, But it was too expensive. The consultant told me about the insert, what a great product and half the price. Extremely satisfied.

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Great quality pet door

I wish the height extension piece could be connected to either the top or the bottom as my doggy is tall but thin (a whippet) and i didnt want the large as its too wide

April 8th 2019 Update: Love the doggy door

My only suggestion would be that the height extension could be fitted to top or bottom. I have a tall thin whippet so i got the medium door but she has to bend down too far

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Pet Door through a Brick wall

Purchased the Pet door and tunnel for a brick wall. Tunnel needs to be 240mm wide not 200mm for a standard brick veneer wall. Had to cover the gap with 42x12mm timber strip. All held together with silicon and Liquid Nails. Client was happy with the end result.

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Top quality, Whippet Approved!

Best type of dog door for renters. This Brand is top quality, I love that all wareable parts can be reordered as I know flap gets gross after few years

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exactly what was needed

I needed a soft close dog door that my dog is happy to use. Was replacing one with a rigid flap which was VERY noisy. This one is just what the doctor ordered, and it was delivered quickly at a good price.

Brilliant product...so happy

I am so happy with my order of a temporary cat door...it was easy installation and my cat (Otis) loves using it. Great for a rental property and plenty of locking options...thank you for giving my boy his freedom to come and go as he please....brilliant product!

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Dog Door plus installation

Super easy to organise and the tradie that was booked to install the door was punctual, professional and fast. Door functions well and my dog really likes it. Very happy.

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Perfect option

Excellent product. Works perfectly for a temporary pet door. Great communication, speedy delivery. Definitely recommend if you are in a rental property. You are able to take it with you.

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Door works fine except for small button above security panel and the installation cost is exorbitant

I appreciate that a business needs to make money and I am thankful that Animalistic organised the installation for me. I assumed their own people would undertake the installation but this is a very small business and they outsource the installation to the local handy man. The price charged to me was double that of the handyman's quote. That's just pure greed. The labour costs to make a phone call are not that high.

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Cat cabana

Good, simple, straight forward product. Could use some sort of brack in corners to make little more solid. And corner shelves need something to stop front rail from moving off sides. But otherwise great product. Easy to patch when your staffy chews a hole in it.


Brilliant cat cabana house/ run is easy and straight forward to put togeather
we combined an extra cube with the combo kit for a very reasonable price with delivery. Which was fast and they placed it in a secure position. We combined ours with a cat door and a cat tunnel to link our garage ( maybe Anamalistic could develop their own tunnel)
Very happy! Our cat is very relaxed in the cabana
And we found another use for it
Placed over our veggie garden it stops possums eating our veggies too
Maree and Mat

Brilliant .....

We have posted the cabana on Facebook and have referred many friends to your website. We had a zipper issue tonight but have rectified the issue. If our zipper breaks is their a warranty???

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Hi George, Thanks for the great Review. Don't worry about the zipper if you have any trouble with it just give us a call or an email and we will send you out a replacement. It is all covered under warranty. Kind Regards Admin

A fantastic cat enclosure, ideal for apartments with verandahs!

Was looking for a a reasonably big enclosure, durable & safe, suitable for 2 cats, easy to install, lightweight & could be extended in size.

Damaged Product - Poor Customer Service

Poor customer service. The dog door we received has scratches in the glass. The scratches were only visible in certain light so it took a while to identify them. Would not entertain at any point finding a solution.

Excellent product!

All went exactly as planned. You have obviously got your act together. Great product that our pets just love. We would recommend your company to all our friends.


I was impressed with the quick delivery of the cat flap I purchased from Animalistic. However I purchased installation through the same company and was told I would have someone contact me within 48hrs to arrange a time to install it. A week later after receiving no contact from the installation company or animalistic, we called them to be told that all the local installers that they use are fully booked. I was disappointed that no-one thought to make contact to advise me of this. Had I known I could have arranged something else but will now not have the cat flap fitted in time for our holiday. Not great customer service.

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Questions & Answers

Hi, We are installing a new security screen and want to incorporate a pet door. Would your product fit a swinging security door, allowing sufficient space for both the security door and solid door to close at the same time when necessary? Also, what is your turn-around time for orders at the moment? We have a deadline in early December.
1 answer
Hi Kerry, Yes we have an Aluminium Pet Door that is designed for screen doors. We also sell Petway pet doors which are also a good fit for screen doors. See the links below for your options. If you would like us to install it for you please let us know by calling us on 1300 761 369 and we can get you booked in. https://www.temporarypetdoor.com.au/aluminium-premium-pet-door https://www.temporarypetdoor.com.au/petway-pet-door Kind Regards Admin

Hi I'm wondering if the dog exit/entry dog access is able to be locked when we need him kept inside? Also my other concern is snakes coming in. Not so much a door issue but just wondered if you new. Thankyou.
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Hi Storm, Yes that flap can be locked with the steel locking plate included. Also we get asked a lot about snakes! To date we have never heard of this happening. Also the flaps use magnets to keep them closed so i don't think you will ever have an issue with this :) Kind regards Admin

Hi,very impressed by the review and just wondering if the large size door can allow greyhounds to get through? My dogs average shoulder height is around 70cm.
1 answer
Hi Yuanyuan Wang, Yes the large size will be fine for a greyhound. We have over 400 reviews on our website which you can also read through. We don't really use this site for reviews much. Kind regards Admin

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