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Cat cabana

Good, simple, straight forward product. Could use some sort of brack in corners to make little more solid. And corner shelves need something to stop front rail from moving off sides. But otherwise great product. Easy to patch when your staffy chews a hole in it.


Brilliant cat cabana house/ run is easy and straight forward to put togeather
we combined an extra cube with the combo kit for a very reasonable price with delivery. Which was fast and they placed it in a secure position. We combined ours with a cat door and a cat tunnel to link our garage ( maybe Anamalistic could develop their own tunnel)
Very happy! Our cat is very relaxed in the cabana
And we found another use for it
Placed over our veggie garden it stops possums eating our veggies too
Maree and Mat

Brilliant .....

We have posted the cabana on Facebook and have referred many friends to your website. We had a zipper issue tonight but have rectified the issue. If our zipper breaks is their a warranty???

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Hi George, Thanks for the great Review. Don't worry about the zipper if you have any trouble with it just give us a call or an email and we will send you out a replacement. It is all covered under warranty. Kind Regards Admin

A fantastic cat enclosure, ideal for apartments with verandahs!

Was looking for a a reasonably big enclosure, durable & safe, suitable for 2 cats, easy to install, lightweight & could be extended in size.

Damaged Product - Poor Customer Service

Poor customer service. The dog door we received has scratches in the glass. The scratches were only visible in certain light so it took a while to identify them. Would not entertain at any point finding a solution.

Excellent product!

All went exactly as planned. You have obviously got your act together. Great product that our pets just love. We would recommend your company to all our friends.


I was impressed with the quick delivery of the cat flap I purchased from Animalistic. However I purchased installation through the same company and was told I would have someone contact me within 48hrs to arrange a time to install it. A week later after receiving no contact from the installation company or animalistic, we called them to be told that all the local installers that they use are fully booked. I was disappointed that no-one thought to make contact to advise me of this. Had I known I could have arranged something else but will now not have the cat flap fitted in time for our holiday. Not great customer service.

Perfect for renters!

We were having a hard time letting our dogs in and out without a bunch of flies getting in the house this product has completely fix our problem. It is the perfect size for our dogs (one cattle dog and a Rottweiler) it’s perfect for renter and it was easy to install. Could not have asked for a simpler solution this product is perfect for what we needed

Very good

I'm really happy with this product. It looks great, works well and the whole transaction was fast, easy and professional.

Incorrectly installed. Disappointing customer service.

Would not recommend Animalistic - definitely shop around! Their customer service and the product delivery seems to be very hit and miss, and it's just not worth the risk. While the dog door itself is good quality, we can't use it, because it was incorrectly installed. Therefore, we needed to get the entire door replaced, as well as purchase another dog door. We were not reimbursed or compensated by Animalistic at all.

The installation person was unprofessional, not showing up the first time, and then wasn't familiar with the product when he finally arrived. He was questioning the instructions and asking us for guidance because the instructions seemed 'wrong', and ended up installing the dog door far too high! It was unusable. When we took this up with Animalistic, they said there was nothing they could do, as the door was already installed. It seems Animalistic use a third party for door installations, but don't take responsibility when these installations are completed to a poor quality. Until they can guarantee quality installation or at least take responsibility when services under their watch aren't delivered, definitely shop elsewhere.

Good product

Product arrived in timely manner and in good condition. Was a bit larger than expected but no problem. Had thought by looking at picture that hammock came with it and was a bit disappointed when it didn’t

Highly recommend.

Great service from start to end. Got the wrong colour door sent but ended up being more suitable for the area. The installer was AMAZING.

Poor customer service and product

Poor quality, rude staff would not recommend to any of my cat friends or on facebook to my cat groups. Product was dirty and in a used condition. Had dog hair and mud all over it. Owner made excuses. Not recommend purchase.

Marilyn your product has a little dust on it from our warehouse it was not in used condition your review is completely false. We would upload photos if we could.Due to the threat of legal action I was asked to change my review but can’t due to the company replying. (Website rules) My review was my honest opinion from my experience at the time of purchasing the product.Marilyn, We welcome all types of reviews as long as they are factual and true. Your opinions are also more than welcome. However false statements such as "Had dog hair and mud all over it in used condition" is not an opinion it is a false statement. The facts would have been, part of the product came out of its packaging during transit and had a bit of dust on it.

Great product, fitted perfectly and so good not having to get up and down to open door

Excellent service and a great product, thank you. The doggie door arrived two days after ordering and was a perfect fit

Worth every cent.

Don't even bother with the Bunnings brand (Huntman or something). It's the same price but doesn't have half the features, didn't fit, and medium size is too small for a medium dog. The Animalistic brand accommodates a host of extras for every fitting scenario, from temporary to permanent. It comes in a range of colours and has more adjustability for various frame sizes. Would recommend it without hesitation.

Best decision we ever made!

When we got two new puppies (foxy cross maltese), we knew we needed a good quality dog door to help with toilet training. The dog door has been a godsend and the puppies were running in and out of it to do their business in no time - would highly recommend.

This was a replacement of my first doggie door due to theft. Nothing else was taken but the doggie d

I'm pleased with the product but I am waiting on new puppy to test it which will be in a couple of months.

This is perfect

Love it best money spent in a long time , I only rent the house so it work so good .

the item came early

Cant wait to get it installed to keep flies and mozzie including blow flies and will be able to lock the door more securely

Great service all the way through.

We ordered a larger dog door, and the service from asking questions before purchasing through to the installation was excellent. The door is perfect, and for an old dog, it has made his life so much easier. The whole process was seamless, and the man who installed the door was lovely. I can't speak highly enough of both the product and the service.

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Questions & Answers

Hi, We are installing a new security screen and want to incorporate a pet door. Would your product fit a swinging security door, allowing sufficient space for both the security door and solid door to close at the same time when necessary? Also, what is your turn-around time for orders at the moment? We have a deadline in early December.
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Hi Kerry, Yes we have an Aluminium Pet Door that is designed for screen doors. We also sell Petway pet doors which are also a good fit for screen doors. See the links below for your options. If you would like us to install it for you please let us know by calling us on 1300 761 369 and we can get you booked in. https://www.temporarypetdoor.com.au/aluminium-premium-pet-door https://www.temporarypetdoor.com.au/petway-pet-door Kind Regards Admin

Hi I'm wondering if the dog exit/entry dog access is able to be locked when we need him kept inside? Also my other concern is snakes coming in. Not so much a door issue but just wondered if you new. Thankyou.
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Hi Storm, Yes that flap can be locked with the steel locking plate included. Also we get asked a lot about snakes! To date we have never heard of this happening. Also the flaps use magnets to keep them closed so i don't think you will ever have an issue with this :) Kind regards Admin

Hi,very impressed by the review and just wondering if the large size door can allow greyhounds to get through? My dogs average shoulder height is around 70cm.
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Hi Yuanyuan Wang, Yes the large size will be fine for a greyhound. We have over 400 reviews on our website which you can also read through. We don't really use this site for reviews much. Kind regards Admin

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