Terrible property advice. They are all about making money for themselves - not you

Don't believe all these fake reviews.
Anne Street will take your money upfront and provide you standard/generic advice. Then they will try to sell you a variety of products they make commissions on. If you don't own an investment property and can afford one, they will offer you a property that they get a large commission on. They will lead you to believe it's a great investment and that they have done all the research on its growth potential. It will do poorly.
Look at this forum for more than a few examples: http://forums.whirlpool.net.au/archive/2384176.
A good number of us are considering a class action against them for their negligent advice. So if you read this and are interested in joining get onto the whirlpool site and post your story. I'll follow you up.

My advice to you is always get a second opinion. See an accredited financial planner and an accountant first. Don't pay exorbitant fees upfront.

Hi drgave I read this review with concern. I'd appreciate you taking a moment to contact me directly at info@annestreetpartners.com.au so I can properly identify your account and assist you with the points you have raised appropriately. Regards, Brent - Anne Street Partners MarketingHas the Royal Commission come knocking on your door yet?

Steer clear, take your money and don't do anything

I had hesitations before I signed up and I regret not listening to my heart. Anne Street Partners have literally don't nothing since we met with them, they have not followed through on anything they were supposed to do. No exaggeration, they have literally done nothing. You contacted me almost everyday until we signed up and once we paid the money and had the 3 hour long meeting, you vanished into thin air.

I would highly suggest you find someone else to help guide you financially, I would not trust this company as far as I can throw them and I have a bad back!

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Hi Adam Y I am very disappointed and concerned to hear this. I'd like to personally understand this situation further. Could you please reach me on info@annestreetpartners.com.au, so I can address this urgently. Thank you, Regards Brent - Anne Street Partners Marketing

Getting worse

We've been with Anne Street for a couple of years now. At first we were very impressed with our advisor and his knowledge and commitment to us and our financial future. After a year however he left the company and everything went South. We found the broker at Anne St hadn't arranged our mortgage for the family home when we were purchasing our investment property. This lead to 3 whole weeks of huge amounts of stress and anxiety whilst they scurried to work something out for us. To cut a very long story short we finally had a Regional Manager contact us and assure us we were safe with them and he personally verbally apologised for their stuff up. Now 6 months later we emailed them to arrange a review appointment 2 weeks ago and yes, we are STILL waiting for a response.
It amazes me how this company survives considering the incredible lack of customer service and blasé attitude towards us.

Hi NH I apologise for the experience you've had and I've raised this with the appropriate team. I've looked into your account and have asked your adviser to contact your directly. You have been assigned to a new adviser who will keep your account on track. If you have further concerns, please contact me at info@annestreetpartners.com.au. I will follow this up personally. Brent - Anne Street Partners marketing Thanks for your response Brent. After submitting my comments above I actually forwarded the email to one of your company directors. He got back to me immediately and we have since been contacted by our new advisor whom we will be meeting in Sept.

Rip off company only interested in extracting money

We trusted these 'people ' and put our money into a regional property with excellent growth and rental returns and even at about 70% of the rent indicated the place is still empty

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Hello Brisbane Please accept my apologies with your experience. We take your comments very seriously and our client relationship manager would like to address this situation with you as soon as possible. Please feel free to contact me directly at our Sydney Head Office - info@annestreetpartners.com.au Kind regards, Brent

Horrible experience

We have been with Anne Street for a few years. We were told to purchase a interstate property that we wernt comfortable with but they reassured us that it was the right thing to do.

Since then the property has gone backwards and we cant even get tenants in the property! I completely regret using Anne Street and feel like we were robbed. I would never recommended them to anyone. Their only priority is making money off honest hard working people. They dont care about their clients..

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Hello Unhappy. Please accept my apologies with your experience and thank you for taking the time to inform us of this concern. Anne Street Partners appreciates any feedback and we take it very seriously. I would like to take the opportunity to raise this formally with our client satisfaction team and would appreciate it if you could do so through info@annestreetpartners.com.au or through our contact form on our website, so we can raise an immediate investigation. Kind regards, Brent


Their "financial planners" are essentially trained sales men who are trying to give you the same advice you could probably find on the internet. they hassled me for a long time and did not care about the fact that their strategies were driving me into a loss. not happy with the company at all - would not reccomend to anybody

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Hi hiuylou, Thank you for taking the time to raise this area of concern. Anne Street Partners appreciates any feedback and takes it seriously. I would like to have the opportunity to address your concerns personally. My details are btuckerman@annestreetpartners.com.au if you would like to contact me. Best Regards, Brent.

Absolutely rubbish

We chose to go with this company and paid our $650 within an hour of the financial advisor leaving our home. Once our money was approved we were harassed by a minimum of 5 phone calls a day needing endless amounts of personnel information. We then received a text message asking us to attend a meeting. So we tried to call the company and rebook as we both worked that day. Noone returned our calls so we both took a day off to attend and got baby sitting for our 3 children. Only to find out 1 hour before that they made a mistake and it was never really on. So we sacked the company. Now they have had our money for 3 weeks and keep coming up with excuses why our money has not been returned. We are seeking legal advice and going to the papers.

Dodgy Financial Planners!

I would not recommend this company to anyone!!! We paid a lot of money to use their service and they were negligent to us. They applied for our insurances and advised that we were now covered. However, when my husband had an accident and required income protection, we were advised that this never went through even though we had multiple emails assuring us they had applied for these insurances. I would not trust them at all!!! We have been lied to by this company and the customer service after this event has been appalling !

Read - [url removed]

Worst customer service I have experienced

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Hi Millie, Thanks for your question – no we are not. QNV is one of many developers that ASP Realty has acted as a vendor’s agent for, although ASP has not done so for some time.

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Hi JPG - Pending approval means that Product Review is validating the review to ensure it is genuine. The value of a site such as productreview.com.au is all genuine reviews are published about an organisation (both positive and negative) and the organisation does not get involved in approving a review. If they are genuine they are all published. You can find more information in the FAQs https://support.productreview.com.au/hc/en-us/articles/203909316-Why-hasn-t-my-review-been-posted-

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Hi Aram, Apologies - what is this in reference to? Kind regards Brent