No courtesy of calling back. Unprofessional

OK I will start with good things. They have behaved very professional so far. All the team @ WPS/ASP at Brisbane were excellent. However my most recent manager has been worst.
Unfortunately the two investment I had gone forward has failed.
Over last six months I have been asking for a reasonable explanation, but they cant come up with a satisfactory answer.
Now I am facing height of unprofessional-ism in terms of customer service.
I was advised by receptionist to contact thee area manger for complain. I have called and emailed at-least five times and he has no audacity to reply back once. I was told he has called me "once" when I was sleeping after night shift. I suggested to reply in email, but he still hasn't. It has frustrated me so much to write over here.

Hope someone listens.

Hi Sahil, I apologise if you feel our response so far hasn't been adequate and this has been frustrating for you - it's certainly not our intentions to have unhappy clients. Although it would be improper for me to discuss your account in detail, I have spoken to our management team and they will make contact with you shortly. Warm regards, Brent - Anne Street Partners Marketing.It is interesting how companies come up this smart excuses, where firstly they don't respond to unhappy customer appropriately via normal communication and than someone from social media team, comes here and write few lines of ' apologies', which could be a standard copy paste for everyone. Than they write we will communicate with you "privately". Which means they don't want to show their badness in public. Anyways, this review i wrote was very old and since than there has been multiple development but upshot is that still not sorted. What more frustrating was that even area manager had no audacity to reply to emails where I had shamed them. I had to talk someone in management who I felt is slightly more sensible and is trying to help me now with some degree of satisfaction. If any one wants I can provide with all the evidence of number of emails emails which they did not reply for few months

Does a great job looking after our SMSF taxation returns, but I wont use ASP ever again

Jodie is great, and gives us a good service at a good price - but the two investment housing purchases we have made (1 x SMSF, 1 x investment) with ASP advice were less than satisfactory. The investment property recommendation (build interstate for negative gearing and positive returns) has performed woefully, nothing like their projections - look on the web, and you will see similar stories. Do your due-diligence before committing.

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Hi Jaytee, I've read your review with concern. I would like the opportunity to discuss this with you so I can understand the nature of the issues you have raised. Please feel free to contact me at info@annestreetpartners.com.au. Thank you and regards, Brent - Anne Street Partners Marketing.

Still uncertain.

As much as [Name removed] in Sydney has tried to rectify things with Anne Street Partners, our relationship with this company will never be the same. I find it extremely difficult to contact the office due to the way things are, but I deal with them only when I have to and if I don't have to I won't as my wife never wants anything to do with Anne Street Partners again.

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Hi aussierules002 I'm sorry to hear you haven't had a great experience to date. I'd certainly be interested in ensuring that your future dealings with us are positive. It should also be very easy to reach any of our offices through our national number 135 444 - I'll follow that up with our Brisbane team. Please don't hesitate in keeping me informed through info@annestreetpartners.com.au if you need to. Kind regards Brent - Anne Street Partners Marketing

Not Happy

Feel very let down, pushed into buying a interstate house which was'nt my first choice. Had to deal with the builders myself after being told I didn't have to do anything . The house took 18 months to build from signing the paperwork. Had two phone calls in Two years since the house was completed and yet I read these reviews and people are being contacted every 6 months. Oh and by the way the house is valued thousands of $$ less than the mortgage.

Hello Not Happy Please accept my apologies with your experience, it's certainly not something we aim for. We do take your situation and concerns seriously and our client relationship manager would like to address this situation with you as soon as possible. Please feel free to contact me directly at our Sydney Head Office - info@annestreetpartners.com.au so I can direct this appropriately. Kind regards, BrentTell you what Brett why don't you try contacting me on your phone, oh that's right your company don't do follow up phone calls.

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Are you partners with qnv constructions?
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Hi Millie, Thanks for your question – no we are not. QNV is one of many developers that ASP Realty has acted as a vendor’s agent for, although ASP has not done so for some time.

what does pending approval mean please ?
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Hi JPG - Pending approval means that Product Review is validating the review to ensure it is genuine. The value of a site such as productreview.com.au is all genuine reviews are published about an organisation (both positive and negative) and the organisation does not get involved in approving a review. If they are genuine they are all published. You can find more information in the FAQs https://support.productreview.com.au/hc/en-us/articles/203909316-Why-hasn-t-my-review-been-posted-

After i pay them off by your halp ,,is my name going to be clear again ?
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Hi Aram, Apologies - what is this in reference to? Kind regards Brent