We have been with Anne Street Partners for a few years now. We needed someone to assist us with the future moving towards retirement. their advisers have been very helpful and have set us up in good stead. however we were very disappointed when they sold off their SA part of their business (their clients) with out any communication before the sale was complete. and the new owner of our account had not made contact with us - we approached him when we received a letter in the mail.. not happy. A simple phone call would have been nice. they are always quick to call you to get your money.. probably not the review that you wanted but I know I am not the only client that feels this way.
But i must say that their SMSF audit section (which is separate from the rest) are very helpful and we are very happy with Dean and his team. They are always available for my questions on what I need to do.. makes you feel confident in doing something that can be confusing. Thank you Dean..

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Hi Robby, thank you for writing this review - we encourage feedback from every client, so we appreciate you bringing your experience to our attention. It was certainly a difficult decision for Anne Street Partners to move away from Adelaide and I sincerely apologise if the communication wasn't clear regarding the transition to the new Adelaide-based advice practice. However, I am pleased to hear that you are happy with the service you're receiving from Dean and the SMSF team. I'll pass on your comments to Dean - I know he'll be pleased to receive them. As always, if you require anything further from the SMSF team, please don't hesitate in contacting Dean. Kind regards, Brent - Anne Street Partners Marketing


After a very shaky start with different Mortgage advisers at Anne Street Partners, [name removed] came in and restored our faith with the company. After months of inaction, [name removed] offered prompt, sound advice which was action-ed promptly and efficiently. We wish [name removed] and [name removed] had been involved from the outset - both are a credit to the company - 5 Stars to both employees. I am somewhat reluctant to give Anne Street partners itself 5 stars due to the lengthy and muddled advice given prior to [name removed] and [name removed] - We also felt at times that previous advisers either weren't listening or disregarding our concerns. So Kudos to [name removed] and [name removed] once again, Very happy with the eventual outcome.

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Hi Richard, thank you for your review and the feedback. I'm sorry to hear that your original advisers didn't provide you with the service you expected and our relationship was somewhat muddled at the start. I know that the new look Brisbane team are 100% focussed on delivering great service, so I'm pleased to hear we've been able to restore your faith in us. It's great feedback like this that helps us improve and ensure we offer exceptional service, so I appreciate this. I know the team are keen to demonstrate their expertise, so please don't hesitate in contacting them if you require anything. I know they're eager to get 5 stars from you! Season's Greetings. Brent - Anne Street Partners Marketing

Informative, Contemporary, Trustworthy

My husband and I have been clients with Anne St Partners for over a decade. They have listened well to our needs, informed and enlightened us about the financial and investment world, and assisted us with all the paperwork and regulations that must be complied with. I feel there is always someone there to "hold my hand" through every process and explain things to me in everyday language. Anne St Partners have assisted us with our investment portfolio (property and shares), retirement planning, and setting up our own self-managed superfund. Dean Rosario is the Superannuation Guru at ASP. Always contactable, personable and professional. If you want to feel secure that your SMSF is growing optimally, and compliant with every government regulation, this is the company for you.
They've been in the business for a very long time, and are always up-to-date with their knowledge and advice in a world where national and global economics are changing so rapidly. I recommend Anne St Partners to any of my friends or colleagues who are looking for reputable financial advisers.

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Hi LindaB, thank you for this wonderful review of Dean and the team. I'm really pleased to hear they're looking after your financial needs. Dean's SMSF team are pros and I know they take a great amount of pride in ensuring each member's fund remains fully up-to-date and in line with legislation. I know they thoroughly enjoy working with each member - so don't ever worry about needing to ask more questions - it's what we're here for! As always, please let the team know if you require anything and thanks again for the review. Kind regards, Brent - Anne Street Partners Marketing.

We got there in the end

Lots of activity for us recently and we feel like we got there in the end.

Slow to react at first when we needed ASP to spring to action after our emotional purchase of a property.

Explanations of the financial products, repayments, rates, etc. were sketchy in comparison to our previous adviser ([name removed]) so this needs improvement.

Toward the end of the finance approval process, I needed to give it a nudge to get it over the line with a call to my business relationship manager to make sure it happened. I do feel we would have fallen short otherwise and would have had to gamble and proceed with the purchase without formal approval. This can be traced back to the slow start.

For the purchase of a property through SMSF, all went well enough. However, ASP legal team seemed to be disconnected from the rest of ASP. If we use ASP it is because they tout a holistic approach. The left-hand needs to talk to the right, etc. Requests for information from legal should not come to us if we have provided this previously to finance.

So in summary, a good company to use. More stress than we have had in the past with them but some of this was self inflicted!

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Hi Ben F, Thank you for the review - I appreciate you taking the time to share your experience. I'm going to pass your feedback to the State Manager for NSW as it appears we could streamline some areas as you've mentioned. I'm sorry the experience wasn't quite as straightforward as we would have liked it to be, we will take this on board and use it to make some improvements. Please don't hesitate in letting me know if you have any concerns - info@annestreetpartners.com.au and I'll ensure these are addressed for you. Kind regards Brent - Anne Street Partners Marketing.

Very thorough Financial Planner

We have known Alex, Financial Planner, when he was with St George Bank. Alex is a very experienced financial planner. He has always been available when needed and his advice has been helpful.
When he told us that he was going to move to another company, namely Annestreet partners, immediately we asked if we could follow him. We will not hesitate to recommend Alex Thong to anybody looking for a good financial planner.
No doubt Anne-Street-Partners has acquired a valuable Financial Planner.

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Hi Claude M, thank you for taking a moment to review Alex and the service he has provided you. I'm pleased you've been able to continue to use Alex as your financial adviser as he transitioned to Anne Street Partners. We're very pleased to have him on board! As always, please don't hesitate in contacting him if you require anything further, I know he'll be only too happy to help you. Kind regards, Brent - Anne Street Partners Marketing

A little concerned

My husband and I signed up with ASP about 2 years ago. We decided to go down the path of an investment through our super with a SMSF. Currently we are still waiting on the property to settle. We have been contacted by our property agents and people asking for money from us or our super account but 1 year on our money hasn't made anything. This concerns me as in a old super funds it would have been working for us. Rather than costing us.

Our advisor seeks to be out of the office a lot and is hard to contact. Communication seems not to be a high priority which is worrying me as this is our money they are dealing with.

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Hello A tad concerned I'm sorry this has been your experience. I'm going to investigate this personally for you, so can I get you to email me at info@annestreetpartners.com.au and I will look into these delays. Kind regards Brent - Anne Street Partners Marketing

Jury still out

My wife and I were contacted by WPS (Now ASP) approx. 2 years ago. After an interview with one of their reps in our house we decided to use their services. They helped us set up our SMSF, insurances and wills. Then last year we purchased an investment property through them. Our first adviser was very helpful.
Unfortunately since finalising all our loans, properties, insurance and smsf. The only time we hear from our current adviser is when I call his office, and most times he is away interstate. We were informed in writing at the start that we would have a meeting with our adviser every six months. (this has never happened)

I feel like after taking all of their so called good professional advise that they have now put us on the back burner because we have paid them thousands of dollars in set-up fees and they are also reaping in hundreds of dollars (in commissions) from each of the services that they told us to use.

So far not one of the investments that they advised us on have gained in value.

On a positive note the gentleman in their Brisbane office (Dean Rosario) has been a great help to us in managing our SMSF.
The senior SMSF manager in Brisbane
Lack of service shown to us after only two years

Hi Family Man. Thank you for taking the time to raise this area of concern - Anne Street Partners appreciates any feedback and we take it very seriously. I would like to have the opportunity to address your concerns personally. Please feel free to contact me - my details are btuckerman@annestreetpartners.com.au. Best Regards, Brent.Hello Brent, Thanks for your reply. I was called by one of your fellow workers yesterday afternoon. She is addressing my concerns. Kind Regards.Hi Family Man, I'm pleased to hear your concerns are being addressed. You're more than welcome to keep me informed of the progress. We always welcome feedback and always aim to work to a resolution for any concern. I look forward to hearing from you, BR, Brent.

Not what I was looking for

The company is very quick to return your calls, very eager to get your business and very thorough with their questions. They will endeavour to provide you with a very extensive, holistic financial plan, but be prepared to discuss and decide on every aspect of your life! Not worth the money and hassle for me, but probably good if you want the whole package and can afford it.

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Are you partners with qnv constructions?
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Hi Millie, Thanks for your question – no we are not. QNV is one of many developers that ASP Realty has acted as a vendor’s agent for, although ASP has not done so for some time.

what does pending approval mean please ?
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Hi JPG - Pending approval means that Product Review is validating the review to ensure it is genuine. The value of a site such as productreview.com.au is all genuine reviews are published about an organisation (both positive and negative) and the organisation does not get involved in approving a review. If they are genuine they are all published. You can find more information in the FAQs https://support.productreview.com.au/hc/en-us/articles/203909316-Why-hasn-t-my-review-been-posted-

After i pay them off by your halp ,,is my name going to be clear again ?
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Hi Aram, Apologies - what is this in reference to? Kind regards Brent