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There are much cheaper Visa debit cards on the market. Citibank, NAB are both free. Visa debit replaces EFTPOS to the horror of the RBA. Whilst that is of no concern to the cardholder, the RBA may regualte this in the future. Meanwhile, enjoy! No major downflalls with these, make sure that your bank doesnt charge you for it.
Use your own funds instead of credit
Expensive for merchants to accept compared to EFTPOS (Same concept), Runs on Visa network so can take a day or 2 to update your balance. Big money maker for the bank.


I used to have a St George Bank Debit card when they very first came out and changed over to the ANZ just this year as I was being charged a fortune in other ATM fees from St George (there is only one ATM in WA!!).

I have to say I was quite disappointed in the product I got from ANZ. It took DAYS to see your transactions which meant you never know exactly how much money have. After several over drawn fees (at $35 a pop) I stopped using the credit facility for anything other than online purchases. I also keep a log of every 'credit' purchase I make just to be sure! I didn't have this problem with St George, the transaction showed up sometimes within minutes of a purchase, which was awesome.

On a positive note, the ANZ Debit Card comes in Pink - how cool is that!! Now that I've sorted out the above problem, the concept of a Debit card is once again a great idea for those who don't trust themselves with real, grownup credit!
Looks like a credit card, smells like a credit card - but isn't!
How long it takes to update your balance after you make a purchase


I cancelled mine and went to Bankwest and have found them to be rather more user friendly.
Another good thing with Bankwest is that they have aq very helpful customer service line which also very quick.
Easy to use
Over limit fees are high and it is supposed to be a debit card with yer own cash.


Overall i would have to say that this card has been very helpful to me i use when purchases on ebay require Paypal i have all so found it great when i wanted to book tickets for a concert but as i don't have a credit card this enabled me to get the tickets and also book accommodation plus transfers and payments are instantly made how ever as mentioned below the transaction can take a while to be deducted from your account balance. I haven't had any problems with my card. Only down fall is it cost $6 a month even when not used
you can choose a colour
cost $6 a month even if you don't use it


i have not had a credit card before this and i like this card because i am not able to get my self in to debt by using credit. the debit card gives me all the convenience of a credit card with out having the risk of getting your self in to debt. another good thing is i get to chose the design and color of the card i have chosen the snazzy pink card. i dont think the $6 monthly fee is unreasonable because with any standard bank account you have to pay monthly fees anyway.
the convenience
nothing bad about it


i have 2 visa cards with ANZ and i love the pink one it was my first choice, its great to be able to pay for concert tickets over the phone or the net and the fact that there is not a large amount of credit on the card you are at less a risk to have some one hack into your account and take you for all you have the staff are very friendly i was previously with commonwealth bank and they were not very nice there, being on a pension it is very difficult to get a visa card so this just suited me down to the ground
low monthly fee, and i like the ability to choose the colour of the card
only con i can think of is the fact that the savings accounts let you have photos on your cards but the visa ones dont


The monthly fee is too high $6. I'd changed to use Westpac's Mastercard Debit as another solution to the Visa debit at ANZ as Westpac doesn't charge you any fees at all to use the card with Master feature on it
The card allows you to use it a a Visa credit card
The monthly fee is very high $6 and the statement is not professionally presented when details of transactions are sometimes omitted and you have to come back to the branch to verify those details to make sure you weren't charged for something didn't use


While ANZ's Visa Debit offering allows a great deal of flexibility for customers, the $6 monthly account fee is much higher than other financial institutions. ANZ customer service is inconsistent and their online banking service lacks the security and speed of offerings from other major financial institutions. If it's a Visa Debit card you want, consider looking elsewhere.
Unlimited free electronic and branch transactions within Australia (with some exceptions), choice of card colour
Exorbitant monthly account fee, inconsistent customer service, below-average internet banking service


This was the first 'debit card' offering by any of the big 4 banks, so I was quick to opened an account. I really liked the card when I used it, but unfortunately the fees are too high, and hence I don't use it anymore. Check out the offerings by Westpac or NAB. I have changed to Westpac since.
* Works very very well
* Can use your own money
* Unfortunately as the other have said the monthly cost is too high $6 per month, while Westpac has the same for $3 and NAB for $4. And they since have not reduced the fee to be comeptitive.


has the potential of being a very handy card to have, however the biggest draw back is the on going monthly fees which overall are too high. I linked this card to my other ANZ accounts and found that if I did not put money into the Visa Debit and did not regularly use it, that it was actually not worth having because of the fees. The catch is that this card needs to be used regularly.
has the function of a credit card without the incurring debt and choice of colours to suit your personality.
the monthly fee is too high.


great to have the ability to use the internet for purchases but as other reviews have said there are probably better cards out there that dont charge as much.
credit card while not being a credit card
$6 monthly fee, cant purchase off many sites with cvv number required,

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