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ANZ Car Insurance

ANZ Car Insurance

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Car Insurance renewal went up $160.19 more

Third year with ANZ car insurance. Lady Pensioner: Haven't had a claim ever. Surprised that my insurance increased an extra $160.19 for the coming year. Value went down excess went up. Hardly use the car. less that 5000 ks a year. Always garaged no one else drives the car. Don't know what their service is like as I have never had to use it. You would think they would value a customer like me. So what is a girl to do go to another insurer that values their customers. Oh and I will search the reviews

Insurance claim madeNo


I had an accident 21st October. They took 2 weeks to decide to write the car off (2nd November they called to advise) and I did not receive a letter of 13th November.offer (market value). When the assessor called he reported the value of my mag wheels to be the same as the original cars so no additional value was factored. I have them listed as an additional $1900 value and have paid an additional premium to do so. Obviously I rejected their offer (made over 3 weeks after my accident and was advised to expect a while for them to do paperwork and organised should I accept before i would receive payment). I was then told I had to wait another 15 working days for them to review the "complaint". Absolutely disgusting having to wait this long - was way too long before value even provided!! Other insurance companies significantly quicker. Now looking to lodge a complaint with the ombudsman. I would NEVER recommend!!!

Insurance claim madeYes

Car insurance

I had an accident with someone 3 weeks ago. That person has anz insurance. He gave me claim number. Every thing done from my side. I spoke to guy from customer care. He told me that anz company was waiting untill another car will be assessed. If another person is not assessed his car untill next two month then i have to wait for 2 month. I have to take taxi or borrow car from my friend and they are not ready to pay taxi rent.

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