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  • Value for Money
    3.0 (4)
  • Cleaning & Maintenance
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  • Odour Absoprtion
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The best cat litter we have tried


We were using Green Cat corn based litter, but the smell was a bit... farmy and it tracked all over our little apartment. Plus we weren't sure how safe corn based litters are. Applaws is absolutely fantastic. The smell is great, and the odour control qualities are incredible, we hardly get a whiff of anything nasty, except when we are scooping the box. I paid $24.95 for a big 6kg bag - incredible value for the quality of the product. Highly recommend.

Makes sharing a tiny flat with a litter tray bearable

Canny Customer

Canny CustomerSYDNEY

  • 3 reviews

Lots of positives!




By far the best litter I have ever used! All natural, but it clumps perfectly, no smells and doesnt stick to my cats feet. Lasts a really long time if you use a siv to remove poop and clumps each night. Only problem is coles no longer stock it :(



  • 3 reviews

Best by far


Contains odours very well, clumps nicely so clumps are easy to remove with slotted shovel to toilet for flushing (suits our septic system, most litters do not decompose well) and extremely economical to use. Much cheaper than alternatives because you just discard the urine clumps and poo lumps - they get dry-coated - and top up the tray. It is a bit dusty and our scratching cat spills it out but we keep trays on a tile floor in the toilet so easy to brush clean.

Best litter for the cat and my garden


Definitely the best I have tried. The dark colour makes it perfect for my garden so it blends in. Odour control is excellent and is Ok to flush a bit away with the poos. Only down side is my cat is a big scratcher so have to keep a dust pan and brush next to it to keep it tidy.

Adele P.

Adele P.Sydney

  • 4 reviews

Great clumper, contains odours well but is quite dusty


My cat needs a lot of encouragement to use his box and is easily put off by strong smelling litters. I was surprised at how well this product clumps and contains the smell of cat urine. My cat seems to be very happy with it as well. The only downside is that it is quite dusty.

Great odour control but far too dusty


Best Cat Litter Yet!


Clumps well ( need it deep enough), if it doesn't clump (ie if puss doesn't) cover it up), it is still contained. Can flush, no odour (slight earthy odour of litter, but no cat pee odour), lasts for a month with top-ups (and I used to change litter weekly). yes, a little bit of tracking but only in immediate vicinity. Did I mention no smell! Love this product and hate if they run out!!

Miranda Ween

Miranda Weenhope valley, sa, 5090

  • 6 reviews

Best clumping litter!


This litter clumps like no other I've seen and it gets obviously darker. And it's rescuing what would otherwise be a waste product. This goes straight in my council green waste bin. My cat seems pretty happy with it too



  • 4 reviews

We have changed over to this product completely now!



ZaklinaACT, 2912

  • 23 reviews

Not for light coloured cats




  • 7 reviews

Best Cat Litter so far


This is really the best cat litter I've used so far.

I love how it is natural so it's safe for my cat to use. It also clumps very well, but it takes a while to absorb all the urine and then it will form into a very solid hard clump. Also it has a fresh natural scent that masks odours very well.

Although it is a bit pricey than other litter, but one bag lasts a very long time.

The only thing bad about it is that it tracks a bit, so make sure you have a litter mat.
Clumps very well, good odour control, long lasting, natural
a bit expensive, little bit of tracking

Maisy Violet

Maisy VioletAdelaide

  • 2 reviews

Good product with great odour control but leaves stains



  • 5 reviews
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Fantastic product!


This cat litter is fantastic. Because it clumps it's easy to clean, it absorbs odours well (I've got two indoor cats so this is really important for us), and while it is not cheap, it lasts a long time, making it more cost effective than other brands we've tried. I'm really happy that we found an environmentally friendly product that actually works. We were using the brand name paper pellets before, and they were next to impossible to spot clean, and despite all the claims they made, got stinky really fast.
Easy to clean, absorbs smells really well.



  • 4 reviews



Best ever! Great absorbency. Minimal smell, traps smells. Easy to clean. Cats like it. Environmentally friendly! My cats stink and this has fixed it!! Price is reasonable as it lasts longer than the clay one. I can't recommend it enough. Friends & family use it now too! Coles stock it.
Odour trapping & absorbency!

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Questions & Answers

Mary Hasmeinabox

Mary Hasmeinaboxasked

Is it really that dusty?

3 answers
Canny Customer
Canny Customer

Hi Mary - in my review I mentioned "I don't notice any tendency towards dustiness" because one of the other reviewers felt that the bag of litter she tried was rather dusty. You do get a little bit of tracking of the litter around the vicinity of the tray due to little pieces sticking to the cat's paws, but I think that would apply to any type of litter you used. Some of the granules are small, so the other reviewer may have viewed the tracking of those small particles as dustiness. Hope that helps with your query.


I find that there's a fine brown dust that builds up on every surface in my bathroom (it's not tracking - it's dust). I'm experiencing this less now that I'm careful not to shake it up too much when I scoop it, and also I feel like since I wrote my review I've noticed the product become less dusty. Perhaps I had an unusually dusty batch early on? Anyway - it's a very good cat litter IMO and that's the only downside. It doesn't track much, it contains odours, it's easy to use - I recommend trying it.


Hi Mary,
I'd recommend sticking to the larger sized bag. I find the dust is really only a problem with the smaller sized bag. It's possible to diminish the amount of dust by standing outside in a breeze and giving the tray a good shake (but don't stand down wind!).
I think the dust varies enormously between the big bags and the small bags. See what you think.

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