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455 reviews

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455 reviews
Marry_BerrySydney, NSW2 posts
  Airpods 2nd Gen with Charging Case

fantastic pair of earphones

these are so comfortable to wear I sometimes forget I am wearing them. The battery lasts all day and they stay in my ear very snuggly even when I am running at the gym. the blue tooth works pretty well too so even if you need to go away from your phone the connection still works well.
AmberGreater Melbourne (Inner), VIC3 posts
  1st Gen

Good product with small problems

Nice product design, luckily didn't lose one of them as my friends did, connection sometimes be poor that's when you miss a normal cable headphone. usually, last half-day more if you constantly listen to the music.
Bx L.
Bx L.
  1st Gen

Do not recommend

Just after using for 3 months, right side of airpods no longer works. Apple orchard service staff troubleshooted for TWO HOURS, changed the earphones and casing but still unsuccessful. Even the replacement set does not pair with the staff’s ipad. In the end, I have to make do with refund of gift card (Money refund not allowed)
Nicole Lim
Nicole LimSydney, NSW8 posts
  Verified Airpods 2nd Gen with Wireless Charging Case

Can't go back to the wired kind anymore!

This is just amazing and I'll say it's a good investment too. No more tangled wires and trying to sort them out neatly. Synchronising it to iphone and Macbook was so easy! My only regret is not getting it directly from Apple as it comes with free engraving! (Got it at JB Hi-Fi).. also, there are times I accidentally dropped them on the ground when I had to adjust it in my ears, so just make sure you take care of these gems when you are out!
John B.
John B.Greater Melbourne (Inner), VIC4 posts
  Airpods 2nd Gen with Charging Case

Best companion for your Iphone!

Was really skeptical about this product but when I tried it, the connectivity is unbreakable and the ease of connection is just so convenient. When I pop the case open it’s already connected!!
safal r.
safal r.Sydney, NSW12 posts
  Verified Airpods 2nd Gen with Wireless Charging Case

Value for money

I got these for $320 and i instantly thought what on earth i was thinking. However, i soon realised that what i paid for was worth it. It has nice amount of bass and the sound it smooth and the fit is pretty good, especially without a rubber tip. The only thing i was disappointed with was the amount of times the music cut.
Amy2 posts
  Verified Airpods 2nd Gen with Charging Case

How did I live without them!

These airpods are truly amazing. they allow me to go about my mundane day to day activities without being restricted through cords. I use them to listen to music, podcasts, movies etc. You can even communicate to Siri and answer phone calls. Apple could not have made these earphones any easier to use!
DaniGreater Melbourne (Metropolitan), VIC121 posts
  Airpods 2nd Gen with Wireless Charging Case

How did I exist without these?

Love,love,love! I was lucky enough to get these for my birthday and I use them everyday. So much better than cords. I have an iMac so I can be watching a movie while at my desk but still get up and move around or listen to music while doing housework,the range is great - I can move around the house without them cutting out. I love the wireless charging and the way the click into the magnetic case. I even put a gold cover on them so they match my phone and iPad. They stay charged for days too,so no worries about battery life.The sound is great,just like any apple headphones and I love the way when you take one out of your ear,it pauses whatever you are watching. They are quite pricey but worth it.
James K.
James K.Perth, WA8 posts
  Verified 1st Gen

its ok

when you lose them the find my iphone app is bad the AirPods have to be connected to your iPhone to find them which is stupid they sound great but once you lose there gone
Ange L
Ange LLaunceston, TAS
  Airpods 2nd Gen with Charging Case
Jo Jo T
Jo Jo TSydney, NSW29 posts
  1st Gen

Great earbuds

Love these earbuds, pair so easily with all my apple products and are so compact. Sound is very clear although doesnt turn up very loud. Yeah I know thats not good for ear health but I love loud music. Would like the option to be able to turn them up louder if I wanted.
William Z
William ZGreater Melbourne (Inner), VIC11 posts
  Verified Airpods 2nd Gen with Charging Case

Exceeded expecations

Previously had bose headphones. Was surprised with how easy to use these headpghones were. From they way they paused and started when removing or putting in ear to the ease of charging. Battery life decent and charges pretty fast. Use pretty much everyday now and when I have a phone call.
swamprat9695 posts
  1st Gen
D.AblettGreater Melbourne (Inner), VIC50 posts
  Airpods 2nd Gen with Charging Case
Lily M.
Lily M.2 posts
  Airpods 2nd Gen with Charging Case

Great quality

Great quality sound and long range.I always leave my phone and move around the apartment, while the signal and quality remains at its best.The airpod is very loud and really light to hold.
Missing my Airpods
Missing my Airpods
  1st Gen

To easy to steal

I love my air pods except yesterday mine was stolen from my high school classroom. Theres is no way to fnd them now cus it is to easy to sync them to someone elses phone. Need to make them to where it is impossible to do that. Im really upset cus I worked to save my own money for them jus to have them stolen. Everything about them was amazing
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RodrigoSydney, NSW10 posts
  Verified 1st Gen

Good worth for value

They are iconic and look good in your head, but the sound could improve. The good is that is easy to connect with every other piece of Apple Equipment. Good enough for running.
Jesika I.
Jesika I.Sydney, NSW
  1st Gen

Still, it is one of the best earphones

I was lucky enough to purchase the first generation a year ago. I like that I can tap on the ears to change songs etc. Also, sync well with Apple Watch and I can switch songs with watches.
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MsTiffGreater Melbourne (Inner), VIC6 posts
  Verified Airpods 2nd Gen with Charging Case

Surprisingly good!

I listen to Spotify with my Airpods and they're so smart and easy to use. I can still hear my surroundings which I don't mind as I know when people are talking to me. They don't fit perfectly as my right Airpod always slips out of my ear, but it fits great in my left ear. Pretty good wireless range, they only get disconnected when I leave the room.
El T
El TPerth, WA13 posts
  Verified Airpods 2nd Gen with Charging Case

Got a great deal, very happy

I was lucky enough to purchase these for a great price through an eBay sale. The lack of wires is great - I don't have to spend time each morning untangling them - and the sound quality is good for the size. I like that I can tap on the ears to change songs etc. Also sync well with Apple Watch.
Carly G
Carly GVictoria11 posts
  Airpods 2nd Gen with Charging Case

Worth every cent!!

Ive had my AirPods for almost a year and I love them! I spend a lot of time on the phone and they last about 2 hours for talk time and only take 15min to recharge to
Full! Music quality is great and functionality is great, so easy to use!!
Zack B.
Zack B.Greater Melbourne (Inner), VIC4 posts
  Airpods 2nd Gen with Charging Case

Best headphones

I have always wondered why people were so obsessed with airpods until I finally bought a pair of my own and realised how good they really were. Quality is great and I can hear my music loud without any wires getting in my way. They are easy to connect and good to wear. The only thing is that there quite easy to lose.
Tej10 posts
  Verified Airpods 2nd Gen with Charging Case

Very nice headphone

I purchased apple airpord gen 2 nearly 2 months ago. I really like these because of very good quality, easy to carry and connect to phone immediately. Fully satisfied and highly recommend.
Tobi M.
Tobi M.
  1st Gen

Only last a year then go quite

Ive had them for just under 12 months, theyre great used them every day, but have now gone quiter than usual bit disappointed seem how much I spend on them was expecting them to last longer than 10 months!
RickyGreater Melbourne (Inner), VIC5 posts
  1st Gen

It picks up any background noise whilst on a call

After a few months since I started using the Apple Airpods 1st Gen, I can clearly say that they are overpriced.

Although being suitable for physical activities such as running, cycling, working out at the gym, etc., whilst on a call the AirPods pick up every single background noise going on and make the conversation hard and a times embarrassing (work calls for example).

If I read the reviews earlier, I would have definitely kept my wired ones or opted for a noise cancelling headset.

Ed Xu
Ed Xu6 posts
  Verified Airpods 2nd Gen with Charging Case

Simply perfect

Kinda late into buying the AirPods and never thought that AirPods will be really good. The ease of connecting to the iPhone is just simply awesome and the sound quality is unexpectedly great as well. I bought the non-wireless charging version as I don’t have any wireless charger pads at home. But the battery life is great and it never disappoints me until now. Although the price point is a bit ridiculous for earphones but it’s worth it.
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PeterSouth East Queensland, QLD186 posts
  Verified Airpods 2nd Gen with Wireless Charging Case
The Darkening G.
The Darkening G.2 posts
  Airpods 2nd Gen with Wireless Charging Case

I really enjoy these

These are useful, as they can work with all apps. The only downsides are sometime what you're listening to will cut out, or sometime turn to max volume. The features to pause videos and turn off the base are fun to use though, and the airpods stick in tight!
Chung Hoang M.
Chung Hoang M.Sydney, NSW3 posts
  1st Gen

Great portable, Hands free Ear pod

Honestly i love everything of the Apple Airpod except for the material they use to make it, which is really easy to attract dirt and soon eventually getting dark when you open it up, another problem is connection, sometimes u need to try a few time before u can use it.
Anderson J
Anderson JSydney, NSW3 posts
  Airpods 2nd Gen with Charging Case

Handy AirPod

The 2nd generation AirPods comes with longer battery and more efficient prong with iPhone. The sound quality is good as usual which you don’t expect premium sound quality from AirPod I believe. Highly recommend it!
Daisi Malone
Daisi MaloneSydney, NSW2 posts
  Airpods 2nd Gen with Charging Case
DeeSydney11 posts
  Verified Airpods 2nd Gen with Charging Case
asmanVictoria13 posts
  Verified AirPods

Great Wireless In Ear Pods

After resisting for some time because of the $200 plus price and reviews of poor sound quality, I finally succumbed and bought the Air Pods and accompanying charging case from the Apple Store.

I have been using these for about a month now and they are impressive and surprisingly addictive to use. I cannot imagine using wired headphones again.

Great sound, excellent battery life and only a couple of syncing problems with my IPhone thus far.

The charging case is a must have in my opinion just because of the sheer convenience.

I have not lost any of the Pods which was a major concern for me. Even if I did you can track where they are through the Find My Phone app.

Highly recommended.

Jamyson G.
Jamyson G.6 posts
  Airpods 2nd Gen with Wireless Charging Case

They're Good, Pretty Good

The airpod gen2 are worth the $200. They are equipped with above substantial audio and are compatible with QI wireless charging pads. However, they are not compatible with my surface book 2 and so I was dissapointed.
TrueBlueGreater Melbourne (Inner), VIC20 posts
  1st Gen

First generation usually have issues

I use the headphones for talking on the phone and listening to music.
The sound quality is ok, depends on how loud you like your music. Listening to anything on a higher sound will drain your phone battery quickly.
I’ve had to have the AirPods swapped out 3 times due to various faults. The Apple call centre operators are world wide, when you encounter an issue, it just seems to shift around the world. My issue was shifted around and around the world for over a year before getting sorted. My personal experience with Apple products as the years have gone on is that they have sacrificed quality but keep putting the prices up to make profit.
RanjanCentral Highlands and Goldfields, VIC12 posts
  Verified Airpods 2nd Gen with Charging Case

Perfect for listening music and taking phone calls

Perfect for listening music and taking phone calls. Battery capacity is very good and charge case will help in recharging the Airpods.
Tried with a Microsoft laptop and the device is not recognizing it. I did read that it will not work with non-apple devices before buying. But it would have been good if it worked with them. Also, Not good for holding in your ears for long time as it might hurt a little bit inside.
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MJ KAdelaide50 posts
  Airpods 2nd Gen with Charging Case

Good sound quality but battery life is short

I have never used Airpod before. So I don’t know about Airpod Gen 1.
I purchased Gen 2 from Telstra. It’s very easy to set up with my iPhone. Charging with case is very easy. Everyone can use this very easily.
As I’m not music specialist, I don’t know how sound is good. But, Airpod provides good quality of sounds.
But, there is also problems:
1. Battery life
- According to Apple, we can use it for 5 hours. But, it is actually much shorter.
2. Price
- Like most Apple products, the price is high.

If you have iPhone and need wireless earphone, I recommend this.

SallyNorth Queensland, QLD2 posts
  Airpods 2nd Gen with Charging Case
Pez4 posts
  1st Gen

Quite happy with these AirPods!

I listen to all types of music with the AirPods, from high bass to soft acoustics these have been quite the pleasure so far.

I jog and train with them, exercise and move at fast speeds and have never fallen out on me, very satisfied.

Sound and volume personally could be louder and clearer, but still very efficient.

I do enjoy the great wireless range they provide also.

Dev Gill
Dev GillGreater Melbourne (Outer), VIC11 posts
  1st Gen

The best headphones i have ever had!!

Great quality sound. Very long talk time and fast charging thru the charging pod. Great for using during sleeping /Running/ working.

I have used some bulky wireless headphones in the past but i prefer Apple air pods .
Very easy to change tracks/ Control volume thru SIRi or to pause by just taking one air pod out of your ear.

I cat wait to get the gen 2 now.

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