Great little product, multiple usage.

Originally bought this to connect non-WIFI devices to WIFI network - ie. CCTV recorder, very easy to setup and no problem doing the job I intended it to do. The only drawback is the 100baseT wired ports, a bit slow, but not an issue for me.

Purchased in September 2013.

Build Quality
Value for Money
Number of Connected Devices 2 devices
Ease of Setup
Wi-Fi Range

Great for streaming music from phone (and it’s a router too)

I bought this as a way to stream music from my iPhone as I was tired of my Chromecast not working properly (due to an issue with the Google Play app pausing). The Airport Express works really well, and allows me to stream any music from my iPhone straight to my speakers (reardless of the app I’m using - eg. works with Google Play, YouTube, Apple Music, Spotify etc.).

I have it set up as a wifi extender as well, which has helped me get a better connection to some rooms, and it is very easy to set up. If you have an Apple phone or computer it’s amazingly simple to set up, though I’m not sure what it’d be like to set up with non-Apple devices. Hopefully someone else’s review covers that.

Date PurchasedDec 2017

Doesn't worth the money

When you spend more than a hundred dollars on a wifi router while most the time you get them for free from service providers, you'd expect the router to be decent quality. Apple does make decent products but this one is probs the worst ever. It's got a USB port how very innovative, did you maybe forget to add a few Ethernet ports??

Date PurchasedJan 2009

A great looking router

I have used this device for around 5 years and it had been excellent, I guess it just does what you would expect from a router. It works well! It also looks great unlike most of it comptetitors, there are no weird looking antennas sticking from it and it doesn't look like a huge box. I like it's slick look and the fact that's it's very small and is not an eye sore. There is an little light that shows is the connection is good. It was relatively easy to sep up on my Mac Book and I haven't had any problems with the router itself. I would highly recommend this device.

Date PurchasedMay 2012

Great as a bridging router.

i had one of the original Airport Expresses which plugged straight into the wall years ago and loved the form factor so was a bit apprehensive about buying the new 'hockey puck" style router.

Needed a bridge to boost our signal into a studio at the back of the garden and have to say this router does a great job. It sits just on top of the fridge in the kitchen out of sight and has never needed any troubleshooting or maintenance since setting it up. We turn it on/off at the plug when needed and it just boots up, finds the signal & away we go.

Date PurchasedMar 2017

simply perfect and NBN compatable

I upgraded to this router to replace a rubbish Netgear router that had caused huge dramas. The AirPort Express is a dream. I plugged in the ethernet cable from my NBN box, entered my UserName and Password for my provider and was up and running in less that 5 minutes.

The airport app makes life super simple. Making changes to your settings is super straight forward.

Setting up WAP devices is a simple matter of opening the app, clicking a button and away you go.

the size of the device makes it easy to hide away out of view, or it can be left out. Unlike other brands it is a simple white box and doesnt look out of place on a shelf

the built in 3.5mm audio/optical port makes hooking this up to your stereo system or a pair of wireless speakers a breeze and lets you share your music from itunes to other rooms etc without expensive music systems
Its a shame apple is discontinuing this product. Definately worth getting one before they go

Cheap but not stable

Bought it in Dec 2013 thinking it was a good deal for a dual-radio (5Ghz and 2.4Ghz) access point/router. But I was wrong to have purchased it. Wireless connection is not stable - and drops out every now and then. Most annoying when the Internet movie streams and it suddenly stops playing due to the wireless drop out.
Cheap dual radio wifi access point/router
Bad and unstable wireless


I bought this Express in February 2013, along with a new Extreme base station and iMac. This set up replaced previous generation versions that always had intermittent problems with cut-out while streaming music (the only reason I needed the Express & Extreme). I was told the new model Express was much less likely to suffer from interference that would cause drop-out of music. Sadly, and frustratingly, this has not been the case. It is better than the old model but it is not perfect. If you want to listen to music when you desire, rather than when your Apple Express lets you, connect via an old fashioned wire if you can. Don't believe what the salespeople tell you about this products improved reliability. It is great in theory but the realility disappoints.
Great when it lets you listen to music
Frustrating when it doesn't let you listen to music

New apple express

Great device. Easy to setup. Allows you to create a wireless network in your home. Share a printer and play music wireless. The new unit is whit and looks like the apple tv. There is an extra port so you cn plug a device in by Ethernet if you have a computer close or an apple tv.
Looks like the apple tv
Could have an extra Ethernet port

Poor compatibilty

The Airport Express is a big disappointment which really strays from the playful and user friendliness of most Apple Products.

The Airport Utility Software / App is probably the flakiest piece of software Apple have ever released in my experience. I am using a Mac Pro with OS X Lion and the Airport Utility Application persistently fails to to see the Airport Express only two meters away. Sometimes it does see the Airport Express, but informs you that it is not configured asking you to click a button requesting you 'forget' this Airport Express all together. This forces you to reset the unit and create a new network.
What Apple also avoids telling the customer, is that the Airport Express only works properly if you have the Airport Extreme Router, which is a further $199.00
Yes, it wil allow you to send Audio over WIFI using a third party WIFI Router, but it takes some messing around to make this happen. Very frustrating when one considers that Apple TV does this with ease and does not care what WIFI Router you are using.

Most annoying of all is that you cannot use the Airport Express for one of it's most significant functions, if you don't buy the Airport Extreme as well. That is to extend a WIFI Network.

My purpose for purchasing the Airport Express, was to extend my WIFI Network to cover the entire home.
As I use several iPhones, an iPad, Apple TV and a Laptop, I wanted to improve the signal in some black-spots around the home. Sadly though, the Airport Express does not allow this this feature without the Airport Extreme. If you try to set this feature the unit completely flips out and losses all of it's previous settings, bringing us back to that nasty Airport Utility Application which then refuses to see the Express, even when connected via Network Cable.

The Airport Express is annoyingly and unnecessarily incompatible!
Extends iTunes Audio over WIFI
Incompatible with 3rd Party Routers and poor Software

Very versatile and useful device!

The airport express can be used for a variety of tasks. Essentially you plug it into the wall and it connects wirelessly to your WiFi network - then it can be used to:

1. Extend the range of your network (if you use a compatible router like the Apple Airport Base Station),
2. Connect a printer via USB and print wirelessly from any computer or connected device on the network,
3. Connect a set of speakers so you can stream your music or other content wirelessly from your computer or iPhone.

I mainly use mine for option 3. I can browse my iTunes library on my iMac from my iPhone 4, then play the music through the speakers in my kitchen - including hundreds of internet radio stations. I can also stream music directly from my iPhone without connecting it to the speaker dock.

The best new feature using Apple's AirPlay function is to watch the news in the morning. I use the ABC iPhone application to watch ABC News 24 in the morning, and I prop the iPhone in front of me on a little stand (in landscape mode) while making the kids breakfast and school lunches. The audio is piped wirelessly through the speakers in the kitchen, as they are connected to my Airport Express. Perfect!

I love this little device and it is worth every penny!
Reliable, durable, versatile, functional, works flawlessly, easy to set up
A bit pricey - but overall great value.


I purchased this device to use as a wireless bridge to connect my airport extreme base station to my xbox (classic) via 802.11N. The setup of the device was very simple but the configuration to bridge the networks was confusing and poorly documented. There appears to be 3 different ways to do this. You can use the extend wireless network option, you can enable WDS or you can simply select allow wired clients on the express unit. I chose the third option as it seems that is the only one that allows backwards compatibility with 802.11g networks and airtunes to function. Do a search on proxysta if you want to know how to do this.
Small and compactEasy to set upProxySTA mode to make it a wireless bridgeAirtunes
Poor documentation (proxysta isn't documented)Some firmware updates break connectivity


I have two of these. They are simple to set up and the Mac will pick it up instantly providing wireless internet to your house. At home I have coverage for the entire domestic block and at work I get coverage between buildings of nearly 75 metres of open space and 25 metres through various walls. I even pick up my neighbour's airport extreme from two doors down.
Top little device.
Easy to set up and works better than the range they quote
There are reports that they fail after a couple of years though I haven't experienced this (2 years of constant use without any loss)


Small item, big function. This phrase best describes this almighty gadget. It's small enough to fit your palm, yet its enuormous task is still being served well. In this case, size doesn't matter afterall. This definitely adds mobility to a busy person so inclined with music and the internet. Streaming iTunes music to any room, or surf the net for free, all done with just plugging this thing in. Isn't that amazing, or what?
Wireless connectivity. Powerful gizmo.

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