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Apple iMac Retina 5K 27 inch

Apple iMac Retina 5K 27 inch

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Slowest iMac ever

If you are thinking of getting this for work, with loads of software to run, better stay away. It is NOT built for work, definitely not for design work. Worst compatibility with Adobe software. This machine can't run Photoshop at all. Sadly I have to use for my graphic work which heavily involved with Photoshop and absolutely nightmare using this iMac. And its finder is do glitchy. So regretted we got this piece of junk.


I was confusing for one month what to get A WINDOWS 10 OR IMAC after all advice from friends I decided to go to apple highpoint and purchase my baby computer 5K 27 INCH ,I was nervous at first with my choice but finally IM so happy now with view with programs with speed with every thing in it , I HAD MacBook Pro 2011 still working till these moment and disk top windows 10 fife years old unfortunately just stop working any more

Studio Crown Jewel

My 27 inch iMac Retina 5K has changed my workflow for the better in my professional recording studio.
Prior to owning it I was driving a HP PC, but it just wasn't coping with my growing Voice Over business.
The amount of data I needed to save and send both print and audio/visual had surpassed the used by date of my computer and my wife and business partner convinced me it was time to upgrade and convert to Mac and cut the PC umbilical cord.
It wasn't an easy process learning the ways of Mac initially, however it proved there is life after PC and I would never look back.
Everyday i'm learning something new that makes my work load easier to cope with.
The Retina 5K image is crystal clear and it makes watching so much more enjoyable when previewing vision sent by clients that needs audio matching.
The processing speeds of this computer and it's reliability are definitely worth the investment, couple that with the NBN in Australia and my clients are now getting their projects delivered much faster and in higher quality audio files.
A couple of years after buying this iMac and it still runs mostly like a dream, with the occasional glitch just to remind me it's a computer, but it saves everything automatically and reboots anything you were working on, so the chances of losing data are low.
The huge screen is a pleasure to edit audio on, because I can now see every little mouth click or unwanted noise and edit them out before handing over the finished job to my clients.
Plus once you know a few of the tricks that Mac are capable of it makes your work flow so much smoother and efficient...including synching with my iPhone 7 Plus.
Well done Apple!

my second brain

I cannot rate my iMac highly enough, everything about it is seamless, it can almost read my mind. Im a graphic designer and i expect a lot from my computer, it needs to keep up with me always. I have other apple products for working with clients onsite (MacBook pro, iPad pro) but my iMac is my workhorse and does all the heavy lifting, never misses a beat and can keep up with my high level needs.
I generally run Illustrator, photoshop, Indesign and lightroom all at once frequently swapping between the 4 while working on one project and it keeps up beautifully, no lagging, no pauses at all.

Don’t buy. Screen flicker in 3.5 years. $914 to repair

Besides a hard disk failure after 3.1 years, now the screen has an intermittent flicker in 3.5 years. I feel so disappointed. Apple asked me to pay $900+ for a repair. And there is no buy up program. Very disappointing.

Fantastic Upgrade.. Extremely Happy with my purchase

I have been a Apple / Mac man since 2009, still have my 20" 2009 iMac and it still runs fine, however I needed to upgrade to a later model as I require more later software and the 2009 iMac was battling a little or some app would not run. that is expected because of the age, and it was the very base model back then.
I have now purchased the base model 27" iMac, and just love it, Boot time is so fast, and because it has the Apple Fusion 1TB Drive, it loads everything so fast, all my apps are nearly instant and processing as very very quick. It came with 8gig of Ram, the Apple Wireless Mouse and Keyboard which was standard and great to use.

I am very surprised on the Magic Mouse, it's brilliant. The OS High Sierra, runs just fine... I must say once you go to a Mac you can never go back to the old clunky Windows... I use Windows Computers at work, and even Windows 10 is still rubbish compared to the Apple OS.

As a family we all love the Mac, and having also apple iPads and iPhone, the iMac syncs with them all... update something on your iPhone and it's updated on you other devices including the iMac.. simply brilliant.

Love it.

The display alone is worth the premium.

In a perfect world I would have stretched for the SSD model. Instead I got the 5K, 1TB Fusion Drive and Radeon Pro 575. While I expected a bit of frustration from lack of speed from the FusionDrive, it has actually been plenty quick enough. I have no doubt the SSD would be faster, but for my purposes the Fusion Drive is fine. Folders seem to have indexed quickly and every search happens almost instantaneously. The 5K display is spectacular. It is the best display I've seen this side of pro-level. Everything is so crisp and the colour gamut is more than good enough for my basic art, design and photography work. Fonts are rendered beautifully and there is so much space! Any concerns I had about the GPU not being strong enough to push all those pixels have since evaporated. MacOS is the expected evolution of the OS I know and love, so no surprises there. Spotlight has improved and seems snappier since my last Mac. For all the hype behind Siri, I find it pretty useless. (She won't close apps!). I've been using this Mac heavily for work and hobbies for three months now and have not experienced a single spinning wheel of death. Boot times are quick and it's absolutely silent. The rechargeable keyboard and mouse are a good addition, but I still prefer a larger keyboard with a number pad (Logitech K750). One thing I find lacking in MacOS is the ability to snap windows to half or full screen, but have found the third party app called 'Cinch' which does the job. Should be part of the OS, though. My only major complaint is the ridiculous prices Apple charge for upgrades - an extra $320 for another 8GB of RAM?! $1120 to go from 1TB Fusion to 1TB SSD?! I know these parts aren't always cheap but this feels like price gouging. Call it the "Apple Tax". 8GB aftermarket is about $150. Plug it in yourself easily.

Best Purchase money can buy.

I saw that this computer was on special and decided to buy it. It had a wonderful 27 inch screen for me to see, font on it was nice and big. As a person that usually uses glasses for typing, I was happy that the icons and all the font sizes were big enough for me to see! The screen is bright and clear. The colours are wonderful and it was so easy to set up! I am very happy with this purchase. The set up was easy and painless. The keyboard is not noisy and the bluetooth mouse is cute. Thank you apple.

Better than a desktop

Purchased from JB hifi recently as they had their 10% off sale on. I've used desktops before (Dell mostly) however the ease of functionality of the Mac is far superior. A class act.

Great workhorse

Love this computer. First thing I did was replace the apple keyboard with a solar logitech, more my size!
2nd thing i did was buy a external SSD samsung drive and popped it into the USB3 port, sped the computer up
by 2-3x, excellent and highly recommend.

These things just go, no issues, no viruses, any issue can be overcome via google searching and it's usually operator error if I do have any issues!

Screen is brilliant, a must for photo editing, more than highly recommend!

I love my iMac with 5K retina display!!!

I bought a 1 Terabyte SSD iMac, i17 late 2015 model. The screen is a big 27 inches and the resolution is brilliant. It's the best computer screen I've seen so far. I got the fusion drive option i.e. the solid state hard drive, so there are no moving parts nor any whirring sound - this thing is totally silent. I keep the machine updated with the latest operating system and the latest software. It's very fast and does almost everything I want it to. It comes with a Bluetooth keyboard and mouse, which is good for minimising cables.

THREE disappointments:
1) No remote. With my last iMac (2011 model) I was able to use the cute little Apple remote. Apple has got rid of that facility, which is a real disappointment, since I loved being able to sit back and operate the TV and the DVD I put with it.
2) No built in DVD reader/writer so I had to buy one and add it to the system. I don't like that option.
3) The Bluetooth mouse is useless. I'm glad I've still got the USB mouse from my last iMac, because the new mouse is unusable. Nearly 100% of the time it does not move the cursor on the screen.

All in all, I preferred the functions on my old 2011 model, except for the big and beautiful screen on this one and the SSD. It's still an excellent and awesome computer though! I wouldn't want any other brand.

Good Product. Poorly Priced

My iMac died. No foul there, I had it for 7 years. So I went off to find a replacement... which I found was going to cost me about $3000. I'm now forced to have a retina display for 27 inch and pay for the privilege. I had no choice but to consider a windows machine. I got a 32 inch 4k monitor, 4.5Ghz Intel i7 processor, 16GB of faster RAM, faster SSD, and 8GB of graphics. All in an itty bitty silent itx case which is inconspicuous and sits behind the monitor unseen. WiFi, BT and all the peripherals. Total cost $2300. The equivalent for an iMac $4500! I don't mind spending a premium price for a premium product but that nearly double. Mac? Sorry, I wont be back.

Love this thing

I have always had a windows PC - never even considered a Mac, because I assumed only idiots and showoffs buy them. Then I bought one, I was seduced by the way it looked, and text looks amazing on a 5k screen. Sure it seemed expensive, but I have never seen anything look that good before. Sold.

Firstly, let me just say that I am a big fan of Windows... however I love Mac OS even more. It just feels better, it works better - yet I can't really explain why.

But better than the operating system is the hardware, it's so fast. Now when I use Windows I get frustrated waiting for it to start up, or watching that wheel of death spinning forever.... Mac's are so fast in comparison.

Then there's that screen - the thing that got me to part with over $3000 of my hard earned dollars. It is sublime - of course photos look amazing, but like I said before - it's text that really amazes me. I use MS word 2016 on my Mac and it looks more like print than pixels - like nothing you have ever experienced before. This is the only computer where I don't need to wear my glasses and I can look at the screen all day and never get tired eyes - phenomenal.

If there is a negative, I guess it's less choice of software - especially if you're a gamer. However it has everything I need and the options all seem to be of high quality.

Sleek Desktop, Stunning Display.. Almost worth all that money!

I was looking to buy a powerful windows desktop PC for gaming but my wife kept pestering me to get an iMac instead because she liked how it looked. I was tempted but I didn't give it much thought till I came across a good deal on a top-end iMac priced at approximately the same budget that I had for my gaming PC. So I went ahead and bought it, almost on impulse.

Fast forward 2 months. I love this desktop! It looks great and the display is absolutely STUNNING! I bought a 2 TB version so I split my drive space between Windows and macOS. I play my games (GTA V, DoTA 2, Diablo 3, etc) on Windows (via Bootcamp) and it works smooth on high resolution. The fusion drive tech is really something! Booting up, moving files, and application launch all respond quick. And having used Apple products before, I know that this will last me a long time with no problems. And if I do decide to sell it like 4 years down the line, I'd still get a good resale value.

I ought it give it a 5 Star rating for the price I paid but I'm limiting it at 4 because the Market price for the iMac I purchased is slightly over AUD 3900 and I think that's pricey.


good computer, only down is it;s expensive, however you do get a lot for your money.

Love apple and it's more than just their computers, it's their company and their values too. I will continue to love apples products.

One downside

No i7 processor option...
also upgrading from bad slow hard drives is VERY expensive

Great screen but sub-standard performance

As a decent graphic workstation only the i7 is viable. The i5 - especially without SSD - seems sluggish and my 2yo MacBook Pro eats this iMac. Fusion drive I have performs... just OK. Great screen though.

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