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Apple iPad Pro 10.5-inch Wi-Fi, 256GB

Apple iPad Pro 10.5-inch Wi-Fi, 256GB

MPN: A1701
4.5 from 30 reviews

Very Good

Very smooth 120hz display, wonderful graphics and frame rate, really powerful however it is not very strong as the corner of mine bent a bit once when I put it in my bag. I managed to straighten it out. Good display.

Purchased in August 2018 at eBay for $859.00.

Value for Money
Body Durability
Speaker Quality
Display Quality
Screen Durability
Battery Life
Night Photography Quality
Video Quality
Rear Camera Quality
Front (Selfie) Camera Quality
Ease of Use

Very Handy

Buying this iPad was really a great choice. As a postgrad student, we are required to do a lot of reading and carrying a lot of books really seems to be a hassle. With this iPad, it's easy for me to do my readings and most of all it's very handy and easy to use. So far, I haven't experienced any problems. I just like how functional it is and not to mention, the audio and display is great for its size.

Date PurchasedJan 2017

Love my iPad Pro!

Purchased the new iPad Pro 10.5” inch about 5 months ago now and love it. Super easy to use and find it really light and easy to carry around when needed. The only thing that lets it down for me is the Apple keyboard I purchased separately. It’s not the best and often disconnects itself while typing. Other than that overall it’s great.

Date PurchasedJun 2018

Fly General speed

The taste of a new machine, perhaps the more dazzling, split-screen function and painting in the function, really let the ipad is more computer-oriented, give me the feeling of the screen is good and clear. The ipad has speakers up and down, watching videos sideways. is stereo. The sound quality is very vigorous, has a little bass effect. The power is still very durable, running is also very smooth, very thin, fine quality and ultra-clear.

Date PurchasedJan 2018

Smart computer

If you hate caring a heavy computer, then you should go for this smart device. I love how it’s designed and so tiny than I can take it everywhere and do almost everything that I need.
Including taking photos, editing photos, and movies. Also online shopping and social media. Great for everyone

Date PurchasedJan 2018

So great!

This Ipad is wonderful! I use it to do all my digital sketching for uni, and it works like a dream! It has definitely improved my quality of work and has helped me excel at uni, which is great! I did have to buy the Apple Pencil and Apple Smart Keyboard to make it worthwhile, but a small price to pay as the benefits are huge!

Date PurchasedFeb 2017

Apple perfection once again

I purchased a Silver 256 GB 2nd Gen. WIFI model & it is astounding, the pixel clarity amazing. The increased screen “real estate” is nice to watch anything from YouTube, News or Netflix streaming etc. The four speakers “stereo“ (2 either end), literally blew me away with the awesome sound. I didn’t think Apple could raise the standard much higher than previous iPad models I have used. However, each iteration of iPad has seemingly raised the bar higher. If you’re not looking for fine point capabilities i.e,, drawing or signing documents, the 2017 9.7” iPad would be a great choice, especially for those who are budget conscious.

Date PurchasedJun 2018

A great tool for creative professionals

I use this device and pen mostly for generating diagrams and drawings for instructional documents. I currently use the Procreate App to generate images and have found it to be an excellent and very affordable app. The fact that it enables me to save files in universally compatible formats and export via cloud to programs on OSX or Windows clinches the deal. For note taking, I use Nebo with pen, directly convert to Word docs and send to my laptop. Despite my initial doubts about this tablet, I have to admit my productivity in the planning and drawing phases of content creation has gone ballistic in the last three weeks. Unfortunately, Apples closed system philosophy, means that you can forget about using USB (returned mine)or SD card adapters to store or export files. So if you want to have the physical/traditional functionality of a Windows system , then get a Windows tablet, or get used to uploading to Cloud or Airdropping to a Mac. For me an Ipad is a complimentary device, and there's no way that iOS can replace the functionality of a full operating system.But I do love using it and never leave home without it.

Date PurchasedJun 2018

Best iPad

The pro model iPads are quick and responsive, have a great screen and can double as a laptop replacement.
I bought our iPad a little over a year ago now and it is still working beautifully and quickly.

The iPad has nearly completely replaced my partner's laptop which now sits collecting dust.

The apple pen (although pricy) is a great utility for both everyday use and drawing.

I can't compare it to Android tablets though I think that they have slightly better screens, but given that we already have an apple 'ecosystem' at home, this fits nicely into our lifestyle.

Highly recommend if you are in the market for an apple iPad.

Date PurchasedJun 2017


Great tool to create innovation, awesome for school and college assignments and projects. Battery life is great although it takes a long time to charge. Apple pencil is a great tool to give life to your imagination, taking notes is easy as pie now, just like old days. Bit expensive tool to buy for kids school work but worth if you explore what can be achieved with it ,if used to the best of its capabilities.

Date PurchasedJan 2018

Thin and fast

This was an upgrade for the ipad 2 which was getting so bad because I think it was running out of memory. This affected the speed and needing to delete apps. Needed a decent size and 256GB should future proof it for a while. it is so handy to have around to look things up and the speed is really noticeable. The downside is the icloud which keeps nagging.

Date PurchasedJan 2018

Daily Workhorse

I've been using the iPad Pro for almost 12 months. Paired with the Apple Pencil, it's an essential part of my workflow. The pencil is smooth and the screen so responsive lag is virtually unnoticeable (you have to look for it). The colours are crisp and various screen enhancement features 'just work', and it's bright enough to read black on white text in full sunlight (I wouldn't want to do that recreationally, but it is adequate for public speaking). The size is perfect - it feels ample without being cumbersome. Even the onscreen keyboard is okay to use in a pinch.

iOS still has its inherent limitations, but these are nothing like it used to be. The Files App and split screen mode have turned this into a light workhorse.

If this had a few things it could replace my laptop altogether (and it has done duty as a laptop backup for a few days) - chiefly, compatibility with a mouse, and being able to more easily connect to an external monitor. It also need a better way to stow the Pencil.

But overall it's a great productivity tool.

Date PurchasedJun 2017

Great improvement best iPad since iPad

I bought the iPad Pro 10.5 inches to replace my aging iPad Air gen1. It has a lot of functionalities that I don’t use or even know about, after a year of ownership it still throws out surprises.
Compared to the iPad Air it is only a few grams heavier but the weight distribution and ergonomics make it feel a bit awkward to hold. Your hands will become fatigued if you hold it for too long an issues I never encountered with the iPad Air 9.7”.
Everything else about the device is true.
It has an all day battery
Spectacular HDR retina screen with True Tone adaptive display.
I have the pen it works well, but I don’t really use it for anything. It is a novelty And I still prefer writing and drawing the real pen and paper.
The improved camera and speakers are a huge jump from the previous iPads and are appreciated when scanning documents and files. The iPad Pro is now my main music device as well since Apple removed the headphone jack from the iphones.
The only downsides are that it still exists in apples walled garden for apps and services.
Also while the construction seems sound the metal is soft and prone to nicks and blemishes.
I expect this device will last me many years. When I move on I would be looking at the smaller tablets however due to the average ergonomics of the iPad Pro 10.5.

Date PurchasedJun 2017


Updated my old iPad as they weren’t doing any more iOS updates on older tablet.
iPad Pro 10.5 is thinner and lighter. 256gb. Although I had 125gb on old one and didn’t run out.
Display quality is amazing. The ability to split screen is fabulous as is the ability to draw and sign documents when out of the office.
Another happy apple customer

Date PurchasedOct 2017

Great expensive pad replacing your laptop

Bought this product online and all my family uses daily. It is a beautiful, amazing piece of technology. It's HUGE (basically the size of two iPad Air 2s side by side.), but that screen is gorgeous to see. But what ultimately tipped me over to buying this one is the speakers and the Pencil stylus. I'd love to give this a 5 star, but there are definitely a couple of factors that keep me from doing so. This thing is EXPENSIVE enough to give you justifiable pause. You could buy yourself a nice powerful gaming laptop for the same, if not lower, price. In other words, I don't know if most people could justify the cost. But if you can, it has a great deal to offer in the way of power and true tablet capabilities that definitely set the iPad Pro apart, but you'll have to plunk down another $100 for the Pencil stylus to fully unlock those capabilities. It's undoubtedly the best digitizer for everything from note taking to masterpiece artwork, and I can easily see the potential for growth far beyond into just about every type of app, even games. It's literally like writing or drawing on a piece of paper.

For typing, I have found zero issues. I type just as fast (using the Logitech Create keyboard/case for this product) as I do on the MacBook Pro. It's a little cramped, but I don't think my typing error rate has changed all that much.
I am annoyed by small little quirks, like the terrible copy-paste function of iOS (Android better in copy-paste functionality). But you kind of get used to it.

Can this replace a laptop? That depends on what you're doing. If you're writing a book, creating images (especially with Apple Pencil), or consuming content, it's great. If you're dealing with financial spreadsheets, not sure.
I think you'd get used to it, especially if you're doing light work. If I were serious about replacing a laptop with the iPad, I'd go with the larger one.

Date PurchasedDec 2017

Best Buy ever!

I am so extremely happy with this purchase! I got the rose gold colour and omg it’s soo beautiful. I mainly use it for social media, games and Netflix. It works so well, it’s very fast. Super easy to use and it’s also Extreemly light weight and the battery lasts me pretty much all day.
The colour is absolutely stunning. I love everything about this iPad.

Date PurchasedJan 2018

amazing and smooth

I used to have the ipad 3rd gen which started to lag a lot so i upgraded to this one with 256gb storage.the 120hz screen is extremely snappy and the a10x chip is blitzing fast. despite the heavy price it has. i would say its worth it if you like to quickly stream videos or play games on the go

Date PurchasedJul 2017

Great functionality but pricy.

I was pleasantly surprised by the iPad. At first the pricy tag did deter me, but after some review searching I thought I'd bite the bullet.

It’s great for indulging in video, making presentations, and multitasking with multiple app windows. It’ll cost you money, and space in your bag, but it’s value is impeccable (considering all the other tablets on the market)

Date PurchasedNov 2017

Very good Quality

Very good quality product. I use it daily and it works perfectly. Web browsing, youtube, emails, video editing, games all run very smoothly. The quick charge is fantastic as well as very good battery life. I wish they had the leather smart case but I got a good alternative from storyleather.

Date PurchasedJun 2017

Perfect device for multi-purpose

I bought this mainly for the Apple Pencil which turned out to be a very useful stylus. By using the iPad with Apple Pencil, I could draw in details and also navigate the system with ease. On top of that, this iPad's 120 hz 'promotion' display is definitely one of the most important changes to displays from Apple.

Date PurchasedJun 2017

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iPad Pro 10.5-inch Wi-Fi, 256GB
Operating SystemiOS
Price (RRP)$1199
Screen Size10.5inches
Camera (Rear)12MP
Camera (Front)7MP
Expandable StorageNo
Release dateJun 2017
Replaced byApple iPad Pro (3rd Generation)
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  • MPN: A1701

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