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Apple iPad Pro 10.5-inch Wi-Fi + Cellular, 256GB

Apple iPad Pro 10.5-inch Wi-Fi + Cellular, 256GB

MPN: A1709
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As expected

My iPad works just like I have a laptop or a macbook with same functionalities. I use this for entertaining and collecting data for my small business. The portability is so great that it adapts to my lifestyle. Being in the same apple ecosystem makes it more
Convenient to share moments with my family.

Date PurchasedMay 2018

Lovely product

Brought it off Vodafone under the student contract. Lovely product the screen creases are lesser the display is brilliant and the quality of build is so good also. Charge and use it for a week with no issues. The gaming is also good with no lag. My model has cellular too so the functional part of it also is absolutely great.

Date PurchasedMar 2018

School / work use

I use this instead of a laptop at school at it works completely fine! Works well in fact very portable and easy to carry around. Acts like just a laptop but much cheaper :)
I would highly recommend if you’re planning to buy a laptop for school / work you should reconsider this iPad :)

Date PurchasedFeb 2017

Great device. Quite expensive though - small issue with connecting to iPhone hot spot and questionab

Bought the iPad Pro on plan with Apple pencil. Great device. Performs well and does everything I need it to do. Pencil is a great accessory to have. Small issue I have with it is its inability to connect to my iPhone X wifi hot spot immediately and I question the build quality - it has a small crack (not sure how), even though it is completed covered by a case.

Date PurchasedFeb 2018

A good in-between device from your phone and a laptop.

Purchased an iPad Pro recently to prevent upgrading my laptop or having to buy another one. Having used an iPad for years, the 10.5 inch screen makes it appear more like a laptop. The pencil function is fairly accurate in replicating an actual pen - it also charges quickly. I prefer using the iPad over the phone for emails and all admin related tasks as the a keyboard allows me to type and get things done much faster than poking away at a little screen. I opted for the Logitech keyboard instead of the Apple because it has a pencil holder. So far, so good.

Date PurchasedMar 2018

Always by my side on and at work!

I don’t know much about how one iPad varies from the other but I know change and improvement when I see it. The technical specs I don’t honestly have much of a clue but what I can tell you is that this iPad Pro is my all time favourite new baby (apart from my little puppy Eliot)! I suffer from chronic pain and fibromyalgia after a car accident 8 years ago and it has left me unable to work let alone live a normal life or going out much. My iPad plays a huge role in helping with my depression as well as being able to Skype with my medical professionals that are often to far away for me to travel to. It’s my life line quiet literally.
When I go into hospital it’s one of the first things I pack. It’s so easy to use and even when I’m half out of it in hospital on pain medians can’t see I can still log in on my own and Siri is very helpful also for putting my music and for the moments when I can’t type because my hands a to unsteady she’ll look things up for me and she 9/10 always accurate. I also like how beautifully this device is made it’s so ascetically pleasing but very practical and you can decorate your iPad with the unlimited cases that are an option for you.
My iPad Pro and the others befor that have all run smooth in fact my Papa still uses my very first iPad which was the 1st generation iPad to come out and it’s still as good as the day it was bought. It just can’t update it’s ios past 9/10 but that’s all. I will never leave apple so long as they continue to produce techuthat can’t be beaten by any other brand!

Date PurchasedMar 2018

The perfect tablet

This is the first tablet I’ve ever purchased, since I’ve always viewed them as a bigger smartphone. But enter the iPad Pro, and this version of the tablet can truly be used as a laptop replacement for 90-95% of tasks.
Apple has gone all out with this tablet, and given it the best specs possible. The 120hz refresh rate makes scrolling a buttery smooth experience. It comes with a fantastic camera, excellent screen resolution, and super fast processor (fast enough for me to edit 4K videos with).
The 10.5” version makes it highly portable for travel and easy to hold it with one hand. If you’re looking for a tablet, please look no further!!
The Smart Keyboard is a must with this iPad, and the Apple Pencil is extremely handy also.

Date PurchasedJan 2018

Love it and the best company for travel

I purchased the 10.5-inch iPad Pro Wi-Fi + Cellular 256GB together with the Apple pencil smart keyboard. I love them as I can write on the screen directly.
It can totally replaced my laptop when I travel. The screen size is perfect for reading as the previous version a bit small for me.

Date PurchasedJan 2018

Great Device for Work

Going paperless was easy with the iPad Pro, keyboard & Apple Pencil

I work away in regional locations, and having a device that I can sign documents, take notes, mark-up plans and write emails effortlessly was essential. The iPad Pro does it all extremely well.

My colleagues are very jealous when I sit in a meeting taking notes and can easily email them a copy or flick back to reference an earlier meeting.

It has a great battery life, overall it's excellent.

Date PurchasedOct 2017

Looks great and feels awesome!

This iPad looks and feels great! I find that the iPad Pro is very sensitive and smooth to touch. The brilliant 10.5" screen is a good size for reading, watching movies and playing apps. The speed is also good for games and streaming videos too. The sound quality from the 4 speakers is excellent. The battery life is fantastic at 10 hours.

I love this iPad, but I have to admit that it is a little pricey. It is also not really a laptop replacement either. Basically, it is still a tablet and apps such as ebay just don't have the same functionality as compared to opening the website in the internet browser. The filing system and multitasking on the iPad Pro needs a lot of improvements to be comparable to a laptop.

The accessories that you can use on the iPad Pro include a smart keyboard and the pencil, but they are quite expensive too. Overall, a quality device worth considering if you have the money.

Date PurchasedNov 2017

The best Apple product

Really useful good device for home and work purposes. No surprise that why this is a best selling portable device in the electronic market. I would definitely recommend it for students, professionals and housewives (especially to entertain kids with regular YouTube and kids videos). Best part of it is battery life.

Date PurchasedNov 2017

Perfect For Uni Studies

Picked up a Rose Gold 256GB model from Optus - needed it for the other half due to studies and the ability to edit and highlight textbooks and lecture notes in real time with ample storage.

Optus offered it with 10GB for $70 a month ($35 plan + $35 ipad) - why pay upfront a similar cost when you have to get a data sim anyway to get by if you are on the go.

The iOS is way faster compared to the older gen ipads - the multi tasking window (PIP) help heaps for productivity, especially when using Notability or One Note. BAttery life is pretty good and with the Apple Pencil its the perfect pair for any uni student.

I havent seen a decent range of clear cases locally, on amazon there are some decent clear hard cases with pencil holders for $15 so i might order a unit from USA.

Date PurchasedDec 2017

If you're thinking about it, just DO IT!!! No regrets

I thought that it could replace my laptop but, NOPE... Lot's of online videos stating that it could but not for me. It's personal preference I guess.
Having said that, this iPad Pro 10.5" is absolutely incredible! Soooooo darn fast and experienced zero hiccups prior to returning. Next time, I will have to try out the 12.9" iPad Pro. I like the bigger Realestate it offers.
Again, personal preference....

Date PurchasedNov 2017

Still the best tablet on the market

The iPad Pro is a beautiful screen with seamless user experience. It is thin, light and loading applications is super fast. Colours are warm and not as white as the older iPads without truetone technology. It is quite expensive though and not sure its worth the premium over a standard iPad. Having said that, I'm on a graphic design professional which is what this model is pitched at. I am also a little disappointed in the battery life. It doesn't seem to last as long as my old Ipad 4.

Date PurchasedJun 2017

Excellent hardware - software could still be more 'Pro'

I'm extremely happy with the hardware. It is impressively fast and able to handle the majority of tasks I throw at it including video editing (albeit fairly simple editing). iOS 11 makes it easy to do a lot but not all of the tasks you might need from a laptop. File management could be better still.

The fingerprint sensor is fast and effective (although it's TouchID version 1.0, not the super fast 2.0 I found it more than adequate).
My only complaint is not about the device itself but about the Smart Keyboard which is at best flaky. The device is sold for $245 but protects only the front, not the back. The connectivity to the iPad is poor and degrades over time. Many have complained about it and I've already had to replace mine once.

Overall the iPad Pro itself is a top device.

Date PurchasedNov 2017

Fantastic iPad fast n light

Fast n soooo so light. Usually I would use my laptop, but since having purchased this iPad I barely use my laptop. Really it's just the perfect size slips into my hand bag without weighing it down. Battery lasts ages. I don't have to resize pages unlike my phone which really annoys me. Has a flash, takes awesome pictures and videos. About the only bad thing is price. I feel the price was over the top. Dearer than laptops. But it compensates because laptops don't take awesome pictures and they weigh heaps more.

Date PurchasedSep 2017

Great iPad to Date

IPad Pro 10.5 inch is the best iPad to date with a little more room, with the extra functionality of the Apple Pencil makes to iPad a good replacement for paper! Resting the hand on the screen does not affect the ability to write or draw! A little faster than previous models. Very much a laptop replacement!

Date PurchasedJun 2017

iPad Pro is wonderful!!

Wonderful iPad, sleek look and awesome design. Fast processor makes for awesome gaming experience. Graphic speed is high and the screen display is superb. 12MP camera captures stunning pictures and Retina display is awesome. iPad pros Live Photos with stabilisation makes the pictures real. Light weight makes it easy to carry around.

Date PurchasedAug 2017

Perfect iPad. Usable as a laptop replacement

I bought this iPad for business purposes. Below I will describe how I use it:

1. Paperless document review - With the Apple Pencil, I am able to review and markup draft documents as I would as if I printed it on a printer. I simply print to Notability from my MacBook and it appears on the iPad.

2. Contract security - I store business contracts and agreements on the iPad, which eliminates carrying printed documents that can be lost. Having them marked up is also helpful.

3. Email reading and drafting - The Apple Keyboard is comfortable. My first Apple keyboard had issues with the Up arrow key, but Apple replaced it with another that has been perfect.

4. I used Google Drive. With iOS 11 and updated Google Drive App, all files are available. Although I find it is not yet as reliable as a laptop file system.

I do not use the iPad Pro a lot for content creation. Only for content review, for which it is excellent.

The battery life is very long and I can get 2 full days of normal use.

Additional things I appreciate about the iPad Pro:

1. Screen - The screen is exceptional. It is bright and the white point adjusts. When it lies on a table and is on half brightness, it looks like a piece of paper. It is an eerie sensation having to tell yourself that it a display. The 120Hz refresh rate is great. It is most notable when using the Apple Pencil - writing feels like writing on paper - the lag is that small.

2. Tolerance of design - The glass screen does not have a gasket between it and the aluminium frame. It simply fits. I find this amazing.

3. Touch ID 2 - Touch ID 2 is extremely fast. A big improvement on Touch ID 1 which is on my iPhone SE.

4. Lightness - The IPad Pro alone (no case or keyboard) is very light. With the Keyboard it starts to get heavy. The keyboard is as heavy as the iPad Pro.

Things that annoy me:

None yet.

Date PurchasedAug 2017

The best iPad yet

I've had this iPad for three months now. It's super fast, works brilliantly with iOS 11, and does everything you could want in a tablet. I use it for Stan, Netflix & iView, reading magazines, and playing games. It does all these things flawlessly. The cellular functionality makes it even more portable too.

Date PurchasedJun 2017

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iPad Pro 10.5-inch Wi-Fi + Cellular, 256GB
Operating SystemiOS
Camera (Rear)12MP
Camera (Front)7MP
Expandable StorageNo
Price (RRP)$1399
Screen Size10.5inches
Release dateJun 2017
Replaced byApple iPad Pro (3rd Generation)
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