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Apple iPod Shuffle (4th Generation)

Apple iPod Shuffle (4th Generation)

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My kids bought it for me for father's day. Was surprised by how easy it was to use.Now I'm walking around the house singing like an idiot and I think they're regretting buying it for me.

Best Portable Music Device Ever Innovated or Invented

This little one inch square device is slim, light and absolutely amazing. You can store and play more that 200 songs, melodies or compositions. It is portable, unobtrusive and can be used anywhere, anytime and I believe is Apple's best invention ever devised, designed or manufactured.

Nifty piece of kit

I got a shuffle for free, and not being an Apple fan, I thought it would be useful for car music on long trips. Just plug in the USB cable supplied (only a few cm long) into the car stereo which has iPod connectivity (Hyundai i30) and use the on-wheel controls to skip songs.
What surprised me was the quality of the sound!
I have used phones and other media devices before and the sound seemed muffled and dreary. The sound using the shuffle is crisp, clear and well equalised.
Okay, the shuffle does not have a dock connector for use in iPod proprietary products such as speakers, but I don't have any so it's not an issue for me.
For a reasonably large driving music collection, it does the trick.
One day I'll clip it to my shirt and take it cycling,walking etc.
Sound quality, tiny size
No dock connector for other iPod devices (otherwise it would get a 5*)

IPod Shuffle Experience

purchased an ipod shuffle for $58 - good price. It works very well and caters for my limited amount of music. It is easy to recharge through the laptop and complements the ipod nano that my wife uses. We use itunes as our music library and occasionally purchase music tracks which works out well. The shuffle is tiny yet does everything an mp3 player should do. I can use either the shuffle setting or alpha setting to play my playlists. The supplied earphones are good and being able to easily recharge is saving me money in lithium batteries which I used on my other mp3 player. Very good value product
cheap - good quality sound - easy to use - easy to recharge

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iPod Shuffle (4th Generation)
Price (RRP)75
Release dateSep 2010

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  • MPN: MC749ZP/A, MC750ZP/A, MC751ZP/A, MD775ZP/A, MD778ZP/A, MD779ZP/A and ME949ZP/A