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Apple iPod Touch (6th Generation)

Apple iPod Touch (6th Generation)

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4.7 from 12 reviews

Amazing product!!

Brilliant device simple to use and just all out amazing. Lots of storage to download what you love! You can download anything on there and i could see only one flaw about it. That flaw is the screen size it is pretty small.

It use to be fantastic

I love my iPod but...
I had the 1st gen, 3rd gen and they are still working great. With the upgrade to th 6th gen I was really expecting something fantastic with more features and still fantastic battery life. Unfortunately on the battery life mine never got to impress me. Apple says it will last up to 8h in video playback, I think mine barely does 2h. I didn’t notice it at first but as soon as I realised there was something wrong with it I was already out of the warranty. What a shame, I couldn’t get it fixed under warranty.
The other pressuring issue is the fact that I got the 16gb of memory when they first came out, and now I find myself in a very tight spot in terms of space. The iOS is taking over 6gb of space and to update to the latest iOS I need almost 2gb of free space... so if you want it to work properly you need to use only 8gb of space, that’s only half it’s capacity and to be honest I don’t think I have much on it, 500 songs and 32 apps, a few photos that’s it. So now the touch comes only on 32gb of space and up... why did they ever sold it with 16gb in the first place? I got screwed with that.

Despite my disappointment I still love my iPod and will probably upgrade to the 7th gen if they ever make one, as spending over $800 for an iPhone isn’t in my budget. But $200 I can live with it, as it is a very good product in general. I will next time buy the larger storage version and also will wait to see if any battery issue occur. It is still a very good product but I wouldn’t buy it second hand because of the big flaws it has.


I like the size of the screen, I like the colour of the case, I have had an apple product for years now and I would never change, Thank you

Awesome Device!!!!!

This is a review for the Model A1574 16GB iPod Touch 6.

Apple has done a great job on the iPod Touch 6. My iPod has taken a battering during it’s almost three years of service to me and has recently survived abuse from my father that nearly tore off the casing. It still works perfectly except for possible battery damage of minor importance (it doesn’t charge as fast now). The iPod that I own is so tough that it took my dad throwing it on my bedroom floor three times to bend open the casing. I am really proud that I own a device so tough that it can literally hit a brick wall and survive. Processor wise, it’s great. I’ve figuratively thrown everything including the kitchen sink at the processor, making it do it’s best it can do (it did really well for something so old). I give Apple 110% on the design of this tiny little nifty computer that so far has handled anything life throws at it (or what it’s thrown at). All the iPod needs is cellular ability and the ability to vibrate on Silent Mode. To say “awesome job, Apple” is a complete understatement. Kudos to Apple for awesome designing and ability with the iPod Touch 6. Good job!!!

Sad to say, the screen died on Saturday, November 9th. The music still works, and I did an iCloud backup Tuesday, Nov 13, so I have lost nothing datawise. My mother might be getting me a new one for Christmas, though, so all I have to do is download said backup.

And to any people saying it's pointless for 2018, well, the iPod Touch 6 came out in 2014. What else do you expect? It's a bit old and from what I heard, Apple has shut down their iPod factories shortly after I got my iPod for my birthday.

iPod touch

I bought a new iPod touch for my 10 year old's daughter birthday. One month later it died. I went to Apple store, only to find it was not 1 month old but 3 years old!! The serial number scribed on the back said it was from a Target store from Vic, not Tweed Heads NSW! I was advised to take it back to Tweed, but I didn't have the receipt. The store manager was unforgiving and said "how could he prove I just hadn't swapped the new iPod for a 3 year old from somewhere? Of course I hadn't, but without the receipt, I didn't know what to do. My 10 year old was so upset, and her birthday present was dead after 1 month. We started saving to buy her a new one. 5 months later, she was still waiting patiently, and I decided to try again, using my internet banking receipt. I took it in to Target at Tweed heads, and a different manager was very sympathetic, and took ages to look up my internet receipt on the computer to find the code. And she did! It matched the date of purchase etc and we got a replacement iPod!! I am very happy with the way this manager dealt with the situation, and my daughter is so happy! Rightly so. I am just wondering how a 3 year old iPod from Victoria can end up in a brand new case for sale at Tweed Heads Target. Great result after much heartache!

Kinda pointless

The iPod touch seems like a pointless device in 2018- especially considering you can get the iPhone SE (which can make phone calls and connect to cellular networks) for a bit more. I would pitch the iPod touch 6th generation as a very portable alternative to the iPad mini (if that's what you're into). One negative however is this model hasn't been updated in quite a few years. It still has the A8 processor from 2014 and just 1GB of RAM- which is severely outdated in 2018.

Overall, I'd say spend a bit more and just get an iPhone (or an iPad if you want something for consuming media or playing games).

The best portable music player

It’s very small and very portable.
I use it a lot for jogging and writing small notes.
The music played with my headphones is very high quality.
It’s great having it connect to the speakers too via Apple TV.
I have a iPad mini too, but for the price, it is worth it for me to have an iPod touch as well.
I have a 64gb IPod touch so I can store a lot of things on it.
Battery lasts ok.

My 7 year old love this

The ipod is great light slim fast to down load apple is great with all there products I love the amount of memory it has also it helps to have find my iPod on it in case it's lost or stolen i would rate this 10/10

great product

Ended up buying two Apple Ipod touch 32GB from JB HiFi for $298 each , one in blue , one in grey , great units , easy to use , the kids love them, would recommend to others , everything you need , great product

Can't live without it

I love it. Easy functionality, I use it for reading books , listen to podcast , YouTube, email, web searching, music. The best thing is it's speed and light, but it is not a phone so I don't get distracted with
Social calls.☺️

A good improvement

Coming from Ipod touch 3rd generation, this looks like a vast improvement. It is a very good product but the battery is mediocre, in fact it doesn't need long before it goes flat. If you think to go around all day with music in your ears, using applications or maps think again.

Works great.

Bought the A1574 16GB so we could use it as the source of music for a beach wedding.
Works great with outdoor sound system; spotify app successfully played bought itunes music.
Couldn't be happier with the product.

Note: Only use correct amperage when charging the device, as I used one that caused the device to die for a bit... it came back ok though.

Questions & Answers

Can you get the casing replaced if it’s damaged?
1 answer
If you are in warranty, not sure if that is 6 months or 1 year.

can you use it through Sonos at home as well as use it out with bluetooth speakers? Can you listen to apps like ABC listen or do you have to pod cast these first for going out walking?
1 answer
The iPod 6 connects easily to Bluetooth speakers, I do it regularly. For listening to applications like the one you mention or Spotify you need to be connected to a wireless internet connection. So yes, if you are not connected you need to download the podcast on the internal drive. I hope it was clear


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