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Apple Lightning to 30-pin Adapter

Apple Lightning to 30-pin Adapter

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Great product but has constrained usage

Finally found the Apple product that allows the iPhones with the Lightning connector to work on older hi-fi products that still has the 30-pin adapter.

Is it worth the price? My entire family uses Apple iPhones and when Apple changed from the 30-pin adapter to the Lightning connector, I could not attach my iPhone to my hi-fi. Fortunately, Apple came up with this great adapter which allows the entire family to use the iPhone with the hi-fi systems in the house. So from a price perspective, reasonable. Unless you are in a rush to get the adapter, from time to time, it does go on sale from places like Officeworks for half the price which the Apple Stores charges for.

Don't get me wrong, the sound from the iPhone is fantastic but no comparison to when the music is being amplified on a hi-fi system. There is of course the option of newer hi-fi systems with bluetooth and wifi but if you are like me that have invested over the years, this product is fantastic as I can now connect my iPhones to the hi-fi / sound systems.

The adapter is small and simple to use. Once out of the packaging, you just plug the adapter to your 30-pin connector. It's as simple as that. When you plug the iPhone on top of the adapter, it allows the hi-fi to connect to your phone.

A note of caution, unless your hi-fi equipment has a backing for the phone to lean against, do NOT use this adapter. On most portable sound systems like the Sony products (which I have), the iPhone is able to lean against so that there is no pressure on the adapter or on the iPhone connector. Sadly, this is the limitation and constraint that all iPhone users have to watch out for when connecting iPhones to sound systems.

I think Apple must have realised this limitation as they also have a similar adapter but instead of it being a connector, there is a short cable between the 30-pin and the Lightning adapter.

Overall, a great product and reasonable price but you do have to be aware of not putting any stress on the connector or the iPhone.

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