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Apple Pencil

Apple Pencil

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Essential companion for the iPad Pro

Being an artist, I can’t do without my iPad Pro and Apple Pencil. I’ve tried a few others, but they just don’t match up in accuracy and pressure sensitivity. In fact, when the cat knocked over the ipad while the Apple Pencil was charging in its slot and broke the end off it, I was pretty bereft until I could get a replacement and ended up purchasing two so that I would never be without one again. There’s just no comparison as far as functionality and ease of use goes.

Brilliant invention!

Draws well, drawn line follows tip on the screen, pressure sensitive for strokes, recharges by plugging into iPad (original version), Bluetooth setup. I’ve discovered these recently - just great for Art!

It's a perfect product for drawing and writing!

Having used 3 other stylus products (Intous, Fiftythree, Applydea) before, I was still on the lookout for another stylus as I wasn't really happy with any of them. A chance visit to an artist friend's home led me to try out the Apple Pencil he was using. The moment I picked it up, I fell in love with it. It was light weight, felt comfortable in the hand, looked slim & elegant. Few trials on his iPad, I was on my way soon after to get my own.

It was an expensive one at A$150 but it doesn't burn the pocket as I am paying monthly installments as a part of my iPad plan. However, I have not regretted the purchase at all. I use the Nebo APP to take down notes, and the Sketches APP to draw my doodles. The Pencil is quick with no lag, very accurate on the screen and feels like a real writing tool. It can be charged on the wall, your computer or even on the iPad itself.

I bought a BUBM Apple Pencil Storage case on eBay, an elastic band kind of thing that's strapped on the ipad to keep the Pencil safe & protected.

The only negative thing I find on the Pencil is that you have to remove & set aside the small top cover (which protects the charging port) to charge it meaning you can easily lose it. But there are accessories available on eBay to keep that secure as well.

Overall a wonderful product and much satisfied. Good investment and well done to the Apple team.

100% excellent for drawing on 6th gen Ipad.

As a graphic designer and somebody that loves to draw, I have always used intous stylus products (just the non screen version) to digitally draw with and find the apple pencil is very accurate and does what I need it to do.

I'm running an apple pencil on a 6th gen iPad not the ipad pro and find that it's just as fluent as drawing on paper but faster for correcting mishaps and changing things like colours etc. I must admit though, I have a very steady hand and am very accurate in what i'm trying to illustrate so that's something that helps me to draw with the apple pencil.

I find that I prefer using the pencil rather than using my finger to navigate the ipad.

I've also found that my kindergarten son is now on his own will, practicing his writing, colouring, drawing and sentence writing skills with it so it's a double blessing to have.

Battery life seems to be good.

Best of all, no wasting paper and no more sharpening at the bin.

I highly recommend the pencil for designers and children.

Whoops! Doesn't work on older technology :-(

Bought this after reading fantastic reviews on the pencil, but I have an older iPad. Will only work on the iPad Pro and iPad 6th gen. Does not say this on the info page on Apple though.

Perfect....if you are very creative.

Bought this device to use with my iPad 10.5 Pro. Don’t confuse this with being "just a stylus" as the pencil connects via Bluetooth to your iPad. This enables it to be used to give a variety of effects (mostly centred around fine pressure sensing and detection of the angle you are holding it at) to your drawings and note-taking (app dependent) beyond any thing that a stylus can do. Certainly, anyone with an artistic bent would fully appreciate its capabilities. I, however, did not.
I was wanting it to use for CAD projects and found it not so useful there (particularly considering its price). However, you have to admire the capabilities and battery life packed into a device no bigger than a standard pencil. It also comes with a spare "nib" in case you drop it and damage the original. Incidentally, Apple engineers considered that it may be inclined to roll off the table so they have built a bit of "weighting" into the pencil. Result, it feels no different when being used but the imbalance wont let it roll on a smooth table surface.

I’d dock it a star for the somewhat dodgy means of charging the pencil ….you plug it into the iPad’s lightning port so it sticks straight out at 90 degrees. Except, it only takes about 20 seconds of charge to give it about thirty minutes use (stated full charge gives 12hrs but I’ve never used it for that long to see). There is also an adaptor supplied in the box so it can be plugged into a “normal” lightning cable to be charged elsewhere. They really did try to think through every eventuality. Recommended to those whose artistic pursuits are sufficient high that a price of $145 will not be an issue.

Complements the iPad Pro very well

Apple has been pushing the Pencil as part of its marketing for the iPad Pro. I purchased one for use with my 9.7" iPad Pro. It responds very well, detects angle and pressure and recharges easily. I thought it might be a gadget that I rarely use but now I can't imagine my iPad without it.

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