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Apple TV 4th Generation (2015)

Apple TV 4th Generation (2015)

MPNs: KHATV432GB, KHATV464GB, MGY52XA and 2 more
3.8 from 59 reviews

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Excellent product, but remote too small!

Transformed our TV into entertainment central. We barely watch free to air TV now. Heaps of apps, easy to use, easy installation and so on make this a great purchase.

Purchased in March 2016 for $395.00.

This is a good product

Very good product, mirror my iPhone to tv, can watch movie, photos, YouTube, gaming, I am very satisfied with the Apple TV, but it is not 4K, the 5 th gen is 4k

Purchased in March 2016.

Great for families.

Got this and love it. Easy to use the kids know how to operate it. We listen to vevo and I love I don’t have DVD laying around now. All on my iTunes account.

Purchased in December 2016.

Love Apple TV

I love my Apple TV Never had any major issues Works perfect would recommend to anyone and everyone Easliy controlled with remote and works well if you have other Apple devices as well like iPad or iPhone It’s just a great lil device can’t live without it for sure. -)

Date PurchasedOct 2015

Great product if you do not have a smart tv

got it in 2015 . just sold it as found out the newer smart tv has most functions. the new 2019 tv even have airplay 2 integrated.

fast and always work.
not much apps on the apple tv stores.. a lot of apps has being remove since the start of the product.

Date PurchasedOct 2015

Always loved the AppleTV since my first Gen 1... but

They have taken away the ease of using your AppleTV on a home theatre, by removing the ability to directly link your receiver for sound, and the HDMI for the video. Setup was a little messy as it would not read the settings from my iPhone XR as it should, and required the internet to be reset, although the internet was working on all other devices. Reliability is not there, with the settings having to be reset a couple of times as they disappear, and startup is not as simple as it used to be. I think this will be a great unit to have in a bedroom setup, but Apple are again moving backwards with innovation and ease of use, removing features as their new plan of attack to be different from the rest. As an Apple user since 1989, and an owner of 3 AppleTV's plus this new one, I do now also branch out to Windows options when available. Disappointing unit. Not suitable to use on 5.1 as you can only play on the television speakers. Apple Support senior tech was not able to help. Returned to the store for money back 2 days later.

Date PurchasedDec 2018

A great product

We love our Apple TV. We have a smart Tv that is not fast enough even with our NBN but the Apple Tv effortlessly is able to deliver all the content we need to our Tv set. Its so good that we bought 2. Works with Airplay mode to wirelessly connect our Apple devices to it.

Date PurchasedSep 2018


Apple TV is outstanding for streaming. With it you can connect with most of the Streaming Apps. It is easy to set up. It is also fantastic to view the photos from your I phone on your tv. Siri is also a great help. Highly recommend to buy this Apple TV. So easy to use. The remote control is very compact & user friendly.

Date PurchasedNov 2018

Forget my previous review on Apple TV

There are time when you leave a review because you don’t like a product. I did that on Apple TV a few years back, I did return it so I didn’t waste my money. Few years down the track...
We now have a Netflix subscription and also Amazon prime to watch movies and series, we use to stream from our iPod to chromecast on our tv but Amazon wasn’t working with that, we had to cast it from our computer which mad the videos very slow with a lot of buffering. So after a few researches I found that Apple TV was going to solve that issue and also another one we had. But the price of the new units (gen5) was a little too steep to justify that spending. So we hoped that getting a second hand one would do the same.
We got on eBay and bought a second hand 4th gen for less than $100, sure it doesn’t have 4K streaming (I don’t have a 4K tv) I can’t use my phone keyboard to type in, we have to use the remote to select the letters on the screen but that’s fine!
The main use for us is movies, so we are very happy with it, I have it hooked up on my 5.1 sound system so we have amazing sound thanks to the optical connector.
My daughter loves music so she streams from it too.
There are a few apps on it, nothing too fancy, I could watch sports and other things but it’s not my thing so I wouldn’t comment on it. There are other streaming services too, there are ok I’d say.
Was it a good purchase, yes it was, would I have spent the money on the newest gen, maybe but I am very happy with this one, i don’t have 4K tv so I don’t see the point in that one yet. Maybe in a few years I will upgrade the Tv then I will buy the new gen of Apple TV.

Date PurchasedJan 2018

Nice for watching movies with family.

Let me get this straight with you all with a family. This product is recommended without a doubt! It’s very convenient and handy to have around if you all want a family night watching movies. However, there is a slight issue where sometimes the Internet isn’t connected, but it’ll work itself soon. Buy it now you won’t regret it.

Date PurchasedAug 2017

Nice unit but has bugs

Love the Siri remote but do find at time struggles to pick up the words from command I do like that I can air play stuff from my phone to the tv music photos videos but find it can freeze at times which can be annoying to pull the plug to the unit

Date PurchasedAug 2016

Another apple TV

Nothing really that i find new other than the software and slightly difference in packing but the item is the same even the colour is exactly the same as the old ones, not big difference in pricing but most of the models are similar doing the purpose to transfer what you need from your iphone to the tv and thats all

Date PurchasedMay 2018

Best thing

Got this from Apple store when they were still selling it last year. Got it cheaper than what a used one was getting sold for. Brilliant quality and feel. Interface is so easy and convenient. Remote has voice control. Beautiful remote. Only proble is if you lose the remote around your house there is no way you can track it like you can track iPhone or iwatch

Date PurchasedDec 2017

Absolute rubbish

I am so disappointed with this product
Dreadful remote jumping all over the place
Recently watched non existent on Netflix but ok on Stan
Not recommended - I consider it a waste of money
Feel like bursting into tears
Unfortunately I am stuck with this ...
Cannot think of one positive

Date PurchasedMay 2018

can't load playlist

have previous apple tv,s beginning with the the first one apple produce. Since Steve is gone the quality and functions have gone as well. You can't buy music from your tv anymore you have to rent, playlist won't move to your apple tv, your have to have your computer turned on with airplay to stream music, just so difficult for something that use to be so simply.

Date PurchasedJan 2017

Love It a Lot but...

The 4th Gen Apple TV offers a lot for the price. It was not expensive.

Catch up tv - all channels available, latest movies, Old classics, Netflix, Stan, Lots of Dedicated channels. You can download very quickly anything you want really.

I love a lot about it -

No expensive subscriptions to pay tv.

Movies are given a star rating. There is heaps of additional information on each movie selection - Producer, cast, similar movies by same producer etc.

Movie loading is quick.

Leave a movie and you are returned back to where you left off when you go back in. Put movies on a wish list for when they are released. Suggestions based on your recent picks.

A couple of things I'm not really impressed with -

The remote gets lost every two minutes. It is small, slimline and has an independent determination to slide between cushions of the couch with regular monotony.

You can control the tv with your iPhone as well but I don't find it necessary and that is also pretty hard work.

The remote has a voice recognition system that drives you to distraction ... You know the deal..... "I'm sorry I can't find Faders of the Lost Bark" or "Invaders of the Roast Lark" that sort of thing. When you finally give in and search for titles manually picking a letter at a time is so slow and onerous you give up. Again you get a voice recognition search but it is also not that great and picking up one letter at a time.

It would be super if there was a 'search all channels option'. Then you could just search for say "Im a Celebrity Get me Out of Here", or some other educational program from the open screen rather than having to drill down.

All in all I love my Apple tv and use it a lot. The next Gen5 probably has some good fixes.

Date PurchasedAug 2016

Gen 4 Apple TV 64 gb box.

Better apps than the Gen 3, better remote control than the Gen 3, I upgraded as I like to keep up with technology and this is definitely is a good upgrade to the Gen 4 I would recommend this product. I find it really easy to use and have recommended it to several people, Apple always produce well designed technology.

Date PurchasedJun 2017

Apps are easy to organise with a simple and clean interface and durable

The simple and clean interface is an easy to understand once you are familiar with Apple's GUI across all its mobile devices. Setup is a breeze, the two-step authentication is secure and sure to prevent any accidental or unauthorised purchases. The remote is very intuitive once you get used to using it.

With more and more apps coming to the platform, you can do so much more. While the device itself doesn't have much in terms of hardware and ports, it is the software that makes this a great user experience seamless user experience with all your iOS devices. Controlling this with an iPhone or an iPad with the optional free app makes it a breeze just in case you lose your originally supplied remote.

I am all about simplicity and not complicated customization tools that look cool at first, but will later lead to me being bored and changing the colour scheme and what not.

Date PurchasedJan 2016

Apple TV

The Apple TV 4th Generation may be discontinued from sale now, but that is only because of the recent launch of upgrading the device from 1080P to now 4K. In every other respect they are the same is the operation. What I enjoy most about the Apple TV is the easy and smooth flow of the user interface with their downloadable apps. As I have an iPhone I also take advantage of AirPlay to mirror my phones screen to the TV.

I also have a Smart TV with similar features, but I really enjoy the simplicity of using the Apple product. My smart TV appears to have a lag when using their remote, and the interface is not as nice as Apples. It's great that all of the Australian TV catch up apps are available, except for Foxtel Now. But they are working on that and will make an announcement once it is available.

Date PurchasedOct 2015

Very Intuitive Device

I purchased to turn my TV into a smart TV but this does a lot more than a Smart TV! Being an Apple user, the setup process is very simplified, just sign into your iCloud account and it’s ready to go! Very beautiful interface with handy apps such as Plex and Infuse, which enable you to access media files!

Date PurchasedJun 2017

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Questions & Answers

Does Apple TV have local free to air channels?
1 answer
You can steam 7 and 9. The other channels not sure.

I am considering an Apple TV to stream music from my iTunes account thru my multi room music system. Does any have any comment on how well it might work?
1 answer
Multi room system. How is that set up? With mine, I have Apple TV connected to reciever and my reciever connected to my hifi speakers. I don’t have tv connected. I use ipad or iPod touch to airplay music to Apple TV from iTunes. It works well. If you have Apple TV connected to a reciever to multi speakers. It would work well. The Apple TV iTunes plays very high quality sound.

About to purchase a generation 4 and want to know if I can get sbs ondemand and abc iview from the apple app store? Would the 32GB be OK for basic use (no games etc)?
1 answer
ABC iview and sbs on demand are available through the App Store. They may already appear when you click on the app tab as they do on my Apple tv. I did not download them specifically. I use mine for basic use. I have no photos, music, movies etc saved on my Apple TV and it's fine for me. I use the home sharing function from my computer to the Apple TV for music on my tv so I don't use any storage space on my Apple TV.


Apple TV 4th Generation (2015)
CategoryNetworked Media Players
ConnectivityWi-Fi, Ethernet and Bluetooth
App StoreApple App Store
Netflix App CompatibleYes
SD Card SlotNo
Release dateOct 2015
Replaced byApple TV 5th Generation - 4k (2017)
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