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Apple watches are junk. I’ve never broken a watch face in my entire life until...

Now I’ve broken the watch face on 2 apple watches in a 6-month period. One, I don’t even remember hitting it on anything and now there’s a hairline crack around the entire face. It’s cool because it flips open so you can see all the cheap Chinese garbage inside.

Purchased in August 2018 at Apple Physical store for $350.00.

Perfect for my needs

I was trying to decide whether to get the latest watch or just go with third gen. So glad I got this one. I mainly use it to track calories out and steps. Love it so much and don’t go a day without wearing it.

Purchased in February 2019 at Officeworks for $399.00.

Prefer my FitBit

If you are looking for a watch you can use as a phone the Apple Watch will be the best purchase for you. But if you are hoping to upgrade your FitBit to some thing you are able to swim in and track all your fitness....stick with your FitBit type watch that’s waterproof.

Purchased in January 2019 at JB Hi-Fi for $389.00.

Amazing Product

I love my apple watch so much. I was never a watch wearer until I bought my apple watch. It's incredible!! I use it for practically everything exercise, calling people, apple pay and so many other things. Definitely recommend 10/10.

Purchased in December 2017 at Apple Store Australia for $550.00.

well done apple

love this one as i can answer my phone even if i am in a pool. so handy and of course the style is as Apple always does perfectly. I am an Apple user lover and recomender in every way. i dont use it for fitness only the rings

Purchased in November 2018 for $450.00.

Love love love

Best watch yet! Gets me moving during the day so I get my steps and exercise goals! Also reminds me to breath!!! Best yet I now can’t miss a call! Love it

Purchased in January 2019 for $370.00.

Nice feel

This watch is great it is able to monitor my heart beat and measure my exercise. very useful and also a nice slim design. I wear it every day. Love it

Purchased in September 2017 at Apple Online store for $599.00.

Junk quality and terrible service

The watch is a nice phone accessory but a terrible fitness tracker. The build quality is poor, it didn’t last a year. It cracks as easily as a caselss iPhone 6 and Apple claims the warranty is voiced offers for a cracked watch. Reporting to office of fair trading. They not have terrible and rude service.

Purchased in April 2018 for $699.00.

Wish it was stronger

The watch itself is very useful
But it’s not made with the strongest material
Have to always take it off when gardening or even doing the dishes as any small knock a mark/line will appear

Purchased in December 2018 at Telstra for $399.00.

Love it. But could be better

I love my Apple Watch, it has some great features. However there is a few small things that I wish where different. Eg. The bulky band, and Siri being too sensitive.

Purchased in October 2018 for $699.00.

Used it everyday before, but now rarely!!

My hubbie gave me apple series watch 3 rose gold 38mm.. i chose 38mm as i have small wrist. In terms of fitness it is very useful as it has a lot of features you can use while working out. I also use it twice to find my phone(misplaced most of the time) i tried installing games but screen is too small for playing. Its very easy to pay with apple pay with it. Tried it with siri and it does work fine with it. The downside is that the battery empty fast. Battery didnt last long for a day.

Purchased in August 2018 at JB Hi-Fi Retail Stores.

Apple Series 3 cellular unrepairable watch

Used watch for a couple of months , had to contact apple a few times to get it re synced which was annoying , got sick of that and recharging too often so stopped using after about 12 weeks , put it back on 8 months after purchase and screen just cracks. Took to Apple and they said they do not offer repair or exchange i must have smashed it , no , just crap quality , i have worn my glass TAG for 15 years day in day out and never had a screen smash. Only thing i was offered was to purchase another watch with $100 off. As if. As a fellow manufacturer it amazes me that they are allowed to get away with selling a defective product , not offering repair , especially under warranty , and only offering a new watch at a slightly discounted price as a replacement ( probably reconditioned as well so would not be a new watch i am sure.) So they get $970 within 1 year for a $550 watch , it's a total scam.

Purchased in February 2018.

Very Handy Smart Watch

I've had my Rose Gold Apple Watch Series 3 (GPS) for over 12 months now, it was very easy to step up and pair to my iPhone X and other apple products. It has alot of Apps which are on your iPhone so it's a backup, like when you play your music you can skip songs etc. Love that it is waterproof and I can receive texts and calls on my watch.... I'm sure this will last me for years.... as my Fitbit keeps breaking...

Purchased in December 2017 at Apple Store Australia for $550.00.

Does what it's supposed to do

I was a little disappointed with the product. It was great for the first month but soon realised that I spent more time charging the watch then wearing it which was a disappointment. Would I buy another though? Yes!

Purchased in December 2018 at Officeworks Physical store.


I don’t use my apple watch everyday, but when I do I find it super useful. Calls, messages, notifications in general. Just a bit easier to do a quick watch glace rather than fighting through the handbag trying to find the phone.

I find the activity / fitness tracker very useful for walking.
I am not a watch person, but I do enjoy this product.

Purchased in July 2018 for $450.00.

Amazing apple watch series 3

Recently I have purchased Apple watches for my whole family members as well as friends.
All are satisfied with the facilities provided in watch. With attractive models.
We have recommended to our friends also for this product . Mostly stylish watch I have ever purchased and look is amazing. Really love to recommend to everyone

Date PurchasedDec 2018


Connects to phone easily and is very easy to set up. Taking calls on watch is clear and messages are readable. Excellent fitness apps and straps are changeable which is a great feature to have. The actual watch is light weight and it’s battery life lasts for a day depending on use.

Date PurchasedMar 2018

Does what it says...

Let me preface this with the fact that this is my fourth digital watch. The first being a Fossil which I loved but as is often the case was dead within 18 months. Soon to follow was a Nike watch (by TomTom) after that an actual TomTom Spark and lastly the Apple Watch. Each has lasted about 18 months before the battery life (or lack of) rendered them useless. So as of now, I expect the Apple watch to fail in 6 months. However so far so good and it seems to be still lasting a solid two days per charge, if not overtaxed with navigation etc. I tend to remove it each evening and set it in a charger which is an easy habit to get into. The UI is ok and most apps seem to kind of work. At no point would this be useful without your phone as a powerhouse to do the number crunching. The reason for the three stars is that there are a whole lot of apps and icons you just can't get rid of so it is always cluttered with stuff you may never use. I don't need my watch to track the stock exchange yet there it is, day in and day out, just waiting for me to accidentally press it and generally get in the way. It also competes with the phone to answer you when you use Siri and does not seem to know what music app you are currently using on your phone so if you try to use your watch it cuts in and stops the current song (even with iTunes / Apple music). If you put your phone on silent you also need to do you watch separately or it will ring independently so going silent means turning off the phone then the watch and the opposite to get it all active again. Love being able to answer calls and this feature is much more valuable than you may think. So 3 out of 5 but that's more than I would give any of the others I have owned.

Date PurchasedJan 2018

Not Apple Quality

Bought my wife the series 3 in December, she was just getting the hang of it and enjoying it when she dropped it and the screen just shattered. So ok , its just a bit of bad luck, we will get it fixed, well we couldn't believe it, the screen costs nearly as much as the watch. The certified repairer said to just buy another watch. My wife is stricken with guilt as the watch is only a month old. I think its going to end up in the bin, what a waste of $400.I wish I knew that it was not quality as I would have taken out insurance. No more Apple for this family

Date PurchasedDec 2018

Expensive repairs

I had my watch for a couple of months. The screen cracked and I returned to Apple they said it had a chip in the crack and couldn’t be done under warranty $390 to repair. I only paid $550. I am not sure how it broke and was willing to pay for a repair but that amount is just over the top. Which is why I won’t pay for this repair as it is likely to happen again I have been an avid supporter of Apple but no longer.

Date PurchasedNov 2018

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