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  • 6 reviews

Ideal for babies with milk protein allergy.


We tried numerous different formulas, all of which caused my baby to break out in hives and worsened his eczema. After finding out he has a milk protein allergy, we were recommended to try a hydrolysed formula. This was the only one we tried that didn't bother my sons stomach or skin.



  • 7 reviews

did what we needed. Saved us


our bub wasn't sleeping and clearly unsettled. We took a long time to figure out it was dairy proteins (not lactose). While we were figuring it out we went to this formula which has all the proteins broken down (soy and non-cow based can cause similar problems - but by all means try them). Sometimes we had to phone around to find it, sometimes it was at the supermarket. but it wasn't worth switching to other formulas when this one worked for us



  • 6 reviews

This helped us get through my baby's reflux.


Easy to prepare. Baby took it fine. This in combination with medication was the only thing that helped his silent reflux.. We tried going back to a regular formula but he flared up again. Not the nicest smelling of formulas. My kid lived off this for the first year of his life and he is thriving.



  • 8 reviews

Solved our problem, mixes well unlike soy


We got this after our 3rd baby would not sleep through after 8 months, still getting up 3 x a night. This pretty much solved it, and was recommended by our pediatrician. The product looks and mixes the same as the normal Aptamil, which is good. The soy one we had first never used to mix properly.

3 little cherubs

3 little cherubsvictoria, 3825

  • 11 reviews

Was a life saver


After trying many different formula’s this one didn’t have my baby screaming in pain like all the others.
It so gentle on little ones tummy it’s amazing.
Easy to prepare. Smells a bit like maple syrup. Dosent upset tummies.
Only downside is that you can’t only purchase from a chemist.

Chris S

Chris SPerth

  • 6 reviews

Worked well for my reflux baby


My baby hated formula and it seemed to mess with her tummy a lot. I thought I would try this for something different and I'm glad I did. It smelled and tasted less "chemically" and really seemed to reduce her reflux problems. The only downside is that you can't buy it from Coles/Woolies, but I would definitely recommend it.



  • 4 reviews

Easy to digest for my bub


My 11 week old has been having this formula for 4 weeks now and has tolerated it really well. We are suspecting a cows milk allergy as he did not digest other formulas very well and had wheeiness, congestion and a nasty rash. Since being on this formula, his bowel movement are more regular and the other symptoms have resolved. This formula is really easy to prepare, it dissolves well. He seems to enjoy it. I wish it came in a non-gold option though as I don’t like the fishy smell it has to it and the bottles are hard to clean because of the oil. Other than that this formula has been great for our baby.


UnhappyPerth, WA

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Great formula


My baby has tried many formulas for her allergies and this one really works for her . Would be great if the super markets carried it as I can only find it at Iga stores or chemist . The super markets are always sold out of your normal formula not sure why but maybe they should order more in .


JtayGold coast

  • 4 reviews

Life saver


My little boy ended up being milk protein intolerable and he took to this formula well! The longer he was on it the more of the problems he had disappeared (mucus poo, pulling legs up, grunting) . Definitely worth a try he stayed on it until one year an ttwo months.

Natasha M

Natasha MAU

  • 4 reviews

Dosent agree with my LO.


This forumla is easy to prepare. I dont like how watery it is tho.
Bub drinks it no hassles. But shes been on it for 3 days now and she is having explosive diareaoh, Very watery, Smelly and yellow. She has broken out in a rash on her face and neck. I haven't been told she has an allergy but i tryed this for her reflux as i read good reviews. Unfortunately it isnt the right forumla for my LO.
Will be changing as soon as i can see the paed.
Good pricing but hard to source this forumla.

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Nutricia Careline T.Aptamil

Kasey and Kodie

Kasey and KodieQueensland, 4670

  • 5 reviews



It was a nightmare finding a formula for my son! We tried S26, S26 Gold, Nan Comfort, A2 Platinum, Aptamil AR, Novalac Reflux, Novalac reflux with feed thickener, karicare goats milk and then finally Aptamil Allerpro Gold+ I had a severely reflux, colicky baby and it took six months to be diagnosed with a milk protein allergy. This formula saved my life!



  • 5 reviews

Terrible for reflux baby


This formula was terrible for our baby, who had very bad reflux. I thought I'd try it based on all the great reviews. We eased our baby onto it by slowly but when she was fully on it she spewed every feed and had diarrhoea for a week. I personally think the formula is too thin and although in hindsight I could've tried adding the Aptimal thickener I saw bad reviews for the thickener so was wary to do this.

The only formula which worked for me!


My 12 week old baby had allergic reactions (reflux, colic, eczema, diarrhoea) to both cow's milk & soy formulas & when I put her on Allerpro ALL her symptoms stopped within 2 days! It's a thin formula so she does feed more frequently (every 3hrs) but worth it for a happy, pain free & settled baby. I highly recommend you try this product.



  • 5 reviews

Works for us


This formula has worked great for our baby over the past 10 weeks since newborn. Baby doesn't have any allergies, but we decided to try this product anyway. Slightly less thicker formula than regular formula. Baby has taken to it very well and has had clear skin, no rashes or bumps at all.



  • 3 reviews

It is just right for my son.


The formula is easy to prepare with warm water and a bottle. My baby is allergic to cow's milk when he was born. I served him with the product and he is totally fine with it. There is no side effects in my baby as far as I can see.



  • 3 reviews

This is good for my baby. He loved that


It's easy to prepare.my baby love it first time when he feed he doesn't like taste but after 1 week he enjoyed.it is good for who has confirmed cow milk allergy.
There is no side effects.
It's only available stage 1 n 2 .I would be happy if they make stage 3 4 5 6.



  • 4 reviews

Very giid


Wasy to prepare and babies that I have fed this too have enjoyed it very much, so much so that our over seas relatives have asked us to bring some over seas for their baby. They understand that this will benefit the baby as well as taste good and overall very happy

Karena B

Karena BTownsville

  • 4 reviews

Worked wonders for my 4 month old


This formula has worked wonders for my baby who suffered terribly with colic and medicated reflux. The broken down formula was less irritating on her gut and despite reviews I had read about babies not liking the taste she has taken to it fine! We have just moved onto the 6 month age range but would highly recommend this formula although it can be hard to find and s little more costly definitely worth it

This stuff is the best but hard to source.


This is the only formula my now one year old daughter can have, she has a allergy to cows milk, goats milk and soy milk. For the past week though I have been unable to buy this anywhere as it is apparently on backorder in every store. Have had to use another aptamil product in the mean time but nowhere near as good. This needs to be more readily available.

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Nutricia Careline T.Aptamil

Hi Jac
Sorry to hear that you are struggling to find your Aptamil Allerpro stage 1.Please give us a ring on our toll-free number 1800 438 500 and one of our health care professionals will be happy to assist you.
Thanks - Aptanutrition


JaneBallina NSW

  • 2 reviews
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Very gentle on their tummy and easy to prepare.


I tried this formula becouse my daughter was having bed reflux and upset intestine.
It is very easy to prepare and sand my 3 months daughter enjoys the taste.
The reflux has improved a lot and the only thing is that I noticed she is getting hungry Every 3 hrs instead of 4.

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Questions & Answers

Lauren P

Lauren Pasked

My 5.5 month old has been on a lot of formulas for reflux before we came to the conclusion that he had a milk intolerance. Changed to AllerPro 1 and have been on it for one week. He is generally happier and his vomiting has halved (he used to spew 5-6 times after each feed). However, now he is having large runny and sometimes stringy yellow poos that can often leak out his nappies. I double nappy him at night and it still leaks out and often goes straight through him as he drinks his bottle. Is this normal?
No one has given us a stool sample to confirm or deny the intolerance they just say ‘trial and error’. Any ideas on how I can settle his stomach? I also use thickener in his bottles to help with the vomiting (because again not 100% sure It’s a dairy intolerance, could also be reflux).
Needing advice. I’ve been to drs and paediatricians and they just say “it’s normal” BUT MY MUMS INSTINCT SAYS ITS NOT!

1 answer
Stuart S.Aptamil

Hi Lauren, we are very happy to help you with advice for your baby so please call us on 1800 438 500 so we can ask some more questions to guide you better. Kind regards, Hilary, Reg Nutritionist

Nikki S

Nikki Sasked

Did anyone's bub experience tummy upset directly after switching to this and if so how long before it settled down?

2 answers
Ciara C
Ciara C

I found some relief for bub soon after I switched to this. However a paediatrician advised me that it can take up to 3 weeks for you to see a difference. Frustrating I know!!!
However, there is a number careline number on the tin for allerpro (and all nautrica products - I think that's how it's spelt) and they have all sorts of people who are in the health professional girls ready to help with lots of answers. They can tell you lots of advice and double check allerpro is right for your bub.
Wish you the best. X

Ashley J.
Ashley J.

Hi Nikki I’m finding my Bub has severe tummy issues on it. Did your buns settle down or did you change formula?

Loan Nguyen

Loan Nguyenasked

Hi, my son 4 months old and now he still has breastfeeding. But I am going to work soon and I tried some brands fomula and after he drinks he always vomiting and some time he has rashes. Should I try Aptamin Gold+ AllerPro 1 for him? And do you have some samples so he can try?

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