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It's a popular baby formula brand, just difficult to purchase sometimes.

My baby is drinking this brand's milk since he was born. He very enjoys drinking this formula. He is about 13-month old now. we already change to stage 3. Still, he seems very likes this formula. The problem is very hard to purchase at the supermarket, they always out of stock.

The best alternate to mother's milk

Aptimal gold 1 is thick and fills your baby up without blocking them on the otherside. Fed all three of my children this formula and found it better than other brands.
It helps little bodies develop fats and muscles and great development. Would highly rate this product and do recommend it to new mum's.

Great formula and ordering online a bonus when the shelves are empty

This formula was originally suggested by the hospital where I had my son. In honesty we kept the same formula as there were no issues rather than trying several. Easy on his stomach and when the supermarket shelves are empty you can order online which was amazing. Delivered quickly and at no extra cost if you buy a few.

Toddler took it well transitioning from breast milk

My toddler took to aptamil well transitioning from breastmilk, and didn’t have any side effects, although he did seem to get eczema very early on which had since cleared up, unsure whether it is related. Very easy to prepare, although runs out fast in supermarkets, due to popular demand v

Baby seems to enjoy it

Baby seems quite content on this formula
It’s always in stock at my local Woolworths and coles
It goes up in stages right to toddler
Instructions on tin are easy to follow
Baby doesn’t have any side effects and went from breastfeeding to this formula easily
It is very affordable

My baby girl loves it

Been using this since baby was born from day one. The formula is easy to prepare and my baby just loves it and drink more. This product is good for baby, and not resulting any bad effects like getting constipation. This series are highly recommended by many mums all over the world, the great quality and the nutrition formula are really necessary for the growing babies.
My baby has never been sick of it. The only issue is that it's not disolved in water quiet well

Pros and cons

In the beginning, my babies love aptamil but we noticed that they’re getting constipated that’s why we change to other formula. Other reason that’s why we change is that it’s always out of stock everywhere. Formula is easy to prepare as well. It’s a bit pricey compare to others. Over all okay.

Don’t like

I started my baby on this formula and it made him so constipated and he had trouble bringing up his wind, other than that it seemed to be fine but my baby would constantly strain and grunt struggling to poo and only ever do little pebble poos every 3 days.

Not easy to mixed

Not good at all. I gave her Aptamil gold colic and constipation to try but my DD don't like it. It hard to mixed compare to the other brand. Very pricey and not help with constipation. For baby with constipation, i recommended Novalac formula. Normally I gave her this one, it really good and she love it. No more for Aptamil.

Good and same as other brands

Had to try an alternate brand to see if there was any difference...
Apart from what I guess is the flavour of it vs the usual brand (bub looked at the bottle funny after tasting, and did this a few times before settling in to drink as usual), nothing changed except from the larger scoop size.
Mixes easily, easy to prepare, no upset tummy.
Again, the bigger scoop results in less bottles per tin, but other than that, same as most other baby formulas.

Not a good start

My baby was prem and i was not having enough good supply so I had to choose any formula and i choosed this. In the first i did not notice my baby starts to remain unsettled which was due to this. Otherwise his bowels were normal. He was having a swere gas problem and was always crying while feeding. So i will not go for it again.

Baby happy to take

Tried for supplemental feeding as recommended by hospital based on protein percentage (hospital said to look for lower percentage, as closer to breast milk). Baby happy to take, easy to prepare. Powder lasts 4 weeks once opened. Would be happy to continue using this product in the future if required.

Best baby formula

Hi everyone I have been feeding my son for the last 15 months with this formula and it’s so easy to Measure I tried lots of other formulas in the start but this is only one my son seems to like and the only time I ever seen a side-effect was when I change formulas so I change straight back it’s a little More expensive than some of the other brands but this is definitely value for money

Aptamil Making Babies Sick

Found this article on Aptamil, when I went into my pharmacy I noticed on the can that they have made changes, perhaps this is the reason why my bub was sick, very angry.
Parents have slammed a follow-on milk product's new recipe claiming it is making their babies ill.
Danone UK, which makes Aptamil, made a change to its First Infant milk powder - with tubs of the new version hitting supermarket shelves in the past few weeks.
As well as anger that the company has reduced the size of the packs from 900g to 800g while keeping the price the same at around £11 a tub, parents are complaining their little ones are having bad reactions to the new formula.
The company's Aptaclub Facebook page has been inundated with comments from concerned parents saying their children are unsettled, being sick and suffering with diarrhoea.
Many have shared photos of the feeds they have made up, commenting that the milk seems to be curdling and 'just doesn't dissolve.'
Sarah Foster, from Moston in Manchester, says her eight-week-old son Tobi had been fine on the old milk since birth, but became ill when she bought the new version around four days ago.
Ms Foster says her eight-week-old son Tobi was fine on the old milk since birth, but became ill when she bought the new version
Ms Foster says her eight-week-old son Tobi was fine on the old milk since birth, but became ill when she bought the new version
'He was sick straight away when feeding him the first feed of it. As soon as it hit his tummy it was back up. It was then I noticed it didn't mix the same,' she said.
'I've since stockpiled the old formula but it will only last a week or two.
'We have no choice but to use the new one as everywhere has sold out or no longer stocks the old one.'
Ms Foster, 35, who also has a seven-year-old son called Joshua, says the company is giving different responses to customers who have complained.
'I'm so annoyed and upset about this as Aptamil are giving different answers to different people, from blaming how mums are making up the formula and then backtracking,' she said.
'I've got my replies from them through Facebook messenger and you can tell they're generic responses despite coming from a person.'
Bel Garner shared a Facebook post about the new formula earlier this week and has since received more than 200 messages from people having similar issues.
As an experienced mother-of-three, she says she's offended at the suggestion mums could be making the feeds up wrong.
Susan Johnston sent a photo to the company showing how the old formula and new formula look different when made up the same
She has also criticised the new guidance to make the milk using water that's cooled for half an hour.
She said: 'Aptamil please tell me what magical skill I have... to tell my four-and-half month old month baby that she has to wait 30 minutes for her bottle (more so if you have a baby that's not in a routine or feeds on demand) as we are advised as parents NOT to pre-make bottles and to make each feed up as we need it and to cool down with cold water for immediate use.'
Susan Johnston's daughter was being 'very sick and refusing feeds as well suffering from diarrhoea.
She posted a photo of one bottle made up with the old formula and one with the new to show the company the difference between the two.
Parents shared photos of the feeds they've made up, saying the milk seems to be curdling
'The pictures I took were of Aptamil old and new formula,' she said.
'Why is there such a difference between the two when they were both made at same time in the same way?'
And another mum Amanda Higson, urged the company to take action over the number of complaints.
She said: 'I don't think it's a coincidence a lot of babies are getting poorly on the new First Infant milk. Why change the formula when it was fine?
'I think this should be looked into as a priority, either bring the old milk back or look into why babies are reacting so badly to the new one.
'In the heat/weather at the moment it's even more of a priority when babies are either not taking to the milk or being sick/upset tummy and losing fluids. Sort it Aptamil, very disappointing.'
A spokesperson for Danone confirmed that Aptamil First Infant Milk powder (stage 1), Aptamil Follow On Milk powder (stage 2), and Aptamil Growing Up Milk powders (stages 3 & 4) all have 'a new formulation.'
Parents are angry the company has reduced the size of the packs from 900g to 800g while keeping the price the same at around £11 a tub. Pictured left, the older pack and the new smaller 800g tub, right
But she said the changes have not been made without 'extensive quality and safety checks' including clinical trials, product testing and product experience tests - the results of which have assured them 'the product is well tolerated by babies and is safe to consume.'
'We invest heavily in early life science, and it is from this research we have introduced our latest powdered milks.

'Whilst many parents have smoothly transitioned onto these new formula milks, we're sorry to hear some people have had problems during these changes.

'We also appreciate how distressing it can be when babies are unwell and want to support in any way we can.
She added: 'As part of this innovation we have changed some of the processes used to make our milks.
'At the same time, there are small changes to the level of some nutrients such as calcium, potassium and sodium but they are very minor in nutritional terms.'
She added: 'But we do recognise and appreciate that some parents have had difficulties. We know every baby is different and may take time to adjust.
We certainly don't want to minimise any parents' concerns but our experience with these formulas is that changes such as being unsettled or differences in stools are normally temporary and will settle.
'Because these new milks have a slightly different formulation, we know that following the on-pack instructions closely makes more of a difference than before and they may be different to how parents previously made up our milks.
'We recommend parents double-check the on-pack instructions particularly about the water temperature and mixing.'
Responding to the criticism over the reduced pack size, she said: 'We have invested significantly in research and equipment whilst also facing additional ingredient costs in developing this formula.

'Rather than increase the price we took the decision to maintain the price per pack but change the size to 800g.'

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Hi Sharon, Sorry to hear about your baby not doing well on the Australian Aptamil Gold+1. We don’t have the UK range you have discussed in Australia but if you want to contact us then we’ll do everything we can to support you. Please give us a ring on our toll-free number 1800 438500 and one of our dietitians or nutritionists will be happy to assist you. Alternatively, you can contact the UK careline for free on 0800 996 1000, pressing option 0 followed by option 1. They are available on the phone 24/7. Thanks - Aptanutrition

Love it

Yes, the product is easy to prepare and has instructions to follow as well.
My son loved it.
My son had no side effects what so ever. No constipation or caused him to throw up. I find no faults what so ever.
100% choose this again for my next baby

Value for money

My baby enjoys this at a reasonable price compared to previous brand I used to buy which is way too overpriced. Easy to prepare and store while I am away for work. Also readily available in any grocery store or super market. No side effect being observed using this brand.

No Problems!

First and only formula used in this house. Our 6 week old is Content with this Formula and the only side effects of the mix is wind.
It is easy to prepare, scoop and storage is great and does clump.
My little girl is fine on it, puts her to sleep whilst burping.
Was recommended by the Clinic Child Nurse and Midwife.

The only formula I was happy with

As I couldn't breast feed at an early point of my sons life, I wanted the absolute best formula possible but to find out what you think is best, you need to test numerous brands. I got lucky and had a friend who only uses this for her 3 boys recommend it after I tried a few brands and I couldn't have been happier. It's not clumpy! Easy to make up bottles and has a nicer taste then other formulas. My son also gained weight and slept better through each night after starting it.

My son prefers it over any other formula

My son is 4 months old and since he was born I've had him on 3 different formulas A2 milk then S26 and now aptimul and he like aptimul more then the rest and he doesn't vomit as much since drinking it I'm very happy with this product and so is my son

A good to one to start with

Formula preparation is super easy just add formula + Luke warm water and done. My baby is on this formula since birth from hospital and we continued the same brand without experimenting much. Surely its not one of the cheap ones but would recommend this. My LO is not having any side effects with this formula. Word of attention, same brand has many different varieties. Make sure to stick with the consistent one. A word of caution, don't give the AR type unless recommend by doctor.

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Thank you for your feedback on our products! - Nutricia Careline

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The supermarkets have run out of Gold+1,Gold+2 and more again and I am wondering if I can supplement with Gold+HA as I have my granddaughter and am worried about her getting unwell
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Hi my 5 week old daughter started on the aptimal gold+ but after a week she started to get constipated an was showing signs of colic so I put her on the aptimal constipation and colic she went good for a week but has now had diarrhoea for the last 5 days I spoke to my midwife an she said it is ok to mix the two together but I was wondering how to mix it together she was drinking 120 mls on the colic and constipation so should I do two scoops of that one and one of the gold+ or should I do two scoops of both?
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Whst is the maximum time duration for the formula milk in water once the bottle has been made in case if the bub doesn't finishes it off??
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Hi Pre.K, It is recommended that a prepared bottle should be consumed immediately within 1 hour. Please discard the contents of partially used bottles after an hour. Thanks - Jenny, Nutricia Careline.


Aptamil Gold+ 1
CategoryBaby Formulas
Price (RRP) $24.99
AgeInfant (0-6 months)
Contains Cow's Milk Yes
Contains Soy No
Dominant Protein Whey
Contains GOS prebioticsYes
Release dateMay 2008
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