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Aptamil Gold+ 2

Aptamil Gold+ 2

4.1 from 63 reviews

Great formula

After trying numerous formulas this is the only one our bub seemed to tolerate well. Resolved colic and other digestive issues and he loves the taste. Easy to mix and prepare!

Value for Money

Perfect!! My baby loves it!

We have tried multiple formulas and this one has had my far the best results! Baby has had no issues while being in this formula! Great affordable price also! Love it

Purchased in July 2019 at Coles Supermarkets for $19.00.

Value for Money
Breastfed Child Yes
Easy to PrepareYes
Caused Unease / Sickness No

My baby loves it

Good, easy to mix. My bay girl loves it and rejects any other formula. Tried Aptamil for colics but she didn’t like it. Aptamil 1 and 2 are good and I would recommend.

Purchased in March 2019 at Coles for $25.00.

Value for Money
Breastfed Child No
Easy to PrepareYes
Caused Unease / Sickness No

Perfect transition from exclusively breastfed

My baby was exclusively breastfed until 10 months old. After hearing lots of troubles from other mums about their baby liking formula, I was glad aptamil sold sachets so I could try the formula on my baby before committing to a whole can. Also allowed me to have back up formula should I not be able to breastfeed for whatever reason (going out, unable to make it home in time etc). My baby likes the formula and took it straight away, so now she is 16 months and still drinking it as she prefers it to cows milk. Just leaving a bigger hole in my wallet, but at least I know she’s getting good nutrients

Purchased in May 2019.

Value for Money
Breastfed Child Yes
Easy to PrepareYes
Caused Unease / Sickness No


My baby boy loves this milk. Used this to wean him iff breasfeeding and he took to it well. Not too thin and fills him up. Not too pricey either. Very easy to prepare. Would highly recommend

Purchased in January 2019 at Woolworths for $24.00.

Value for Money
Breastfed Child Yes
Easy to PrepareYes
Caused Unease / Sickness No

Great Formula!

Baby enjoys drinking this formula. Baby has been having aptamil since birth. Does not have a strange smell and baby does not get constipated or has diarrhoea. Paired with the right feeding bottle baby had minimal colic when he was less than 6 months old. Formula is also easy to prepare and dissolves in lukewarm water easily. Love this formula. My daughter also was on the Aptamil range when she was a baby. It also has a good stock supply in most groceries. Aptamil also has the sachets for sale, which is good for trials so you don’t have to buy the whole can or good to bring for short travels.

Great formula for baby!

Recommend aptamil formula- baby has been using it since birth and we have had no problems. Easy to use and measure. Stocked at a variety of places and easy to find. Also comes in travel sachets which is really handy when going on trips! Baby enjoyed the taste and it stayed fresh!

Great baby formula

Have tried a lot of baby formula brand but my son just refused to drink them so that my sister recommend this aptamil gold+ 2 for my son. After my son tried it, he seem really love it! This formula is quite easy to prepare even if outdoor i still can prepare it.

Only one

My babies have always been happy to enjoy the bottle when given. There has been no reactions by any of the children. The formula is very easy go prepare if your organised. The quality of the product has not changed and have stuck by it. Travels well when needed also which is s bonud6

Didn’t work for our baby.

We gave our baby Aptamil since birth on our hospitals recommendation. It was fine until we changed to gold 2 at six months. Our baby suffered from reflux and was medicated. We even used the thickener to help. At about 7 months the reflux started getting better but instead hour Baby would projectile vomit everything that they drank. Even after burping. Baby is now 10 months and the projectile has become more frequent and its only during feeds. There are no allergies to any food but they are flat out refusing the formula. We have noticed that the formula smells absolutely putrid after the baby is finished drinking. We haven’t used the thickener for a few weeks as the reflux is better. Our baby doesn’t projectile every feed but it got to at least once a day. It was only ever the formula that did it. We decided to change the formula within a week of a completely different brand our baby is drinking so much better. It isn’t a fight anymore. There’s no projectile vomiting and no putrid smell. I personally feel terrible feeding my baby someone that made me sick to smell it.

Good product

This is a good product, my baby liked it. This product also helped my baby for colic discomfort and tummy pain. Its easily available in the shops. It gets a bit frothy when you make it, this is the only thing which i don't like comparatively other baby formula i used before.

Perfect for my baby

Aptamil has always been the milk we used as my baby was born premature. The doctors at king edward memorial hospital have always recommended this milk. My baby has grown so nicely and healthy and premature seems like a far talk now. This milk was also recommended by my friends and family.

Really easy to drink

Formula is a bit more on expensive side compared to there but well worth the price. Really easy to prepare as per instructions. Baby enjoys drinking this over others. She has a sensitive tummy but since having this, she does not spit up or have any tummy pains anymore. Really happy I switched to this brand and will not change again.

Very good

We selected this formula due to the lower protein content compared to other brands.

Our baby was mixed feed until 10 months old when we chose to use formula full time.

Baby seemed very happy drinking it with no side effects noted. The only issue was it look a little extra time to properly mix the formula in the bottle.

Generally this formula was available, unlike the profutura which is constantly sold out.

Very good produce

My kids is already 4 years old but sometimes supermarket is out of stock of formula stage 3 or 4
so we have to bought the stage 2.it is not bad and the nutrition even more better than stage 3 or 4 because I compare it with stage 3 and 4
it is good and my kid like it


When my baby was less then 1year old, i always fed her with this products since a lot of people say the brand is very good. My girl is very healthy and energetic maybe i chose a good fomular for her. She never refused or had bad reaction with this products.

Perfect formula

We chose Aptamil as it is used at the local hospital where bub was delivered. Readily available from our local Coles, often at a small discount. Bub seems happy with it. Ratio of milk to water may be different from other brands (eg Bellamys) so make sure you read the instructions. Our only minor gripe is that the scoop has a silly design where you will inadvertently get some powder on the handle.

Fix the rings to open!!

Great formula BUT this is the second time this has happened! The ring is now so thin and flimsy to open I’ve cut my finger on the ring to open. It used to be so easy to open and now the ring splits and can cause seriously injury to the parent. I’m now bleeding (again) as the metal ring broke.

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Hi Nicky, sorry to hear this has happened. Please contact the Careline either online at www.aptanutrition.com.au (email/livechat) or call 1800 438 500. Kind regards - Nutricia Careline

Great choice for infants

Although hard to find in Melbourne because of the Chinese Daigous picking them off the shelves and shipping overseas, but certainly a great choice for infants. Odorless and easy to prepare. Good alternative to mother's milk. Our little princess enjoys drinking it and no fuss. There were no side effects or issues either.

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Hi Sam, happy to hear it's working for your little one but sorry you're struggling to find it. Please send us an email/livechat through www.aptanutrition.com.au or call 1800 438 500 if you need help. Kind regards - Nutricia Careline


The Aptamil formula & this one in particular has worked well for our baby.
It mixes rather easily & is easily digested by our little one.
We transitioned from breast milk to this formula with no issues whatsoever.
The price is on par with others in the range & found in all supermarkets.

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Questions & Answers

Hi my child is over 1 year old and I start Aptamil 3 for her but she get diarrhea and dr said stop that and continue with Aptamil 2. It’s more than 2 weeks her diarrhea is not getting better. I’m so confused what to do and what shall I give to her. Please help me
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Hi Mary, the stage 3 Aptamil Gold + has higher levels of prebiotics ( for bowel health ) and also has a higher proportion of casein to whey ( amongst other differences). Some babies are particularly sensitive to this and some have digestive changes which should settle after a week or two. Please call us on our Careline 1800 438 500 if your baby is still unsettled so we can help. Kind regards, Hilary Reg.Nutritionist

My baby don’t like the taste of Nan comfort, Is this one help my baby to like the taste also put on weights!because he didn’t put on much more weight because of poor drinking milk, my baby is very fussy eater, if it’s work then I will try this?
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hi there, looking for formula for 4 months old ? i would like to top him up at night....but my only concern is the expiry....do I need to use it within 4 weeks after opening? and why? thank u
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Hi Deikata, Once a tin has been opened, it needs to be used within 4 weeks. Formula is a milk product and can and will go off. After 4 weeks the vitamins and minerals also degrade and no longer meet the levels stated on the tin’s nutritional information panel. Even though you may be careful about opening the tin every time you use it, each time the lid is opened the formula is exposed to potential contamination. As formula is food source for babies as well as bacteria, keeping a tin past four weeks will put your baby at risk of a tummy upset. It is a good idea to put the date you opened the tin on the plastic re-closure lid. This way you can keep track on how long a tin has been open. Storing an open tin in the fridge or freezer is not recommend either as moisture will get into the powder and cause clumping. I hope this has clarified thing for you, but if you require further information, please ring on our toll-free number 1800 438 500 and one of our product specialists will be able to assist you. Thanks - Nutricia Careline


Aptamil Gold+ 2
CategoryBaby Formulas
Price (RRP) $24.99
AgeFollow-On (6-12 Months)
Contains Cow's Milk Yes
Contains Soy No
Dominant Protein Whey
Contains GOS prebioticsYes
Release dateMay 2008
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