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Aptamil Gold+ 3

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4.2 from 39 reviews


  • Value for Money
    4.5 (6)
  • Breastfed Child Yes (25%) · No (75%)
  • Easy to PrepareYes (83%) · No (17%)
  • Caused Unease / Sickness Yes (0%) · No (100%)



  • 4 reviews



May baby boy always drinks Aptamil since his 4 months. The stage 3 formula smells better than the stage 1 & 2, and much similar to the regular milk.
It is easy to prepare and dissolves good, My boy really loves it. I highly recommended it to my friends and they are also satisfied with it.

Grant Stock

Grant StockBrisbane

  • 14 reviews

My daughter loves it!


Bought the Aptamil Gold formula range for my daughter, who is now just over 2 yr old. Whilst it is hard to get excited about baby formula, this one is easy to mix and is good consistency, and my daughter doesn’t hesitate to drink it. Only problem is availability and price, but all baby formulas appear to be in the same boat in this regard.



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It is good but not the best


Aptamil Gold+3 is very easy to get from Coles! I was thinking to change bellamy to aptamil because it is much cheaper than bellamy and A2. But my baby doesn't seem enjoy that much. Maybe the other one is better. Some of my friend's kid like it a lot though.

That is great


Both my two kids love it very much, They used to drink it starting from stage 1 until stage 3.
it is easy to prepare , just follow the easy instruction .It is not hard to buy it from store or supermarket. It is a great and nice formula .

Jue W


  • 4 reviews

Good price with good quality


This is is much easier to prepare and purchase. Unlike A2, you could find it at almost every shopping center.
And my baby enjoy it very much. We buy Aptamil from stage 1 to 3, and now we determine to continue to buy it for stage 4. I trust it.

Joyce Y

Joyce YMelbourne

  • 7 reviews
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Good choice for your baby


Aptamil is easy to prepare. I usually to give a2 baby formular to my baby but now a2 is very difficult to buy in the market,then I change to aptamil gold. My baby like it as well,but last time I taste a little bit, I think it is a little bit sweet for the baby.


neonlightMacquarie Park, 2122

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Can't live without this for my Toddler


Excellent baby formula. Easy to dissolve. My toddler loves his milk and quite particular in its taste.

No side effects what so ever been having it for a year.

Pros: Easy to dissolve. Tastes great. Toddler loves it.
Cons: Hard to find/source. Thank you for daigous and people exporting overseas!

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Nutricia Careline T.Aptamil

David Cheng

David ChengAU

  • 5 reviews
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best formula


the formula is easy to prepare. you just give a cup of water ,worm water not too hot ,mix the formula as show in the mannual .it is done.it is very easy.
my 3 kids like it cos it is yummy.
I have not see any side effects so far.


StolzMid North Coast NSW

  • 5 reviews

Good but constipated my bub


But disappointed in this one. My daughter has been on the Aptimal AR formula from 4-12 months due to bad reflux, and it was fantastic! Swapped to the toddler milk at 12 months and although she likes the taste and everything else is as good as the AR, it unfortunately constipates her.

My boy loves it, the only formula he prefers!


Very easy for preparing. No side effects by observing and the little one really loves it. It gives us a peace of mind for his nutritional supplement as we don't need to make extra efforts for his regular food. I guess that's the reason why it is always run out from the supermarket shelves.

Good quality product


My child loves it. Usually when children are sick - they don't eat or drink anything. Thanks to this formula drink, my kid loves it and even takes it when he is down, It is a very high quality product. I worry, why this product is not available readily on the store


AnnaHervey Bay

  • 3 reviews
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They shouldn't have changed ingredients


My bub had been on Aptamil Gold since birth as I was unable to breastfeed. All was fine when we first moved up to #3 and there were no issues for months. Then we started the tins that said there had been changes to the ingredients. He began to get constipated. I thought bub had an upset tummy so I kept giving the formula. It continued. When I looked it up online I then realized it could be the formula so I queried a customer service rep, and as you can imagine, apparently it's my fault, "it must have been something they ate". I changed brands of formula & bub hasn't had any more problems.


camoi2408Sydney, NSW

  • 4 reviews

Great formula to try for your baby


I've used a number of formulas (thank God bub is very easy with formula switching!), love this and NAN HA (though NAN HA bub seems to get hungry faster and too many bowel movements 2-3 if drinking over 600ml).

Bub got constipated with Nuture Gold (not badly constipated but you'd want to add more water than the normal recommendation to prevent it) and same goes for Nan Pro.

Will give 5 stars if dissolving better (its leave sandy residues)



  • 5 reviews

Good but impossible to find


I have not been able to get my hands on a can of this for at least 6 months, been to at least 30 diffrent pharmacies/supermarkets in Sydney and it is non-existent. I think it is a good product and my daughter loves it but Karicare make it impossible to find this anywhere.
I think the product really does strenghten immune system. My baby is never sick.
Can't buy it anywhere



  • 7 reviews

If only it dissolved!


I didn't want to rate this as bad, but it isn't really ok either. I like that it has added extras, like omega 3, that other brands don't have. Unfortunately there is always lumps of formula left in the bottle no matter how long I shake it for. Occasionally these get stuck in the teat and reduce the flow of the milk. i would expect better considering it's the dearest brand at woolworths. Lastly, my six month old daughter struggles to drink 200ml, even though the recommended amount is 250ml. The SMA brand that we used previously was 180ml for a six month old. Although SMA has a higher percentage of casein so I assume it isn't as gentle on her tummy as Aptamil.
Added fish oil
difficult to dissolve, very large amount recommended

Best formula in the world


Karicare Aptamil Gold+ formula are the best formula all over the world. It is good for the baby, also it can supply all the things the baby need. I will share this produce for all of my friends who have the baby and who gonna to have the baby. Cheers.
Good for the baby
too sweet

Diarrhoea and sandy residue


The first bottle gave my toddler diarrhoea. Before I cleaned the second bottle, I noticed sand like residue at the bottom of the bottle. This residue did not dissolve over 24 hours. I called them and got a "it's normal" response. Well, if anyone likes to eat sand, then that's what it tastes like. Surely this is damaging for the young tummies.

Check the bottom of the bottle and you'll realise that the powder does not dissolve, even over 24hours!


MikaSublimeSA, 5244

  • 9 reviews
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My daughter loves this


After making the switch to cows milk at 12 months old my daughter started picking up colds all the time so i decided to start using a toddler formula. After alot of research i decided this was the one for my daughter as it had heaps of vitamins and minerals, prebiotics, omega 3 and it was a natural flavour not flavoured with vanilla. Oh and my daughter loves it



  • 6 reviews



I found this product disgraceful!! My toddler who had only ever been healthy and never had nappy rash developed the most awful nappy rash within 12 hours of being given this formula. His poor little bum was so red and blistered. I asked the nurse about this and she said that this stuff is the WORST stuff you can give toddlers.... it's pretty much not even formula as much as it is vanilla-flavoured milk. I switched baby to regular cow's milk and rash went away within 2 days. The whole tin (95% full) went straight into the bin.
I wrote a letter to the company about this, and received no reply.

gave my 1-year-old TERRIBLE nappy rash

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