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Aptamil Gold+ 4

Aptamil Gold+ 4

4.3 from 23 reviews

Great for babies

Have been using for my baby since 3 months old.my baby likes the taste .no side effects.
Tried another brand aswell when i was not able to get aptamil in chemist shop near me.but she was not able to take other powders.
Easy to prepare.. with no side effects
Thanks to Aptamil

This has been a great product

Formula is average price and gentle on tummies. My son loves the taste and I have been using it since he was three months. He is now two and drinks cows milk but can be a fussy eater so when he is not eating properly I top him up with this formula. This is a great way to get some extra nutrients into him.

Best formula

First of all this formula suits my baby. I have tried different formula but that does not suits my baby n had flu, blocked nose and some time vomit. My baby enjoys this formula as it tastes
great. This formula is also easy to make. The scoop provided with this makes it easy to make.

Good for my daughter

The formula is easy to prepare . I got a 4 yeat old daughter who really likes the taste of this compared to other brands. I do not notice any bad side effects to her. It is a bit pricey compared to others but she likes it so I cannot complain.

My son loves it

I used to feed my son with a2, but unfortunately it is not easy to buy a2 formula, so I switch to Aptamil Gold+3. My son loves it immediately. The formula is easy to prepare, and I think it melts quickly than a2. My son drinks two or three times a day. There’s no side effects in him and I am going to feed him stage 4 when he turns to 2 years old.

very good

The formula is easy to prepare, and the iron box seems very attractive on the shelf of the supermarket. But I think baby doesn't love it so much, although has showed some interest in the beginning, perhaps I feed him almost every day with the powered milk, my baby begin to dislike it. At present I didn't realise and side effects in my baby.

great formula

Easy absorbed in warm water, no fishy smell,great nutrition. My friends kids have this too. Pure milk resources from new Zealand, just love it. Only problem is that they are always out of stock, so hard to buy them from supermarket,. Because there are too many Chinese shoppers send them to overseas.


I chose Bellamy at the first, however, the baby had constipation after 2 weeks, I tried to water the formular a bit, however, it still doesn't work, then I changed to Aptamil, the sympton disappeared after a week, feel a bit released, used it so far, the sympton doesn't come back.

Love it!

We have been buying this for as long as I can remember. We currently have 3 kids all on this formula at the moment. My 3 seem to enjoy it very well. My kids have been happier and fuller since we started on Aptamil Gold+ 4. As a large family, we found preparation on the go super easy and fast.

Used it the longest

We often Chopped and changed formulas testing a lot of what was out there for short periods of time to see which worked the best for her this one was the one we used for the longest and was most satisfied with the results it seemed to last a fair while in comparison as well


MOre than 1 year Very fast, buy this for a long time with different period time
I have no comments, Feeling good
The notice is good and everything is ok. Right now I do not get much feedback about the side effect towards the baby right now, So I think its ok

hard to find

This is easy to prepare and my daughter really want it. However they are not always available I wonder why they are hard to get nowadays. No side effect in my daughter and she seems to like it a lot. please produce more some are selling it higher in ebay which im hesitant to buy

Best formula in the market

I tried many formula but this is by far the best for my daughter. She likes it so much. It is easy to measure & dissolves quick even in cold water. No bad side effects like diarrhea. The only problem is it is always out of stock in the grocery so i try to hoard them if i saw many. I would definitely keep using this.

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Hi Kesi, so glad to hear it's working and your little one loves it! If you get stuck and can't find it you can go onto our direct ordering website www.mumstore.com.au. Thanks - Nutricia Careline

Please produce more

It is really hard to buy one in supermarket or pharmacy these stores. Hardly to see, only can see high price in eBay. I bought two cans for $60 plus additional $12 shipping cost, which is normal $21 per can in supermarket. The formula itself is good and easy to use.

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Hi Jess, Sorry to hear you are having difficulty locating the Aptamil Gold+ stage 4. You can buy the formula online at www.mumstore.com.au. Thanks - Nutricia Careline

Good for Chinese baby

This brand is not the most expensive one in Au market, so it has a good price.
My 2 kids both enjoy this brand. It is good for Chinese babies, and it is easy to be absorbed.
My kids are both very healthy. No any side effects in my kids.

My kid's favorite milk

This is the favorite milk of my 3 and half year old kid . I tried the cheaper ones aside from Aptamil but she doesn't like them so i stick to this milk since then. So far my kid is enjoying it and no side effects or whatsoever. Very easy to prepare.

great for little toddlers

We have tried many other such as S26 Nan etc. We've tried many different formulas before, we have finally settled on this particular brand. It seems to taste nicer than many other brands and our boy's stomach tolerate this more than the other brands. It's also better to stick to the same brand and progress through the number.

My Baby seems to like it.

This formula is very easy to prepare. My Baby enjoys it very much. There are no visual side effects. One bad thing though, it's very hard to find as the supply is always low at local stores. It would be good if it comes in chocolate flavour. My baby loves chocolate.

We both love it

I've always used Aptamil since day one. In Ireland we used it and when we moved here we continued on it. My question is, because my daughter is only petite(2yr old weighing just 7.5kg) is there a follow on milk or is number 4 the last one? And how long can she stay on it? Thank you in advance. Abby

My Baby Didn't Like It Aptamil Gold 4

My son just turned 2 so I switched to no. 4. He didn't like the new version as well and refused to drink any formula after one try. It did smell and tasted sweeter than the old version. It was disappointing as my baby has had Aptamil ever since he was a few months old. I am now using another formula.

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Questions & Answers

I want to know if my 4 year old daughter can use aptamil gold 4??? Thank's so much
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Hi Thanh, Your daughter is able to drink the Aptamil Gold+ stage 4. The Aptamil Gold+ stage 4 is suitable for a 4 year old as long as the formula is part of a healthy, nutritious diet and your daughter has no more than 400ml a day. Please give us a ring on our toll-free number (1800 438 500) and one of our dietitians or nutritionists will be happy to assist you if you have further questions. Thanks - Aptamil Careline


Gold+ 4
Price (RRP) $20.99
Contains Cow's Milk Yes
Contains Soy No
Contains GOS prebioticsYes
Release dateMay 2008
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