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The supermarkets have run out of Gold+1,Gold+2 and more again and I am wondering if I can supplement with Gold+HA as I have my granddaughter and am worried about her getting unwell
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Does this formula contain fish oil?????
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Yes, the Omega 3 DHA is sourced from fish oil. Please feel free to give the Nutricia Careline a call on 0800 438 500 (NZ) or 1800 438 500 (AUS) if you have any further questions.

Since starting the formula my baby is suffering from constipation and bad wind. He only goes every 8-10 days and explosive. I’ve tried s26 except the wind pain was extreme. Just wondering if I should change is formula or if there is something I can do? - he only gets one bottle a day which is at night.
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Hi Christa, I'm sorry to hear your little one has been having some troubles. Please feel free to give the Nutricia Careline a call on 0800 438 500 (NZ) or 1800 438 500 (AUS) to discuss what might be going on with your little one and whether there might be a better milk choice for them.

Hi my 8 weeks daughter has been on aptamil gold since last week. The milk seems to be very frothy and she is passing lot of wind. Can froth cause wind or is this Normal? Should we prepare the milk in advance so the froth settles?
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Hi there Dolly. We do expect babies to be quite windy for the first 12-16 weeks of life as their gut microbiota develop. The NZ base powders used in Aptamil Gold+1 do appear to make more foam/froth on top of the milk when shaken vigorously. A gentle swirling to mix or rocking backwards and forwards with the wrist should make the milk up with less froth/foam. The foam will stay on top of the milk so won’t affect baby whilst drinking. It's better to make the milk fresh for each feed to keep risk as low as possible. The Australian Guidelines advise discarding a bottle of mixed milk after 1 hour at room temperature. Most modern bottles have 'anti-colic' valves, so that the air from the froth does not get swallowed by the baby. The foam will stay on top of the milk so won’t affect baby whilst drinking. Our quality team have checked and believe the foam/froth will not impact the delivery of the formula to the baby or increase the level of ‘wind’ or ‘gas’. DO feel free to call us on our toll free number 1800 438500 if you'd like to talk this through with one of our Dietitians, Nutritionists or Midwives. Thanks from Kristin at the Nutricia Careline

I have a 4 week old, I tried another brand of formula once and my little girl sufffered badly from constipation. Any advice to introduce this correctly?
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I tried other brands on my little one and she had the same issues. I didn't have that problem with Aptamal but it all varies on each babies tummy and what they will tolerate. It's sometimes a trial situation to see which ones suites. Aptamal has different ones for sensitive tummies as well. My little one had silent reflux so this one helped elevate that for her as well. She wasn't constipated on this one she loved it too. I started her at six weeks with mixed breast feeding as I weaned her off. I'm not sure if that made a difference.I forgot to add I used infants friend to help with wind and constipation. But best to speak to your doctor or chemist before using. It was amazing help.Hi Sarah, If you would like to call us on 1800 060 057 at the Careline, we would love to help you with your enquiry. Kind Regards Jeanette - Midwife Nutricia Careline

Hi my 5 week old daughter started on the aptimal gold+ but after a week she started to get constipated an was showing signs of colic so I put her on the aptimal constipation and colic she went good for a week but has now had diarrhoea for the last 5 days I spoke to my midwife an she said it is ok to mix the two together but I was wondering how to mix it together she was drinking 120 mls on the colic and constipation so should I do two scoops of that one and one of the gold+ or should I do two scoops of both?
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Can I add this formula with milk?
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Thank you for your query Niraj S. The Aptamil Gold+ for babies under 12 months (stage 1 and stage 2) are designed to be mixed as 1 scoop per 50ml water to provide the nutrients and energy that babies need from their milk. Mixing with any liquid other than cooled boiled water is not recommended and could be problematic for babies health. For toddlers over 12 months, the Aptamil Gold+ Nutritional Supplements (stage 3 and stage 4) are a whole milk drink with age-specific nutrients added. Concentrating a milk supplement by mixing with milk should only be done under the advice of your Dietitian or Doctor. Please do call us on 1800 438500 if you would like personalised advice for your little one. Thanks Nutricia Careline

Whst is the maximum time duration for the formula milk in water once the bottle has been made in case if the bub doesn't finishes it off??
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Hi Pre.K, It is recommended that a prepared bottle should be consumed immediately within 1 hour. Please discard the contents of partially used bottles after an hour. Thanks - Jenny, Nutricia Careline.

My baby don’t like the taste of Nan comfort, Is this one help my baby to like the taste also put on weights!because he didn’t put on much more weight because of poor drinking milk, my baby is very fussy eater, if it’s work then I will try this?
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Hi I just wanted to know that my baby is 1month old & I am using aptamil gold+ HA. He cries alot while doing his poop can aptamil gold+ HA cause constipation & colic?
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It has extra iron in it which can cause constipation in some babies I have found

Hi there, I started my son on Aptamil Gold +1 tonight, he was on Nan Gold but started refusing his bottles so i thought maybe he doesn't like the taste. He seems to like the Aptamil Gold+1 but i was wondering does anyone know why its so bubbly??
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Hello Tash1984, Even it's bubbly for us. The reason for us is we are using anati-colic bottle which releases the air while my LO is feeding and hence it forms bubbles. You can check if you are also using anti-colic bottle.Yeah I'm really not sure to be honest I thought the same thing I started my son on A2 milk and changed it for that exact reason but he seems to like the aptimilHi Tash1984, When infant formula is mixed with water and shaken, a stable foam will form on top of the milk. Milk proteins are excellent in producing foam bubbles as they are surface active molecules by nature. Different formulas will create a different level of foam depending on the processing parameters during manufacturing i.e. especially heat treatment. The fat and proteins in the formula help to stabilise the foam (keep the bubbles from popping). To minimise the froth we recommend adding the measured scoops to the water, then capping the bottle and rocking and swirling it to mix, rather than shaking it up and down. This produces less froth. If there is still powder that has not dissolved you can give the bottle a quick shake. You can follow this with another round of rocking and swirling to mix to reduce any bubbles that may have formed during the shaking. If your baby does swallow some of the froth, make sure your baby is burped during and after the feed. Burping baby will bring up any air that baby may have swallowed. Please contact us on our toll-free number 1800 438 500 or Livechat us from our NutriciaCareline.com.au website if you have further queries. Nutricia Careline

I can’t get this to dissolve without it ending up looking like a milk shake - any suggestions? It also stinks!? And the scoop is super annoying as it collected powder on the handle??!
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Don't shake it so hard or try to dissolve the powder with your spoon as if dissolving sugar in water.

My daughter was 2.5 kg at birth and a dietian recommended using 3 scoops to 120 mls rather than the 150mls. Consequently she has had problems with constipation. Is the 30mls less each feed the likely cause of this issue?
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Hi Ktj, please give us a call on 1800 438 500 so one of our midwives/dietitians/nutritionists can help you out. Kind regards - Nutricia CarelineHi there, You should follow the dosage on the pack. If you start adding extra formula - the baby will get constipated. Normally for constipation I would add an extra 5mls of water. But DONT add any extra scoops of formula. I'm sure this would be very heavy on their small tummy. When my baby was 6-7 months I added a teaspoon or two of Cerelac - it dissolves, and easier on tummy, helps to keep them fuller and of course add a bit of weight. I hope this helps - it's a very good formula - one of the best in my opinion - use it as it's described and your baby I'm sure will be regular and happy.?

What is the specific DIFFERENCE between pro nutra gold + and pro futura? I cant find an answer ive tried to call aptamil but it keeps disconnecting
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Hi Gem, Sorry to hear that you haven't been able to contact us. Please give us a ring on 1800060057 or e mail us on nutriciacareline@danone.com and one of our Careline team will be happy to assist you. Thanks – Nutricia CarelineWhat was the response? I too have been searching to find the difference

hi there, looking for formula for 4 months old ? i would like to top him up at night....but my only concern is the expiry....do I need to use it within 4 weeks after opening? and why? thank u
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Hi Deikata, Once a tin has been opened, it needs to be used within 4 weeks. Formula is a milk product and can and will go off. After 4 weeks the vitamins and minerals also degrade and no longer meet the levels stated on the tin’s nutritional information panel. Even though you may be careful about opening the tin every time you use it, each time the lid is opened the formula is exposed to potential contamination. As formula is food source for babies as well as bacteria, keeping a tin past four weeks will put your baby at risk of a tummy upset. It is a good idea to put the date you opened the tin on the plastic re-closure lid. This way you can keep track on how long a tin has been open. Storing an open tin in the fridge or freezer is not recommend either as moisture will get into the powder and cause clumping. I hope this has clarified thing for you, but if you require further information, please ring on our toll-free number 1800 438 500 and one of our product specialists will be able to assist you. Thanks - Nutricia Careline

My baby is four months old and i'm using the aptamil AR Gold + formula but he is getting constipated. I do offer water but we are still having the problem. Any help? Thanks leanne
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Hi Leanne Sorry to hear about your baby's constipation problem. Please give us a ring on 1800060057 and one of our Careline team will be happy to assist you. Thanks – Nutricia Careline

Im wandering is the the same as APTAMILS PRONUTRA 1 made in GERMANY? as I cannot find the product we used from germany in australia. if not the same what is the equivalent to the one in germany
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Hi MandyP, welcome to Australia! Please contact us on 1800 438 500 or email/livechat through www.aptanutrition.com.au and we'd be happy to find you a suitable alternative. Kind regards - Nutricia Careline

Hi there , I have bought a few cans of aptamil stage 3 from palm spring pharmacy , but I just realize that they are no nutrica label on the left side of cans , meanwhile the formula was made on the 11/6/2017. Is anyone has this issue ?because I have searched all the aptamil products with nutrica research on it . Thank you so much . I am so worried right now and have drank for 3 cans
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Hi Jodi, We have recently made some changes to the packaging of the toddler milk cans. Please give us a ring on our toll-free number 1800 438 500 and one of our health care professionals will be happy to explain these changes to you. Thanks - Aptanutrition

Hi Just wondering can we pre make the formula and store in the fridge made for 24hours? We are using 6 Dr Browns bottles to store pre mixed formula ready to feed.
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Hi Tracey, We don't recommend premaking our formula and storing it. We follow the Australian Health Department Guidelines that state where you can you should make up formula straight before a feed. To make your life easier, you can measure out the cooled boiled water in your bottles and store them on the kitchen bench (they don't need to be refrigerated) and then just warm and add the powder as you need. Thank you for contacting us and if you need any other assistance, please contact us on our Careline on 1800 438 500 - Nutricia Careline"you can measure out the cooled boiled water in your bottles and store them on the kitchen bench (they don't need to be refrigerated) and then just warm and add the powder as you need." If we pre-measur the boiled water in the bottle.....can I warm the bottle of boiled water in MICROWAVE, then add the powder in? Thank you FiHello Fi, The concern with warming the water in the microwave is that there can be hot patches in the water after heating. We just encourage that if you are going to use this form of heating that you shake the bottle after heating to disperse any hot spots. - Nutricia Careline

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