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My girl's choice

It is my girl's choice of the formula. I tried NAN and Bellamy for her in the past as well but it seemed that she like this formula best. It is difficult to buy one so when you see the products in stock, just buy them. It is creamy, easy for digestion and provides good nutrition for the babies. I didn't notice any side effects on my girl.

Purchased in November 2018 at Coles.

Value for Money
Breastfed Child No
Easy to PrepareYes
Caused Unease / Sickness No

Perfect for my little one

I tried a few formulas before my little on settled on this one. It was gentle on my little ones stomach and she loved the taste. It helped with silent reflux and filled her up well. She gained the right amount of weight and the ingredients are good nutrients to help her when she caught colds or flu's.

Purchased in October 2018 for $22.00.

Value for Money
Breastfed Child No
Easy to PrepareYes
Caused Unease / Sickness Yes


Great product used with both our kids recommend by the pharmacist. Started using it, in the first week of their lives as we had trouble breastfeeding. We used it up to number 3. I wouldnt even bother with other brands

Purchased in January 2017.

Its ok

Baby loves drinking it and its easy to prepare. However I don't like how frothy it is. Have tried multiple ways of preparing it but seems to be the same result. I don't let her drink the last bit as it seems to affect her with gas. One good thing is her poos are regular as I have found on other formulas she gets quite constipated. Aptamil is better than A2 formula and also easy to find on shelves.

Great for babies

Have been using for my baby since 3 months old.my baby likes the taste .no side effects.
Tried another brand aswell when i was not able to get aptamil in chemist shop near me.but she was not able to take other powders.
Easy to prepare.. with no side effects
Thanks to Aptamil

Great Formula!

Baby enjoys drinking this formula. Baby has been having aptamil since birth. Does not have a strange smell and baby does not get constipated or has diarrhoea. Paired with the right feeding bottle baby had minimal colic when he was less than 6 months old. Formula is also easy to prepare and dissolves in lukewarm water easily. Love this formula. My daughter also was on the Aptamil range when she was a baby. It also has a good stock supply in most groceries. Aptamil also has the sachets for sale, which is good for trials so you don’t have to buy the whole can or good to bring for short travels.

Great formula for baby!

Recommend aptamil formula- baby has been using it since birth and we have had no problems. Easy to use and measure. Stocked at a variety of places and easy to find. Also comes in travel sachets which is really handy when going on trips! Baby enjoyed the taste and it stayed fresh!

first choice of milk

My baby is drinking this brand's milk since he was born. The formula is very easy go prepare if your organised. The quality of the product has not changed and have stuck by it. Travels well when needed. Delivered quickly and at no extra cost if you buy a few.

My baby loves it.

I bought this formula from my local coles supermarket. My little baby love to drink aptamil formula. I try buy many other formula before I reach this aptamil gold + formula. This formula seem to suit my baby without any side effects or bad reaction. This formula is super easy to prepare no issue happened.


My daughter enjoys drinking this formula, we have no issues and continues to put on weight. We have no side effects from drinking this formula (we're fortunate as other babies may have a diary allergy). The formula is easy to prepare, the instructions are on the can so it's not confusing at all.

Great for my child

This formula has worked very well for my son from day one. It goes down well and doesn't smell funny like some of the other ones do. He doesn't have any problems with eating or bathroom and seems quite enjoy the flavour. I will be using this one for my next child as well. I the only issues is that it is more pricey than some of the other brands and is often out of stock

My first choice of milk for my toddler

I really had hard time looking for milk next to enfamil when we arrived Australia. I'm glad that my sister in law introduce aptamil gold to me and now my daughter gains weight upon taking it. I buy 5 cans of 900g whenever we shop as sometimes it is out of stock. I need to buy lots of it since we only shop fortnightly and definitely would buy more coz my daughter loves it!

Great baby formula

Have tried a lot of baby formula brand but my son just refused to drink them so that my sister recommend this aptamil gold+ 2 for my son. After my son tried it, he seem really love it! This formula is quite easy to prepare even if outdoor i still can prepare it.

Baby loves it

My daughter has always been on Aptamil and she loves it. We did not dare to experiment with this any further. The availability is a bit of an issue with the product not available on the shelf most of the time. We always have to ask the attendant to fetch one from inside the storage.

It's a popular baby formula brand, just difficult to purchase sometimes.

My baby is drinking this brand's milk since he was born. He very enjoys drinking this formula. He is about 13-month old now. we already change to stage 3. Still, he seems very likes this formula. The problem is very hard to purchase at the supermarket, they always out of stock.

The best alternate to mother's milk

Aptimal gold 1 is thick and fills your baby up without blocking them on the otherside. Fed all three of my children this formula and found it better than other brands.
It helps little bodies develop fats and muscles and great development. Would highly rate this product and do recommend it to new mum's.

Only one

My babies have always been happy to enjoy the bottle when given. There has been no reactions by any of the children. The formula is very easy go prepare if your organised. The quality of the product has not changed and have stuck by it. Travels well when needed also which is s bonud6

Good formula

I have no issue with this baby formula. Aptamil gold + 3 provided enough nutrition to every age steps's baby. It is very easy to prepare. My wife also no issue with it. My daughter love it very much. Highly recommended to my friends and family members to try it.

Excellent Formula, Highly Recommended

Our baby enjoys this formula and took to it with no issues at all. Our baby didn’t have any side effects or negative reactions to drinking this formula. It is super easy to prepare, the instructions are simple to remember and it is worth the money - healthy and affordable for sure!

Great formula and ordering online a bonus when the shelves are empty

This formula was originally suggested by the hospital where I had my son. In honesty we kept the same formula as there were no issues rather than trying several. Easy on his stomach and when the supermarket shelves are empty you can order online which was amazing. Delivered quickly and at no extra cost if you buy a few.

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Questions & Answers

The supermarkets have run out of Gold+1,Gold+2 and more again and I am wondering if I can supplement with Gold+HA as I have my granddaughter and am worried about her getting unwell
No answers

Does this formula contain fish oil?????
1 answer
Yes, the Omega 3 DHA is sourced from fish oil. Please feel free to give the Nutricia Careline a call on 0800 438 500 (NZ) or 1800 438 500 (AUS) if you have any further questions.

Since starting the formula my baby is suffering from constipation and bad wind. He only goes every 8-10 days and explosive. I’ve tried s26 except the wind pain was extreme. Just wondering if I should change is formula or if there is something I can do? - he only gets one bottle a day which is at night.
1 answer
Hi Christa, I'm sorry to hear your little one has been having some troubles. Please feel free to give the Nutricia Careline a call on 0800 438 500 (NZ) or 1800 438 500 (AUS) to discuss what might be going on with your little one and whether there might be a better milk choice for them.


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Price (RRP) $24.99$24.99$20.99$20.99
AgeInfant (0-6 months)Follow-On (6-12 Months)Toddler (1+ year)
Contains Cow's Milk YesYesYesYes
Contains Soy NoNoNoNo
Dominant Protein WheyWhey
Contains GOS prebioticsYesYesYesYes
Release dateMay 2008May 2008May 2008May 2008

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