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Hi, My Aquamax 205 burner stays on heating the water non stop so the relief valve keeps discharge hot water every 1-2hrs. how do i fix this? (relief valve already replaced)
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which pressure relief valve is required for an Aquamax G390SS?
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I discovered it was 1400Kpa

Pilot lamp goes off often, why this happening?
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Hi Gerard, It could be one of a few things. Most common is a faulty gas control (thermostat) or a faulty thermocouple. Pretty simple fix.I replaced the thermocouple it's okay now Very easy,plumber ask $385 ,cost me only $20

I have an a Volcan Aqua Max. Piolet light went out, when relighting the ignighter it did not automatically move to the flame. Will it do this or will it just keep heating?
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I turned of gas to a Aquamax 205. Now i an unable to re start it with known instructions. Purchased a thermocouple and still no go. Pilot lights with button pressed but goes off as released even after 5 min of holding button down. Unit has worked perfectly for 15 years without a days trouble. Does any one have any ideas or solutions or is it grave yard time?
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I would recommend having it replaced, this will solve all your issues. The thermocouple won't be the issue in the case, it's likely the thermostat(gas valve is faulty). Having a new system fitted would be my recommendation.Nathan thanks for your reply. Your diagnosis of a faulty gas valve is absolutely correct. To replace it I was quoted approx $400 plus. A replacement unit of a NEW Aquamax 390 (same for same) cost $1477 from Hartley Plumbing on 0408135385. Other quotes came in at $2500 to $3000. Thanks Again...A tip however to everyone is never turn off the gas supply to any OLD Gas Appliance like Water Heating Units unless it is absolutely essential as old appliance never restart again without costing you money.....

G390SS has a constant over flow of hot water coming out of overflow valve. How can I stop it?
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There is a spring loaded tap on the overflow valve, operated by a curved silver coloured lever, that one pulls to open the valve and allow water out. I think it can be set to stay open. If you pull it and it was in the close position the flow should increase. If you push it down, the tap should close and the flow should stop. If it only slows then it is probably a faulty valve and you will need a replacement installed. That is probably a job for a plumber. If you open and close it a few time it may seal if a piece of dirt was in the way and stopping it from closing completely. The only other thing I can think of is that you mains pressure is very high and in that case you would need a pressure reducing valve to reduce the pressure to the heater. If it is too high, the valve will oer flow to protect the tank from pressure damage.

I have a gas aquMax G200N unit It I has two hot water outlets. I am only getting hot water in some tapes in the house. How do fix this? Andrew
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I have an AquaMax 390SS but I can get hot water only from one outlet at a time. If the shower is in use, we cannot turn on any other tap as the shower goes cold. An employee of the manufacturer advised me that the cold water supply pipeline to the unit should be 3/4" and not 1/2", but the plumber who installed the unit disagrees with the manufacturer's employee suggestion. The manufacturer's employee would not give me that advice in writing, so you make of it what you want.Hi Andrew. I can't help you with this question as I only had trouble with the pilot light going out.

Our AQUAMAX gas hot water system was working well for a number of years. But we now notice that the water is leaking in droplets from the drain outlet nonstop. Can somebody help? Thanks.
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The drain outlet is actually a pressure relief valve to release any excessive pressure in the system, you will find that this is faulty and is allowing the unit to release water at too low a pressure. It will need to be replaced as these are not repairable.Hi Try turning the dial down to may be 2.5 or 3. Your pressure may be due to the dial being high for your requirements.

I appear to have water flowing into my drainage system from my Aquamax HWS. As fast it fills, the HWS drains. If I switch off the water at the mains, the flow of water from the drain ceases. There are no leaks in any of my taps or other appliances. Nothing is coming out of the Aquamax overflow pipe. What does this mean? Does the Aquamax connect into my drainage system?
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I think you need to contact AquaMAX customer service for this question. I am only a customer who purchased one of their units, and certainly not associated with AquaMAX in any way.Call and ask the aqua max manager Noel - direct line 03 9556 5539

we have just installed a new aquamax 390 and set it at the temp it says and the client says it is delivering warm water we went back and set it at the high level and its made no difference we are licensed plumbers and this has not happened before. the gas pressure are right i did them myself so please can we have some answers
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are you a licensed plumber?Yes - I am a fully licensed plumber.Sorry Ben, unable to help....what does Aquamax say...try their service department.. My experience with Aquamax was very poor you may have better luck.....

Can a mixing valve be replaced on a aquamax gas hot water service?
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Hi Pet, I'm not a plumber and I don't have any experience with the Aquamax Gas HWS....this question is best answered by a plumber....I wrote my review on the Solar / Electric model. Sorry I couldn't help.

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