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Worked fine for a month.........

Had an Aquamax 200 for 16 years or so and I think the pilot went out once or twice in huge windstorms. Otherwise as reliable as a politician telling lies.

So I replaced it with a new G390SS which I understand is essentially the identical unit with a different mixing valve with a lower hot/mixed water outlet.

Fired it up and thought no more about it till a few days ago - no hot water. Huh!? Had a look and saw no pilot flame, so went through the simple procedure to re-light, which it did instantly. Only problem was that the pilot went out as soon as I released the knob.

AHA! - Must have a thermocouple problem, that could be the only thing. These are usually totally reliable, but could be considered a cheap consumable. Tested the thermocouple and found it to be working perfectly. So gave the thermostat/gas valve a few taps with a rubber mallet, hoping to free up the plunger which might have stuck, but no joy.

The thermostat/gas valve is the only "moving" part in the entire simple system, so had to replace the entire thing. The unit is now operating again with the new valve.

But I expected better than to have to replace the heart of the unit after 4 weeks.
It installed pretty much directly into the same location, only needed the hot outlet copper pipe redone.
It died after 4 weeks.

Aquamax Service

I recently purchased a Aquamax 390 ss and it had developed a minor internal leak. I spoke to Aquamax customer care on the Thursday afternoon and were very helpful. They sent a technician very promptly(on Saturday) of whom was also very helpful and fixed the problem without charge , under warranty.
Professional prompt service from both the service centre and the tradesman.

Very Impressive

Just had a new Aquamax Hot Water System installed and i'm very impressed with it, there is more than enough hot water for me the gas consumption is excellent its a 5.3 star energy efficient Hot water system. The guys at veekenplumbing.com.au were excellent they recommended it to me. Very happy with everything from wo to go.

Cost effective unit, running costs, performance

Shower tap not hot enough

All the other kitchen, bathroom taps are hot enough. But the shower tap isnt hot enough when i turn to the maximum temperature. took me a long time to figure it out. still dont know why it is like this. can anyone enlighten me how to make the shower tap hotter?

Poor Product with Poor Warranty

I have an 18 months old Aquamax Solar / Electric Hot water service which developed a water leak from the heater element seal. I contacted Aquamax for a warranty claim only to be informed the warranty was only 12 months and the element was not covered. I consider this period of warranty to be very poor indeed as hot water services are expected to last a long time and 12 months warranty offered by Aquamax reflects badly on their product which must be of very poor quality otherwise the Manufacturer would be prepared to back their product with a decent warranty...I would never buy another Aquamax Product and I advise potentual buyers to always research the product first..

Poor Quality with a Poor Warranty


Just after a year I had the same thing happen one morning BANG, been just passed the year warranty (like days!) I rang Aquamax and was told it was most likely the value and the seal had broken down because our water pressure in our area being stronger than the specs for the unit (GREAT) she recommended we install a pressure limited before we installed the new value (Would have been useful info to know before the unit went in!) Aquamax wouldn't cover the part or plummer but sent a plummer very quickly to fix unit think it was about $200. We have also had the pilot go out suddenly seems to have been fixed now after I cleaned every part back to brand new (Air Blew, Vacuumed, Wiped). LIKE a few of the other posts we installed the Aquamax unit to replace a fully functioning 20+yr old unit that was internal but never gave us or the previous owner any troubles. I would not buy any Aquamax product again.
Scald Proof Setting, Never runs out (even with the Kids).
BREAKDOWNS - Lack of info at time of install/servicing costs.

AQUAMAX Customer Service is Disgraceful!

It is very important that all potential customers of AQUAMAX be ware that they will sell you anything and be nice as long as you are paying them to come out. As soon as something doesn't work or there is an issue with the service or product failing they will refues to help.

The lady who answers the phone is rude and will not do anything to help.

We paid $130 for a service and replacement of valve. It immediately caused a banging noise from the hot water unit. This now occurs when using dishwasher, washing machine everything! It was not a coinicidence as they say. Whatever they did caused this to happen.

They denied all responsibility even though we never had this problem before and it started occuring immediately after they serviced the heater.

I strongly urge you to never use AQUAMAX!

Aquamax service

After our Aquamax hot water unit developed a leak rang Aquamax as the unit was only 3 years old. Instead of sending a service person to check what the problem was they fobbed me of with a story about the tank not been installed correctly. They haven't even looked at the unit!!!!

Poor customer service

12 months old Aquamax G270VE Pilot light goes out- windy or not. Unit leaks water from inside

Currently before South Australian Consumer Affairs.
Cyclone proof Aquamax G270VE pilot light goes out 5-6 times a day or may be ok for a couple of weeks. Plumber claims unit is ok. It is leaking water inside, continuously blows out and is hard to re-light. AQUAMAX G270VE installed by Adelaide 5 star plumbing south australia is a waste of space and money and the lack after sales service by five star plumbing is a disgrace. 5 star plumbing are not to be dealt with. They won't honour the products they sell.

Very bad warranty and excuse after excuse by Adelaide 5 star plumbers South Australia.

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Reply from Adelaide 5 Star Plumbing: We care about our customers and this review does not reflect a true picture of our business. The perfectly working hot water system this owner refers to had bought the ceiling down from a water leak and formed part of an insurance claim, the insurance company requested that we locate the hot water system outside as do the South Australian 5 Star rules. Here is our side of the story. Before we installed the new Aquamax hot water service we tested the gas line as we do for every job as per AS5601 and identified that there was a problem with the 30+ year old galvanised gas service. A non compliance was issued to the owner which in layman terms means that we didn't turn the gas of to cause the owner undue hardship as the leak was identified at the time as outside and minimal, the owner was advised to get a new gas line and a legal certificate of non compliance form was issued and the owner accepted gas safety liability. (It's a nice way of saying we wont turn your gas off today but you must act) Fast forward approximately one year......we are contacted to review the performance of this hws by a very angry Chris and discover that the gas line has not been replaced, still leaks and now has worse restricted flow. The owner tries to demand that we blow the gas line out with compressed air. We say no....Why? The gas pipe is old and leaks for one and oh if you blow air into a pipe containing gas and a rusty metal flake makes a spark guess what happens bang house? What house? (We politely refused) Secondly Water coming from the Aqua max is called condensation. This is because it is a 5 star condensing hot water service and it makes water from the gas flame as a product of combustion! Before you disbelieve us check out your physics and chemistry notes! We have no control over this. Facts: Aquamax are incorrect to blame Adelaide 5 Star Plumbing, and have not contacted us. We may review our choices. Consumer Affairs have not contacted us as there is no case to answer. The Aquamax has its own warrantee which is honoured when the gas supply is good. I advised of the problem on the day of installation. Until the gas pipe is change it wont work properly guaranteed, it is a waste of time changing the metre and calling in Aquamax. Unfortunately everything fails in time including gas lines. A screen shot of this page has been taken and retained for our future records. Regards, Adelaide 5 Star Plumbing


This is the second Aquamax I have owned. Previous one AquaMax 200 16 years of service then the thermocouple went on the fritz.It was not worth replacing a second time as the as the new unit promised to save me some dollars. So far so good.
Extremely good recovery and easy install and adjust. Clear view of the burner and pilot compared to the old unit. No fuss. Even looks good, not that it matters much.
Nothing yet.

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Thermocouple replacement cost for Aquamax 200: $25 plus labour (but you can do it yourself quite easily). No need to replace entire unit


Disappointed with the unit that has so much praise heaped on it. We believe the press but have been disappointed by the premature repair which is almost half the price of the unit.
Like any other hot water unit
Has cost $ 425 in repairs two and a half years after installation


AVOID THIS UNIT. The unit is faulty. The company does not address issues, such as the pilot light, but blames the gas providers (which we know were not responsible).
it is fine when, or IF it works
We replaced an old hot water system which was about 18-19 years old (and which was still running).
A few weeks after its installation the pilot light went off. We phoned AquaMAX. [name censored] from AquaMAX said, that it was problems with the gas company, and not the unit. We re-lit the pilot light. It went off another 3-4 times - once a week. It seemed to run fine for another 10 months. On 27 December it went "bang". Water spewed everywhere. It is still under warranty and they can't/won't do anything for a few days!!

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Reading all the comments. Mine blew out 1 week after installing. I told the gas installer to increase the size of the pilot light flame ( screwdriver adj.) The heater has been faultless now since 1994. Local Elgas tech. Plumbers know little about adjusting appliances.


As stated above very happy with the fact its aussie made, and so far it never seems to run cold, even after the family all have showers. Wish it did come in a larger capacity, as whilst the family grows, im sure we will be running out of hot water. Definitely recommned this hot water system. And its definitely value for money.
Very happy with the fact its aussie made, and so far it never seems to run cold, even after the family all have showers. It was recommended to me from a few plumbers i know, and im glad i listened to them.
Wish it did come in a larger capacity, as whilst the family grows, im sure we will be running out of hot water.


Excellent unit. 2nd AquaMax I've had (different houses). Wouldn't look anywhere else now. Excellent warranty (not that I've used it). Really fast to heat up if needing almost continuous hot water supply.
Fast, never ending supply of hot water. Mixer feature is unbeatable. Easy to operate. Small footprint
None that I can think about.


The pilot light went off without any reasons when it was 10 months old but I did not take any action because I thought it was due to heavy wind. Since then, the pilot light would go off about once a fortnight, so I made a call to AquaMAX but was told that it was 24 days beyond the 12 months warranty, so I would have to pay all of costs etc. My experience is that AquaMAX is not as good as my old Rheem which served me more than 17 years without any problem. I was told they had many happy customers and so it seems they don't care about the problem I experienced.
Works excellently for the first ten months.
The pilot light goes off without any reasons.


We have had this unit for about 12 months now and have never run out of hot water. Seems to be very efficient for a gas heater. It wasn't the cheapest unit around but also wasn't the dearest either. Highly reccommended.
Solid Build, Efficient, Heaps of storage
Not much but I wish it was Solar Powered


this is a great hot water system we have had one installed here at muy home for just over 3 months now and not like other the hot water runs out pretty fast and uses lots of power but with this not only that is a 5 start energy rating but your saving money every time it heats up this is great as we have 8 people here in our home and not once this has run out of hot water this system should be in every home i give this a 10 out of 10 this is one great system with no regrets
that theirs always hot water
that i agree that its not solar powered


Would only buy AquaMax brand in future other steel liners just dont last compared to the AquaMax stainless steel liner. The quick recovery is an excellent selling point and is cheap to run on Natural gas.

February 5th 2018 Update: These really are EXCELLENT GAS HWS .

This HWs supplies water at 72c all the time. I dont fiddle with the mixer- I leave it on max heat , minimum supply. Some of you may NOT have followed the directions to use this- You CANT just twiddle the knob with the screwdriver - you follow a set of steps.
Mine went out in first windstorm- the plumber adjusted the flame height a bit bigger and has never been back.
This HWS is big enough for 5 people- running cold- turn up the heat ! READ THE MANUAL it is explicit with temps and hot water amounts and recovery.Has excellent recovery from large burner.
Prices for parts? Look on Ebay under Aquamax gas for the real price. I replaced the ignitor and thermocouple for 50 $ Screw out screw back in and tighten.
Long lasting stainless liner / burner. Quick recovery, inbuilt tempering/ mixer valve.Excellent value. No service needed since installation.
Nothing this is a solid unit!

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Questions & Answers

Hi, My Aquamax 205 burner stays on heating the water non stop so the relief valve keeps discharge hot water every 1-2hrs. how do i fix this? (relief valve already replaced)
No answers

which pressure relief valve is required for an Aquamax G390SS?
1 answer
I discovered it was 1400Kpa

Pilot lamp goes off often, why this happening?
2 answers
Hi Gerard, It could be one of a few things. Most common is a faulty gas control (thermostat) or a faulty thermocouple. Pretty simple fix.I replaced the thermocouple it's okay now Very easy,plumber ask $385 ,cost me only $20


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