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Ariston LFF8M132CAUS (White)

Ariston LFF8M132CAUS (White)

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Was great while it lasted - died after 2.5 years use

I really liked this dishwasher while it worked - it cleaned well.

But it suffered a catastrophic (electrical / mother board) failure before it was 3 years old. I'm incredibly lucky that I purchased the extended warranty from the store, as Ariston's warranty was only for 2 years.

I've never purchased Ariston before, and doubt I will again.

For what it's worth, I also had to get the cutlery basket replaced - it fell apart in under 18 months. Fortunately Ariston replaced it as a courtesy to me, even though apparently the basket only had a 12 month warranty.

Clearly this dishwasher is not built to last.

I'm off to replace it with a Bosch or similar.

Date PurchasedMar 2016

Possibly the best dishwasher we have owned

We bought this machine from Harvey Norman at Gympie, Qld. It came with a free 5 years warranty and so far has proved faultless. Washes well and dries contents of machine really good. It is so quiet that sometimes you wonder if it is working, have to watch the timer in front to see it count down. Highly recommended.

Date PurchasedAug 2018

Poor quality for an expensive product

After only three years this dishwasher has a faulty cicruit board for which the cost of repair will hardly be worth it. It has never done a very good job of drying dishes. I won't be buying an Ariston again, very unhappy with the purchase, I had expected better value from a $1000 machine

Date PurchasedNov 2015


The product has some amazing features and many doffrrent settings!
I scrape my dishes before putting them in the dishwasher and they come out so clean!
I have never had an issue with this dishwasher clogging but it is very easy to clean if I ever want to. All I have to do is remove the catcher, give it a quick rinse and put it back and it is all good to go!

Date PurchasedOct 2015

Leaving dishes dirty and wet

I bought this product a month ago from Harvey Norman store here in Brisbane. sales person was saying lot of good things about it and we decided to buy it. After 3 days delivery came and installed. Since then we are using this product. I will review this product with pros and cons.

1. Stand alone dishwasher
2. 5 years of manufacturer warranty
3. Free delivery and installation
4. Silent washing
5. Good energy rating
6. Good water rating

1. Somehow, my dishes are not getting dry after wash. I tried changing all the settings, set extra dry option, 3 hours cycle, running hot water tap for more than 2 min before turning it on but still dishes are wet. I don't know why
2. Some dishes are still dirty even after 3 hours of washing cycle.

Date PurchasedAug 2018

Just ... Very Good

Quiet as a mouse.

Uses vertually no water - 9 litres on eco cycle.

CLEANS SPOTLESS which is the very best thing.

Never had any problems or issues after 2 1/2 years - touch wood.

Did I mention it's QUIET. We have had 2 others over the years and this destroys them all for quality, cleanliness, and water usage.

Date PurchasedJan 2016

Stay away from Ariston

This is a shocking dishwasher, I have only had it for 4 months, it is stuck at random times through any given cycle (it is on 2:18 and stays there), it at times has water light come up (yes i have checked the tap).
I have rung Harvey Norman and all they could care about was here is there number and nothing else, you want every little detail including model number and serial number, problems it has ...all emailed to them before they will even contact a service agent.
If you are checking these pages for dishwashers...stay away from them!

Date PurchasedApr 2017
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Up to visit number 4 now , the repair people have now taken it away, been hand washing dishes for 2 months now , I cannot understate what a woeful piece of kitchen equipment it is.

looks good

the dishwasher looks good . but it is loud and doesnt really wash the dishes properly. also having trouble with the tablet tray releasing the dish washer tablets. one good feature is the 1hr quick wash but even that seems a little long . also dishes dont really come out dry

Date PurchasedMar 2017

Great help!

My new Ariston is very good at cleaning everything including tea stained cups! It dries very well with the exception of plastic wear . I have never owned one that does. It us very quiet and it is quick as well. It has a great feature in that the top shelf is moveable to suit whatever I wish to place there.

Date PurchasedMar 2017

Good without being great - had better

It is fairly quiet. Features are easy to use. The dishwasher cleans dishes fairly well however the dry function is quite poor. Doesn't really dry well.
The cycles are very long length.
It's nice and quiet but I have had better that perform more effectively. The baskets are good except the fold down racks collapse too easily.

Date PurchasedJun 2016
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Hi Darren, thanks for your review. To help with the drying process, I recommend using Rinse Aid which can be purchased at most supermarkets. Kind regards, Ariston Brand.

Great replacement - Great appliance.

There is an extensive range of cycles to choose from depending on the load. Great appearance - easy to clean. Is a bit loud when draining - noise comes through kitchen sink - only does this a couple of time early cycle. Other than that great machine, easy to use!

Date PurchasedFeb 2016

Fault Code F01 as soon as I switch on - Brand new Ariston

Have just got my new Ariston dishwasher home and so so so disappointed to find fault code F01 does not go away rendering the unit useless and unusable. Furthermore, water is leaking all over the floor. I have followed other similar fault rectification processes, i.e., poor water in the salt chamber as there may be an air leak etc to no avail. With a family of 5 and having just driven 100k round trip with the new Ariston dishwasher, I am gutted that we still have to hand wash!!

Date PurchasedDec 2016
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Hi Sum, sorry to hear you are having issues with your new machine. If you could please call our service team on 1300 762 219, we will be happy to assist. thanks Ariston

Nothing Beats this Ariston Dishwasher, Not even Miele!

Purchased this Dishwasher as I have always relied on Ariston Appliances, my washing machine is Ariston and being brand new these are very stylish.I picked the White, Stainless steel is also available. I definitely made the right choice, The racks and baskets are huge which fit everything. Lots of Options and Cycles, Dishes always come out sparkling clean, It has got to be one of the quietest machines I have heard and also if you use the normal 50 degree cycle it uses halg the water and energy than say the 55 degree cycle, The machine has Delicate cycle for glasses, extra drying options, time delay start and a time saver option.Quick wash available too for a few items. The upper basket is height adjustable for when you have huge plates that would block the blade otherwise. And the Knife Rack on the highest model is fantastic for all the little lids and misc tiny items and utensils which would normally find themselves being shoved between glasses etc. And it has a fold down flap above the top rack which will hold your wine glasses in place. For a family of 4 it can take me about 3 days to completely fill this thing. Never have i had to rewash anything with this machine. I have to say it impresses me every time, even when the plate slots are Extremely close together, it's a challenge the Ariston exceeds every time.
With the people giving it really bad reviews on the machine, I think they are just trying to find something to complain about, either that they are using a quick wash cycle and expecting to get a spotless result hmmm.
Anyway, I have done a fun review video on Youtube, Just Search Model No. and you will find it. Thanks:)

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Dear Dr Pepper thank you for taking the time to write a review, its always nice to read that you the consumer are pleased with the performance and purchase of your Ariston Dishwasher. Kindest regards, Ariston Team.


I bought this model with white casing 4 months ago from Harvey Norman. This is the first dishwasher I have ever owned or operated and I am so pleased with it. Really roomy with the height adjustable top rack and the utensil shelf is really handy. And sooooo quiet which is wonderful with an open plan kitchen/dining/tv area - apart from a slight gurgle as the water drains, we wouldn't know it was operating. It cleans very well and all items (even plastics) are dry at completion of the cycle. The stainless steel interior always looks spic and span and was a surprise for the price. I couldn't be happier with my purchase.

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Questions & Answers

Hi my dishwasher is new only used twice. Went to use it again and the letters d o o r ( door ) scroll across the display . Can you help me thanks Andrew
1 answer
Hi Andrew, The DOOR signal appears when a cycle has been selected but can't start because the door is ajar. Make sure that the door has clicked shut properly before pressing START. If the door is locked properly and isn't jammed, but the display continues to say DOOR, then it might be best to give technical support a call on 1300 762 219. Regards

LFF8M132CAUS (white) Is this a multi-function product? Setting the water hardness - where is the ECO button? Where is the adjustment menu? Not found in my instruction manual - I've read through it a few times. I called the sales person who said "Don't worry about it, you don't have hard water" "The light will just stay on" True, I don't have hard water. I am not fussed about a light being on. Will this interfere with the quality or life of the machine? The manual says on page 8 it is important that the salt dispenser is never empty. How can a manual describe such things that are not listed? Heather
1 answer
not sure Heather,but i always turn off the main switch after using it

Hi, I have h20 issues with my dishwasher. A thread on 27 March 2017 had an advise regarding the issue. I have followed the advice but h20 issue did not go away. Can my dishwasher still be fixed/repaired? Kindly please advise what to do?
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LFF8M132CAUS (White)
Price (RRP) $1,099
FeaturesEco Mode/Wash
Water Rating5.5 star(s)
Energy Rating4 star(s)
Control Panel Position Front
Maximum Noise Level42 db
Number of Programs8
Number of Place Settings 14
Colour / Finish White
Dimensions 850 x 600 x 600 mm
Manufacturer Warranty5 year(s)
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