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Ariston LFF8M132CAUS / LFF8M132CXAUS

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LFF8M132CAUS (White) and LFF8M132CXAUS (Stainless Steel)
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What does e15 mean
1 answer
Hi Tanya, Please call our technical department on 1300 762 219. They can help determine what e15 means.

Hi ..I have a problem in the dishwasher model LFC 3C26 X appearance of f3 What this problem means?
2 answers
Hi, tried to look this problem up in handbook but did not appear. The reason we bought this machine was that it came with a five year warranty. Contact your serviceman. Regards Peter aka THe BearHi Neamat, Please call our warranties department on 1300 815 589 for further assistance on this issue.

I am getting an error code F13 What is the issue??
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My ariston dishwasher flashed up f3. Now it will not turn back on again
2 answers
Have not had this problem,all well with mine so far, working very well. check handbook and if no good suggest you contact your repairer. Our warranty was five (5) years. Regards Peter aka THe BearHi SuperUnhappy, Please give Arisit Technical Support a call on 1300 762 219 and let them know the error code, and they should be able to send someone out to have a look at the machine. Regards

Turned the dishwasher on on a Friday morning and went away for the weekend, came home the Monday night and dishwasher was still going. I couldn't turn it off or stop it on the panel. I unplugged it from power and left it for ten minutes and plugged it back in and it kept going where it was before. I have had it unplugged for a few days now and have plugged it back in with the panel lit up saying 2:54 but it won't start or do anything and I can't power it down holding the power button. Is there some way to do s reset on this?
2 answers
Hi, have not experienced this problem so cannot help . No doubt a warranty problem, what you did is exactly what I would have done, ie turned it off and tried to reset the computer. Regards Peter aka THe BearHi Mark, It is difficult to tell what the issue is without seeing the dishwasher. It would be best to give Arisit Technical Support a call on 1300 762 219 to arrange someone to come out. Regards

Hi i would like to know where and what salt i need for my dishwasher LFF8M132
5 answers
Hi Westcoast, If you are connected to regular water supply, then no salt is needed. If you are on tank or bore water, then there are various dishwasher salts (not regular table salt) available at most grocery stores. RegardsYes we are tank water i have looked in stores but am unable to locate any. Could you provide brand or sample please?Harvey Norman has dishwasher salt that will suit this model and other Ariston dishwashers.

My LFF 8M132 starts the normal cylcle, shows 2h.55 mins, then at 2h.51 mins ends. Why?
2 answers
Sorry,this is a mystery to me. With your 5 year warranty contact your repairer. Regard Peter akaTHe BearHi Giuliana, It is difficult to determine the issue without seeing the machine. Please contact Arisit Technical Support on 1300 762 219 and arrange for a technician to examine the dishwasher. Regards

Hi my dishwasher is new only used twice. Went to use it again and the letters d o o r ( door ) scroll across the display . Can you help me thanks Andrew
1 answer
Hi Andrew, The DOOR signal appears when a cycle has been selected but can't start because the door is ajar. Make sure that the door has clicked shut properly before pressing START. If the door is locked properly and isn't jammed, but the display continues to say DOOR, then it might be best to give technical support a call on 1300 762 219. Regards

My dishwasher slowly fills up with the unit turned off. Is there an inlet valve that might not be working properly.
4 answers
Sorry but I don't think I can help you out with this one. May be that the only way to stop this would be to turn water off to the machine at the wall under the sink. Sorry. Ours operating perfectly at this stage. THe BearThanks anyway mate... :)Hi Christopher, It is difficult to tell what is causing this without seeing the machine. It would be best to call Arisit Technical Support on 1300 762 219 and arrange a service of the dishwasher. Regards

F15 error just two years old and Harvey Norman and Arisit are not taking any responsibility for a dishwasher which gets used maybe once a week during this time . I have been told that the warranty period two years is over and to get a service guy to come out and fix it at my cost not happy with either parties. DISAPPOINTED. FERMO
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My dishwasher doesn’t seem to get hot enough my dishes are never full clean and the grease doesn’t come off either I’m not really happy with it at all
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Hi, I set my dishwasher to normal cycle 2.55 it starts fine but between 5-12 minutes in it stops and it says END the Led screen.... Can anyone help.?
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LFF8M132CAUS (white) Is this a multi-function product? Setting the water hardness - where is the ECO button? Where is the adjustment menu? Not found in my instruction manual - I've read through it a few times. I called the sales person who said "Don't worry about it, you don't have hard water" "The light will just stay on" True, I don't have hard water. I am not fussed about a light being on. Will this interfere with the quality or life of the machine? The manual says on page 8 it is important that the salt dispenser is never empty. How can a manual describe such things that are not listed? Heather
1 answer
not sure Heather,but i always turn off the main switch after using it

Hi. How do I turn off the end of cycle beeps. the 2 short 1 long. LFF8M122XAUS
No answers

Have a h20 error, have checked everything but cannot find what is wrong. We have not changed anything.
1 answer
Hi Helen, here's a few reason to why your dishwasher is flashing the H2O sign: • There is no water in the mains supply . • The water inlet hose is bent (see Installation section in your user manual). • Turn on the tap and the appliance will start after a few minutes . • The appliance lock has been activated because no action was taken when the beeps sounded. Switch off the appliance using the ON/OFF button, turn on the tap and switch the appliance back on after a few seconds by pressing the same button. Re-program the appliance and restart the wash cycle. If this does not rectify the issue, please call 1300 762 219 and request to speak to our service department. King regards, Ariston Team.

Hi, first wash with new LFF8M132. Understand instructions re salt, but I added rinse aid and light is still on. What should I do?
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Hi, I have h20 issues with my dishwasher. A thread on 27 March 2017 had an advise regarding the issue. I have followed the advice but h20 issue did not go away. Can my dishwasher still be fixed/repaired? Kindly please advise what to do?
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Hi My Ariston dishwasher is throwing a F 15 code. We have had the dishwasher for about 3 years with no problems ever until now... and is constantly throwing this code. The pipes are at the required height. We are at a loss... can you help?
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What does f15 code mean? This is a dishwasher
2 answers
Never had any problems or error codes, so I can't help with F15. Perhaps check your manual or contact ariston direct. Hi Louise, I recommend that you contact our head office on 1300 762 219 and request to speak to our service department. Kind regards, Ariston Team.

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