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Ariston PK755 DGH

Ariston PK755 DGH

2.0 from 12 reviews

Not suitable for LPG, despite the claim it does

At the time of purchase in 2015, we were talked into the new technology of 'superior heating'.
We told the sales person that we had LPG and were promised it would be great.
I was not happy with the strength of the flame and had to phone the company to find out that we had to adjust the airflow, which we did.
Still, after all this time I mostly use the biggest flame with just about all my pots. It takes about 10 minutes! to bring a 4 litre pot of water to the boil.
The cooktop was quite pricey but it just doesn't do the job we were promised.
Very disappointing; I would never ever buy Ariston again.

Date PurchasedJul 2015

Not fit for purpose

Can't use griddle pans or my very expensive cast iron flat pans, this cook top is not fit for purpose, it dose not spread heat evenly or faster as advertised, very disappointed as my new kitchen cost me a lot and I thought this stove top was going to be a real asset, less than 1 year in and I'm going to pull it out and replace with a top that can cope with a griddle and flat cast iron pans, this product is a bit of a joke. For god sake it's a cook top and it should accomodate all pan varieties.

Date PurchasedFeb 2017

Quality OK, need to improve layout or a wider format

We've had the Ariston PK755 DGH for 2yrs+ plus now. It was part of the selection offered by Switch Homes when we built with them.

For most parts, it has functioned well but the Direct Flame Flame Technology is not that useful for low temp cooking as it concentrates the heat in smaller radius. It certainly doesn't help if you are aiming for low simmer cooking as mentioned by other reviewers. Not sure if you can use one those heat diffuser with the Direct Flame Flame Technology.

Due to the layout of the burners and the small form factor (60cm), it doesn't allow you to use the other 4 burners if you have a large pan occupying the centre. It would have been more functional if they had put 2 large burners at a diagonal.

The markings around knobs started to fade within a couple of months, though surprisingly it hasn't completely disappeared after 2 years - its now a light brown colour instead of black. The silver plating on the plastic knobs has also started peeling in the 6 months.

The discs are are impossible to clean by hand. You can get them back to a perfect state by burning them with a another burner - same principles used by pyrolytic ovens. Set discs upside down on the trivet and basically burn all of the grime off....takes at least 20mins or so with a few of rotations with a BBQ tong. The Direct Flame Flame Technology is actually very useful for this . Do keep an eye on it as they can start to warp if they get too overheated.

Date PurchasedFeb 2015

Happy with this Gas Cooktop

I purchased this s/s gas cooktop nearly three years ago as I liked its appearance and it apparently had a new superior heating technology. It is easy to keep clean except for the removable centre part of the burner. The instruction book says to clean this with warm water and soap. In my experience this does not remove spillage stains (even from water boiling over) and I have only had success with non-abrasive cleaners like Jiff and a nylon Scotch scourer plus a lot of elbow grease. Fortunately, I don't need to do this too often.

On very rare occasions the flame has gone out during cooking in spite of being in a draught-free area.

Even if turned on high, the smaller two burners take a very long time to boil water (if at all) and even the larger burners barely keep the water boiling without a lid (eg when cooking rice or spaghetti). Overall, though I am reasonably happy with this product as it still looks like new.

Date PurchasedMay 2014

Don't buy it!

The concept is excellent and it cooks very well. The only slight drawback is that it is not possible to turn the flame low enough for really slow cooking. Yes, it is difficult to clean, but I could live with that.
Unfortunately, during the two year guarantee period I had to have 3 service calls because the rubber rings under the burners kept slipping out. A few months into the third year i.e. after he expiry of the guarantee, the two layers of the burner plate began to separate first on one burner and now on all four. This probably happens because the two layers are made of different metals and therefore expand and different rates. So now the flame comes whooshing out from the side of the plate in an alarming manner and after a few minutes goes out with a terrific bang. After 3 years and 1 month of having this hob, which cost Euro 500!, it needs to be replaced.
I bought the hob in Malta where I live and didn't even have the facility of registering the warranty because Malta does not come up on the registration site.

Date PurchasedDec 2014

Ariston PK755 DGH

Very disappointing - only one week old and now it looks like crap. Impossible to clean black discs on stove top stains very easily.After one week looks like it's about 2 years old. The manufacturer wasn't surprise when I called about this problem and the best advise they could give is use really hot water and wash parts immediately after cooking.

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Hi Dee Dee thanks for your review, we are sorry to read your having trouble with cleaning your gas cooker, we suggest you wash the parts with oven cleaner if you want it to look really clean. All trivets get dirty when cooking, we are happy to walk you through this if you have the time to call us on 1300762219, thank you Ariston.

glass exploded

A product with many flaws...every food spill goes directly inside the cook top, rubber gaskets around burners useless, ineffective and made from a poor material, after 2 years of usage it looks awful and today...guess what? glass exploded(as other users reported also)...i do not recommend buying this product.. simply, it's not worth the money.
direct flame central burner
poor protection against spillage, bad cooking surface(securized glass) that explodes

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To whom it concerns, Thank you for your feedback. Firstly we are confused this particular cooktop does not have glass at all? What exactly are you talking about. Are you able to clarify this for us. Kind regards. Ariston Team. **

Ariston PK755 DGH

Although the cooktop looks good it is not at all functional. I cannot use my large scanpan frying pan to cook steak or snitzel as the flame is too slow and only heats a small area in the center of the frypan. It does not heat a large pot of water for pasta it doesn't get hot enough to boil it. If you use a large pot on the center burner cannot fit other pots next to it on smaller burners which are not worth trying to cook on anyway very disappointed with this product it does not perform on any level for even an average family.

HI thank you for you comments, if your unhappy with the cooking effectivity of this product, we would like to ask you if you can contact us driectly on arisit@arisit.com so we can find a solution to the problem. It may be that there is an issue with the jets. When you have the time please email us directly, we look forwrad to your email. Kind regards, Ariston* I am very unhappy with the product. I was advised that direct cooking flame delivered a better result in cooking this is certainly not the case. The wok or central burner the most powerful burner will not boil a pot of water in a rolling boil once you add pasta it will not come back to the boil or even a simmer resulting in soggy pasta. There is not enough heat or distribution of heat when using a large scanpan frying pan to cook more than one small steak. I you try to cook more than one steak they sweat and stew. If you use a large pot in the centre of the cooktop there is not enough space to place other cooking utensils directly on the already slow flames of the other burners. I had previously been cooking with a 20 year old Blanco stainless steel 5 burner gas cook top the cooktop was very efficient and the only reason I changed it was a kitchen update and thought that an update in cooktop would compliment my new kitchen which it does but it is a classic case of form over function. I admit I was wrong to write a review without first contacting you but have been struggling with this product for a year. I have been trying to get a gas plumber to come and look at it but as I work it is difficult to get a tradie in my time frames. I would appreciate your help so I my be able to write a more complimentary review and will happily withdraw my negative review if there is an adequate solution. Regards Disappointed. Hi, thank you for your repsonse we have replied to your comment via your personal email. We are finding a solution for your problem, as the jets shouldn't be doing this. Kindest regards, Ariston*

Dont buy it

Only the wok burner is worth cooking off all else is useless be prepared to take at least 30 mins to see water or anything boil on all burners but the wok

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Hi Michelle, thank you for you comments, if your unhappy with the cooking effectivity of this product, we would like to ask you if you can please contact us driectly via email; arisit@arisit.com so we can find a solution to the problem. It may be that there is an issue with the jets. When you have the time please email us directly, we look forward to your email and apologize for the late response. Kindest regards, Ariston*

Easy to clean

I purchased this cooktop about a month ago. I find it works well and heats up fairly quickly and relatively evenly. Sometimes I find that if I turn the knob to the lowest setting the flame will go out (I'll leave something to simmer very slowly and when I come back it has turned off). But from a safety perspective, at least the gas stops flowing when this does happen (due to its automatic gas shut off). To stop this from happening, I just make sure that when simmering, I set the knob to just above low, and it works fine and simmers how I want. Apart from this, I haven't had any other problems. And I do love the fact that it is easy to clean and that I can put the pieces in the dishwasher (although, they are easy to clean manually, so it's not really necessary to use a dishwasher). To clean the stainless steel top I wipe it with a sponge using warm soapy water and dry it off with a cloth (I don't find the need to use special wipes).
easy to clean, energy efficient, cooks quickly
flame sometimes goes out when dial is on the lowest setting

Only one burner cooks properly.

I bought this gas hob cooktop as I was told it gave very even cooking. That might be so, but only the central burner works properly. The 4 other burners struggle to boil a saucepan of water. I have been extremely disappointed in this product. It is totally unsuitable for any one who does a substantial amount of cooktop cooking (as I do)

It doesn't cook properly

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Hi thank you for your review if your unhappy and having problems with your cooker please contact us directy so that we can assist you, your burners should be working correctly 1300 762 219, thank you Ariston Team

Love it

I purchase this cooktop last month at Harvey Norman frankston. Rubi there is very helpful and has been working in the area for many years. the cooktop itself uses direct flame technology which provides fast and even cooking. I am very happy with this product and would recommend it to others.
Fast and even cooking ,
Really need to clean it with stainless steel cleaner wipes

Questions & Answers

How do you adjust the jets to "allow free gas"?
No answers

Dear Ariston, I have recently bought the Ariston PK 755 and very happy with the aesthetic look of it. My wife started using the unit about two weeks ago and she came across two major issues. The first issue is that the flame dies while half way cooking and the same problem occurs when she tried other three burners. I have called in the plumber that installed it and he checked and advise for a warranty claim. The second issue is that she find it so difficult in cleaning those trivets spilled with cooking oil or sauce. It looks terrible dirty and old just after about two weeks using. I am in a dilemma now that my wife kept nagging me. Can I exchange for a new unit or the other model without the glass top? Please advise. Urgent! Michael mobile @ 0413572639 Thank you.
1 answer
Hi just letting you know we are calling you now, this is a public forum. We advise that you should contact us privately at arisit@arisit.com, we have left a message to discuss this matter, the problem sounds like the install, and we can advise the best way to clean the trivets. Kind regards, Ariston.

is there an explanation for the customer problem? Why were the burners failing to heat the water? Why did spillages leak from the gaskets
3 answers
Dear Malcom, thank you for your question, these matters were discussed with you personally via email. Secondly they were answered online - see all comments; If you have further questions please contact our team on 1300 762 219, thank you, Ariston.The gas jets needed adjusting to allow free gas flow.Hi, i am wondering if u can help me as imlooking to buy this cooktop. If the gas jets need adjusting to allow free gas flow, isn't that a plumber problem.


Price (RRP)$1499
Cutout Width750mm
Cutout Depth520mm
Cutout Height40mm
Primary Element5 x Gas
Control PositionFront

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