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Ark ArkPak 730

Ark ArkPak 730

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240V cable failure


240V charging cable failed after approx 12 months. Seems to be a common problem. 12V still working but is a real pain as I would prefer to leave it on charge in the garage. Ark Pak people didn't seem to be very interested as it was out of warranty. Sent many messages via email to Arc Corp, with no reply from them.

Date PurchasedJan 2015

Look at a different option


Charged ok on 240v but popped the 10amp fuse in the lead every time I tried to charge in from the 12v socket trying to run a 60 litre engel fridge had auto sparky test my cars wiring and the fridge and couldn't fault it went back to the original arkpak with the 150w inverter works fine.

Date PurchasedMar 2018

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Disappointing 730


I bought the AP730 as I wanted to have the best. I saved to get this unit. I took it camping for the 1st time and it was amazing.. my solar panels charged it up through the day and ran my engel for the total duration of our trip at zero degrees. Charged up phones etc..
Went to take it on the second trip a few months later I unplugged it from the wall and the screen went blank. I noticed the 10amp and 30amp fuses had blown. I replaced them and once the inverter was switched on the 30 amp would blow again. Emailed Arkcorp I'm still waiting for their reply/help.. that was 2 weeks ago now!!
Great product but way too expensive to use once!
Customer care ZERO.

Date PurchasedJan 2017

Crap, fried my new deep cycle battery when charged it


Not happy,wrecked my new deep cycle battery when it was charging,led screen was as saying it needed to be charged,did so for 12 hours and then re check it via a proper battery tester at battery world , battery was over charged and damage was already done,destroyed a $300 battery! Thanks for nothing Ark Pak

Date PurchasedOct 2016

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Questions & Answers

Ark ArkPak 730

What does it mean when the lcd screen shows “alarm battery polarity”?

1 answer

battery connected wrong way around

Dobre asked
Ark ArkPak 730

I have a 4yo ArkPak 730. Can I run a Li phosphate ion battery with BMS. IF I can, what type of battery can I dial in as Lithium is not offered on menu.

No answers
Patrick G.
Patrick G.asked
Ark ArkPak 730

Arkpak 2 days old. My Arkpak screen shows an alarm that say “low input voltage”. Keeps flashing and I can remove it from the screen. How can I remove this alarm. Pls help. Cheers

3 answers

If it's when charging, check the inline due for the car charger or the AC charger might be busted.

Car charging also depends of the plus your hooking into.


I too have this problem on my mate's Arkpak 730 it also says Alarm Low Input Voltage when trying to charge both with Car charger and Wall charger. I happen to have the same Arkpak 730 with my own chargers and battery. We tested his battery and all of his chargers with my Arkpak and no issue - suggesting he has a problem with the charging mechanism in his ArkPak. I'm curious to know if the alternatively badged battery boxes might have a similar issue (Engel Smart Battery Box Series 2 or Thunder Weekender) or if anyone out there with those boxes experiences a similar error ?


Had a chat with ArkPak guys and found that the issue was a melted and worn connector on the inside. Even though it says warning do not open - the gear inside once you open the lid (4 screws) is easily modular and accessible and the suggestion to do this and repair this connector was given by one of the ArkPak guys themselves. I went to JayCar and bought a plastic crimp on connector and replaced the one inside that was a bit burnt and worn and all was good after that - has been working well.

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Ark ArkPak 730


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