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Arlec CSF120AO

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How do you change dan from summer to winter
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I have a button on my remote control to change from summer to winter

Fan turns itself on! Also led light turns itself on. Even when I take the battery out of the remote. Tried to pair, but won’t get the results. User manual is quite inadequate in its description.
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How can I turn the fan on with the remote no longer working?
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You could try putting in new batteries. I find that this works well with the remotes. Merry XmasMy Remote I put new batteries in and the next day they are flat I have to take them out when I have switched the fan on only been installed 2 weeks fan works well and the light. I have gone through 8 new batteries I will phone them today and see if they will replace the remoteGot on to Patrick today at Arlec 19/02 /2019 he said as soon as the new remote's come in they will send me one and he said there was a problem with the remotes we will see

How do you remove the oyster light from the ceiling fan without breaking it?
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I have just phoned Arlec and they said it is a spring based one - so to carefully pull off sort of wobble side to side. I did this and it came off in one piece (glass cover). I have 2 others with plastic covers and they are older and the plastic is beginning to crack. I dont like these fan lights but its what came with the house.

we have installed arlec fan with led light, remote controlled, LED is cold light - can this ledcpanel be canged to warm light?
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I don't know the answer to this. I suggest you contact Arlec directly. I would be interested to know the answer. Can you please post the info here when you find out?The fan is only manufactured as a cool white. You can special order from bunnings a warm white led part (SS2873) for the DCF122WRO model fan. And change it over yourself. I was told on their chat on their website.

How do you take off the oyster cover to replace the globe as I have tried twice and broke the cover?
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Stephen did you ever get an answer to this? I have the same problem. Thanks, Jane

what globe do you use for this fan? the globe i got is too big and the cover does not fit over it, any suggesting with some links? thanks
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I've never had to change the globe. Why not take the old one to 'Light Bulbs R Us' ?

my remote is not working any more ,where can i bay another one in the gold coast?
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First, I assume that the fan is no longer under warranty..?? Also I assume that you have done the obvious and tried replacing the batteries in the remote. (Sorry - but I've made plenty of dumb mistakes myself in the past). You could try contacting Arlec. See contact info here: http://www.arlec.com.au/contact-arlec/ I think that is your best bet but, if no luck there, I have had success with other appliances (eg an air conditioner) downloading a universal remote control app on my android phone. (This might be OK for the fan but not very convenient for the light!). I think contacting Arlec direct is the way to go. Also - maybe Bunnings sell the remote units on their own..?? Good luck.Great answer from nlg9. If those suggestions haven't worked, perhaps you could try to pair the remote with the fan to see if it would make any difference. I turned the fan off completely and removed the battery from the remote. I turned the fan on and within 30 seconds, pressed the button on the fan, holding it until it beeped a few times. I got this idea from the manual that came with the fan. You could also try contacting Customer Service Technical Support Arlec Australia Pty. Ltd. Ph: (03) 9982 5111 email: callbacks@arlec.com.au

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