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Arlec CSF120AO

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Too Noisy

Arlec 120cm White Columbus Ceiling Fan With LED Light and Remote Control
This is a good fan if you don’t mind the noise. Reasonable priced, with remote control, light and six speed.
However, don’t use it in your bed room or you will have trouble to get some sleep. It is far too noisy specially in the lower speeds.
I had to return two of them to the store for a refund and choose a different brand.
Taking into account the electrician charges to install, and uninstall it to return to the store it is an expensive exercise.
Based on my experience, I do not recommend this fan to anyone.

Date PurchasedDec 2016

Very poor circulation

Very disappointed in the arlec fan. I had electrician replace the fans throughout the house with the 4 blade thinking it would be cooler.. WRONG... I am getting the electrician back to remove them... They look very stylish but we do not feel any breeze. I thought it might have been on the winter setting.. When I checked I noticed the base of fan was very hot. I actually burnt my fingers when I touched it.. Afraid it may overheat & start a fire. Waste of money.

Date PurchasedOct 2016

The arlec Aquilon CSF5247

Instaled today getting ready for summer. working fine so far let's see what happens ill let you all know the outcome for $252 nice and quiet operation for the bedroom. Thinking of buying a nother one pending on the out come of this unit wish me luck.will write soon by

Date PurchasedOct 2016

Everything is good except for...

Fan it self does circulate the air well and the speeds all work fine and dandy. But, for some reason the fan does make a noise on different occasions. It doesn't happen all the time but I'm thinking of calling in someone to look at it. A good thing to have when buying a fan is a warranty for 'in house repairs'. Meaning you don't have to have the fan taken off the ceiling to take back to the shop. They will come to you. Apart from that I'm pleased with it and I love the led light. The fan is of modern design.

Date PurchasedJun 2016

Don't Buy Arlec Fans

Don't waste your money buying Arlec. We bought 3 fans on a recommendation from our electrician. I hate them. We had 3 fans taken out as I didn't think they were powerful enough, had the Arlec remote control with LED light installed. They're garbage. The remote is a poor design. I'm so angry that I listened to our electrician. The fans are not powerful at all, they're less powerful than the ones I had. I have a desk fan going in the room as well. When you're standing right underneath the fan you can barely feel it. The lounge is 1.5 metres away and you cannot feel it. So angry and disappointed. I'll never buy Arlec again!!

Installation Nightmare

Very hard to install all the wiring into the small housing. Looks good as fans go. Doesn't blow much air though. Will not buy again as it was too fiddly to get the wiring and the remote control receiver to fit in such a small space. Could have designed it better. Tricky to assemble blades also.

Appears to be a cheap low quality product

We had two installed in our home along with 4 other ceiling fans of a different brand. Both Arlec fans failed within days of each other. When one failed it went to full speed, lit the light and could not be turned off. Turned off the Mains power to attempt a reset but this didn't change. Had to call an electrician to come and disconnect it electrically so that we could have power back to the room.

Cheap and Nasty

Very poor quality. Looks nice but as found out looks can be deceiving. Cannot find a energy saver globe to fit in the tiny location for the light bulb. Also the 3-speed fan control switch makes buzzing and sparking pop sounds when shifting between speeds - a very poor controller that seems like it may cause power leakage. Not installed one week and the switch has to go!!! Buying a better brand this time. Do not risk your safety buying Cheap and Nasty!!! Lesson learned.
Looks, plain design.
Not enough space for energy saver light globes. Fan control speed makes popping spark noises when switching between speeds.

Blades have drooped

Quiet operation, and initially gave good wind output, but after a year of infrequent use the blades have drooped and it now likes like we have a spider hanging on our ceiling. The fan looks extremely ugly now, and does not have the same wind output. Limited light output as their is only one globe attachment, but it is easy to clean

Poor quality

Recommended by Bunnings staff but not that great!

Purchased from Bunnings at cost of $89.94. Brand & model recommended by sales assistant. Installed yesterday afternoon with some hassle - namely one screw that attaches the blades was screwed in so hard that the Sparkie thought he was going to strip or break it. Said screws were already in the fan hub and had to be unscrewed then blades positioned and rescrewed. Good idea in that it prevents loss of small parts packaged separately but in this case almost disastrous. Finally it gave, with only a bit of scratched paint the damage. Not visible or there would have been trouble!

Now installed, I don't feel this fan has the same ability to generate air movement as the previous 17 yr old GEC model it replaced.

The positives: It is a quieter fan even though at highest speed it's been making clicking sounds. This could be part of 'settling in' as trouble shooting guide states "Allow at least 8 hrs settling in period" in the case of Mechanical noise." It is shiny and new, whereas the old one was looking grotty.

Overall the best rating I can give this product is average. Before replacing several more fans I shall be doing some in depth research into what models 'fan' the strongest.
Quiet operation. Attractive.
Minor quality control issue. Doesn't 'fan' as strongly as I would like

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Questions & Answers

How do you change dan from summer to winter
1 answer
I have a button on my remote control to change from summer to winter

Fan turns itself on! Also led light turns itself on. Even when I take the battery out of the remote. Tried to pair, but won’t get the results. User manual is quite inadequate in its description.
No answers

How can I turn the fan on with the remote no longer working?
3 answers
You could try putting in new batteries. I find that this works well with the remotes. Merry XmasMy Remote I put new batteries in and the next day they are flat I have to take them out when I have switched the fan on only been installed 2 weeks fan works well and the light. I have gone through 8 new batteries I will phone them today and see if they will replace the remoteGot on to Patrick today at Arlec 19/02 /2019 he said as soon as the new remote's come in they will send me one and he said there was a problem with the remotes we will see


Price (RRP)$79
Fan Blade Length1200mm
Blade Pitch10Degrees
Motor Wattage69W
Reversible FunctionYes

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