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Bought a packet of salada crackers today got home and opened the packet only to find they have made them Smaller. Not happy. Will buy No more.

What happened to original salada taste

I used to love these and haven't tried for a while so thought I'd pop a couple of boxes in the trolley. Boy was I really disappointed, the flavour was dry tasteless and probably filled with a lot of cheap ingredients. Come on Arnotts get your act together.

Succesfully destroyed by Arnotts.....again!

So far Arnott's have ruined as far as I know Arnott's shapes, lattice, Sao, and of course why stop there Arnotts, you may as well destroy the Salada as well! And by God they have, it tastes like cardboard, all Arnotts biscuits seem to taste like cardboard now, why is that? what cheap and nasty recipe change have you deployed for the Salada?

Salada biscuits now a past memory

I haven't had a salada biscuit in ages, but had a box in the pantry which was calling my name to ply with butter and vegemite. I sat down to enjoy a couple of salada biscuits only to find they are nothing like the salada biscuits I knew and loved. Even the dogs preferred the cardboard packaging to the now tasteless biscuits. Alas, another icon gone. They maybe Original Salada biscuits by name but that's about it. Very disappointed and unlikely to purchase again.

Terrible quality

I also have been a constant consumer of salada bisucits - they are no longer the same thing and I
will not buy them again. They break so easily you cannot put butter or spread and also do
not taste the same. Terrible changes to what used to be such a good product.

S.A.L.A.D.A - the biscuit.

as a young one growing up in australia in the 80's, i obviously did not go past the salada - they were always a staple in our house. it was as a child that my love grew for this salted saltine and habits formed, and evolved, a loving progression. it started with vegimite and butter worms when pushing the salada sandwich tight hoping to see the worms without breaking the fragile feast. and of course the dry biscuit was the only thing one could put in their mouth if one had a bout of stomach flu or food poisoning. then there was that time i went 3 weeks and all that i ate was saladas with cheese and pickles (i stopped after being caught and getting in trouble) but i certainly still love love love that flavour! however there was one thing that no one has yet to relate to and it all started when mum brought home the then new wholemeal saladas ... something about them was so sweet - sweeter than the original on my tastebuds and oh how i enjoyed them... for some reason one day i broke the four squares away from each other and started to chew one square. before swallowing, i had this epiphany... i could use the chewed salada in my mouth as a kind of dip ... so with that, i spat out the chomped up cracker onto another of the squares and ate it as though i was at a fancy pants party being served hors d'oeuvres... something about the change in texture, changed the taste ... thank you salada, my friend x

Why did you make the holes bigger?

I have bought these since I left home 45 years ago. I loved them with mayonnaise and tomato. Now that you have made the holes bigger for your cost cutting measures, the mayonnaise drips through.
They are no longer on my shopping list for the work kitchen or my own.

Love Saladas BUT!

Always, and I eat two packets per week there are broken saladas when a box is open. Doesn't matter where there purchased from

Saladas are addictive.

I love them, try them. I'm talking the old ones not new, new taste terrible but they are just trying to save money I guess.

Wheres the original saladas gone ?

Thought i had bought a dud pack of saladas until my 2nd lot which was still tasteless dry revolting almost stale taste i love saladas but u have changed the recipe never buying again disappointed badly !!!!!

Different ingredients in Salada

Why is it that we have a perfectly good product, Then Arnott"s are bought out by an overseas company who decide that they can make it cheaper by changing the ingredients. The trouble is that the biscuits now taste horrible. I won't be buying them any more either


Why won't these break on perforation? So frustrating to say the least. Now are tasteless? What happened used to love them.

What in gods name am I eating

Powdery mush after the first bite, tasteless like eating a babys teething rusk won't bother buying them again thanks Arnott's for ruining what was a great tasting product.

The wholemeal salada's now have no taste

The wholemeal salada's now have no taste!!
They are so disappointing, I remember when they first came out they had little pieces of whole grain in them lots of flavor. Now it just tastes like cardboard. Using cheaper and cheaper ingredients reducing quality & flavour does not make your product better

Rip off.

Why why why is the packet one third bigger than needed? It makes it look like a big box of salada... I wish I could post photos - ) theft by deception by Arnott's. I wonder what the first Arnott's would think about this. I've complained before but dismissed with Arnott's usual excuses!!! The box is one third too big...but it looks like you get more biscuits....own up Arnott's.

Won't break on perforations

Quite often when I buy Saladas to use for school lunches they won't snap apart on the perforations. So wasteful- what do I do with broken biscuits?

what have you done arnotts

I also opened up the pack thinking why are they so over cooked and where is the rest of them. I have a plastic container that i have used for years to store after opening. I used to have to eat three salada slices before I could fit the rest in. Now they fit in straight from the pack. Ripping me off. Thanks again arnotts.

Bad batch and sell cheap??

Always loved saladas but recently got some on special and not only are they overcooked but there is literally 5 tiny grains of salt on each square! So someone messes up and to save some money you decide to sell them anyway, on special, and since they are ruined why waste more money by puting the correct amount of salt on them right?? Bad form guys. Saved throwing a bad run away but by doing so risked losing long time customers. 40 years of enjoying your product down the drain. Never again.

What happened to the salada biscuites I use to love?

Been eating Salads for over 40ys and now they have shrunk in size, less in the box and are tasteless.. may as well eat dry rye biscuits.. Wont be buying them each week like I use to.

Love the salada cracker

Just opened a new box of Salada Crackers,wow love them crunchy,don't crumble as the old ones did .Dont change this product I use them when eating my homemade soup instead of bread now,no butter either.

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How much bread is in one salada?
1 answer
Sorry I have no idea. A salad is a type of cracker, not bread. You could read the ingredients label for dietary information.

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