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Arnott's Vegemite & Cheese Shapes

Arnott's Vegemite & Cheese Shapes

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Arnott's Winner

When the original barbecue shapes were modified that ended my love affair with Shapes. But having tried Vegemite & Cheese shapes countless boxes have been consumed. Keep them coming unchanged please.

Purchased .


Just like when they tried to change savoury shapes and cheese shapes. Less grams in the packet,a crappy biscuit with finely ground salt .I had to put on my reading glasses to see the flavour you can see.all this to save money on production while keeping the price the same. I've been eating shapes for 40 years and I'm very disappointed. Good bye to Arnott's shapes, NO MORE ,VERY DISAPPOINTED.

Great Product. My favourite snack.

I Absolutely hate vegimite, but these new shapes are fabulous, so tasty !
I am not sure if I can share the box with hubby, too good to share.
Are these only sold in Coles ? As I can never find them in Woolies.

Purchased at Coles Supermarkets for $2.50.

Great product, love that the shape is Australia

We have purchased several boxes of these shapes and my husband is addicted to them. They are great little shapes of Australia and they taste great. We have bought them in a large packet and in small individual packets

They are Very Good.

Wow,these are good.
Saw the commercial and thought to myself, yeah sure pump it up! My partner bought a packet home.
Tasty, without a doubt, to my taste buds.The best thing since grilled cheese on toast. Stash a box in the cupboard for emergencies.

Always been satisfying - now better!

New cheese n vegemite shapes - they look like little maps of Australia. They taste like a cheese n vegemite toastie that you grilled till the cheese bubbles and started to go brown. OMG YUM ! I just discovered that they go reeeally well with wine, olives stuffed with anchovies, and Brie!! This is the taste of Australia for sure!

Questions & Answers

Why are the supermarkets removing vegemite shapes from the shelves? I love them, easily the best ‘shape’ yet.
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I don’t know why Peter. I am trying to avoid the isle with vegemite shapes as they are soooo yummy. I do hope this was not a short lived product !Peter I do not believe they are removing them from their shelves. They have just become so popular that they can not keep up with the demand. We are having the same trouble

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