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I have a classical accoustic guitar that I have had for 48 years. It is made in Japan out of spruce and mahogany with the serial number 19674 can you advise me how I can find out the brand please.
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If you look inside the soundhole you should see a label with the maker details. If there's no information here, it's very difficult to tell, best to take it to a local guitar luthier.

I have seen nothing but great reviews about the actual guitars from Artist Guitars, but at the moment I am more interested in their accessories. What is the quality like for their cables especially?
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Great noise reduction cables

Had anybody got the Artist TXC10 classical guitar? If so what do you think of it,thanks.
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Just wondering how the electric acoustic guitars match up in term of sound quality compared to the rest of the market, the prices are amazing. I need a guitar that will provide a good sound plugged in or not plugged in ?
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Hi. While I have several Artist Guitars, I don't have a semi acoustic to give a clear response. I can say that their 12 string acoustic sounds and feels great - straight out of the box. Also their range of electrics have always played well, and as their business and range of products have grown over the years, so has their access to high end components. Sorry I cant give a specific answer, but I do highly recommend the team at Artist Guitars to help you make the right choice.Thanks mate, all reviews are very positive it's helping me make my decision!I had one of their 335 style, and found the pickups were very "hot", in stark contrast to a Gibson or Epiphone... which is not good given the guitar is a semi-acoustic/archtop. The feedback was terrible. I can't vouch for other models but if I were to buy another Artist, I would definitely change the pickups.

IS the 3/4 little artist any good and does it have a good action? Is it comparable it to guitars like the mini maton or little martin?
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Its a fantastic gutair for children 6-12 .they are better to able to manage it and learn quicker. The sound, feel ,and look is quality. Great action, couldn't say if it was comparable to a mini marton. Would defiantly recommend. *****

Hi Has anyone bought the ARTIST STHPKBK ELECTRIC GUITAR PLUS AMP AND ACCESSORIES beginners guitar package from Artist online. ($219)? I am thinking of getting it for my 13 year old son as a first guitar and have no idea what a good setup is and this one looks to good to be true. All the forums I have read about Artist Guitars have been excellent all 5 star also seems to good to be true. Thanks
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I haven't purchased that specific package (the STHPKBK - which is the "Stratocaster" model), but I HAVE bought the "Telecaster" variant thereof from Artist Guitars. (Very similar product.) I got it on behalf of a young (11-year-old) godson who was wanting his first instrument. I did some preliminary set-up before he got his hands on it, but there was very little to do — action was nice and low, and intonation was surprisingly good for a budget guitar. It looked good, and played quite well. Do understand, of course, that the supplied amplifier is rather small — fine for jamming in your bedroom, but you're unlikely to be using it for big-hall performance. Overall, excellent value. Bear in mind, too, that Artist allow you to return a product even if you just change your mind — I did that on one occasion, and it was hassle-free (they even paid the return postage). Plus, they have a three-year warranty on their gear, which is better than you'll get most other places. I agree that the reviews for Artist Guitars sound almost too good to be true but, in the case of this particular seller, I'd have to agree with them. It's certainly refreshing to find an Aussie vendor that has actually gotten the "service" model right! I first came across them in August 2013, and have purchased from AG a total of 56 times since then — everything from leads and picks and strings through to electric guitars, basses, 12-string acoustic-electrics, effects pedals, switches, amplifiers, etc. (Yeah, I'm one of those guitar tragics! :-) Their service is first-class, they're quick to respond to e-mails, and their products are consistently excellent. Of course, it's mostly "made-in-south-east-Asia" stuff, but then a lot of much more expensive gear is built there too these days, and AG seem to have the knack of finding "quality" suppliers. Put it this way ..... two of my three basses come from Artist Guitars, and two of my four guitars, and about half my pedalboard boxes. I'm not a professional muso, and I'm not wealthy, but I do appreciate good value and good service, and I've consistently gotten both from Artist Guitars. And no, I have no affiliation whatsoever with AG — I live a long way away in provincial Queensland (Toowoomba), and play a range of instruments (6-string/12-string/bass/mando/uke) in contemporary church bands. Hope that helps!Thanks Jan I am going to give them a go. Appreciate your detailed answer.

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