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11 questions from our users

Olive F.
Olive F.asked

Started using ASAP products with nearly 2 weeks now found that my skin was peeling and very dry is this normal at the start?

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Liv T.
Liv T.asked

I have just started using asap products and my face is burning too. I'm not sure whether I should stop using them or tolerate it for a few more days to see if it gets better. Any advice?

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Mandy W.
Mandy W.asked

Has anyone had issues with the night cream dispenser, I’ve had 2 bottles that the pump action has stopped working on and both less than a month old, so I know they are not empty. Is there a contact number for ASAP. Thank you

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This has happened to me also. It’s very frustrating. Got a replacement and it stopped working within less than a week.


I have just recently starting using the platinum collection and my face is breaking out with Double the Black Heads ahhh is this normal?

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Samantha L.
Samantha L.asked

I started using the platinum collection as outlined {cleanser, B, C, Ultimate Hydration in the morning; and cleanser, B, (alternate nights for R & A), night cream}, and my face burnt so badly!!! I have used the R and A serums along with the exfoliant before, as one-offs here and there, and my skin felt amazing. For the first 36 hours of using the platinum routine my face felt the same. However, after that, my face was so burnt I had to put ice on it for 3 hours followed by pure aloe Vera. Following that my face broke out in tiny bumps which then went on to peel. The day after my first burn reaction I used just the cleanser and the same thing happened again - agony!. I then have had to use water to wash my face, and straight Nivea as a moisturiser to avoid further reactions. Even still, my face burns after washing. It’s now been nearly two weeks and my burn peels are just subsiding. I do not have sensitive skin at all and my biggest gripe if anything is normally dry skin.

Can someone please tell me what is the easiest way to ease my skin back into this routine given the exfoliant, A, & R, have not hurt me before on my random uses...

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Hi there
I recently purchased the essentials pack which advised to use the following:
Morning: Daily Facial Cleanser and moisturise
Evening: Gentle Cleansing, Exfoliate and soothing gel.
My skin is becoming really dry and flakey in some areas - is this normal to start with?

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Theresa Sattler
Theresa Sattlerasked

Hi I'm a new user to asap and during the first two days all was well but after my third application of the products my face burns . I used the retinol based product once and not since first application. Is this burning normal?

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Libby W
Libby W

Hi Therese
I loved the ASAP products but I may have gone overboard with their varied range as I too started getting burn marks on my face underneath my eyes. At one point it was so bad that I also started sneezing and my nose was dripping constantly. This happened a couple of times and red burn marks on my face so I have decided to stop using all of the products except for the facial scrub in the shower every now and then. After some research I think it may have been the vitamin A with retinol which was the main offender and is probably too strong for sensitive skin. I also think that it caused some hair loss around the sides of my face and now that I have stopped using it the hair around my sideburns is starting to grow back. I certainly don’t want to bag this product because I felt my skin started looking great but it was probably using too many of the products at the same time and I think the retinol could be a problem.
Good luck
Libby from Port Elliot SA


Why does asap R need to be applied at night?

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I'm scared having read the review that this cream is harmful to skin and the environment as well as containing polyethylene. I'm a new customer and have spent a lot of money on an array of ASAP products. you haven't denied these claims so is it true?

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Stewart Lawrance
Stewart Lawrance

Don't be scared: checkout Paula's Choice for expert advice in the Ingredients Dictionary about what things are:



My skin drys up after using the products. I'm 55 what should i do?

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Hi Farida, which products exactly are you using in the range and how often ?. Do you know your skin type/tone etc ? More info would be great so we can guide you in the right direction.

Generally speaking though if you get dry patches of skin or it becomes flakey this is the skins way of telling you it's not moisturised/hydrated enough.

Steph B
Steph B

Hello Farida!

What products are you using, if you don't mind me asking?
There was a few things that contributed to my skin flaking. Number 1 was hydration. I wasn't taking in enough water.
The second was the moisturiser I was using. It was the right one. I believe ASAP have 2 - Advanced and Ultimate I think? I use the advanced.
Do you exfoliate daily or every couple of days, or at all? Exfoliating too often, or not at all, dries out your skin.
After cleansing each night, do you tone with a serum? I can look into the best one if you like? I use Super B Serum and Radiance Serum.


Should the cleanser and moisturer give you a burning and itchy feeling when using it?

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I never had a burning sensation when using it. I occasionally get some tingling when using the daily defense moisturiser. For the first week of using the products my skin was very dry, but I was told to power on through this as it would resolve after a week which it did :) Hope this helps!


Which products are you using ? The gel cleanser or the daily facial cleanser ? And which moisturiser?

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