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Nurse Ascent Avara lasted 9 months

I bought a part Ascent Avara in May 2018, I’m a nurse doing 12 hours shift and these shoes are no longer wearable after 9 months wear. They have a nice look and the non slip effect is handy, but I bought these as advertised for nurses and after 10 years working I’ve never had to replace shoes this quickly. The sole is incredibly hardened and has caused a great deal of discomfort to me post 3 12 hour shifts where I was unable to prioritise getting new ones. On return to Athletes Foot they were excessively pushy that it wasn’t the shoes fault and that they are the absolute best shoes. I explained the above and tried a fresh pair in comparison to other brand sneakers; the sneakers won. If the soles hadn’t hardened so quickly I would recommend these shoes but I expect my shoes to last longer than 12 months- if you advertising to nurses they should be made to withstand the long shifts and lots of time on my feet.

Product Quality
Return Claim MadeNo
Sizing True to size
Product Appearance As advertised
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Hi Marie, thank you for your review. I'm sorry to hear that you weren't happy with the wear of your shoes. The Avara is our most popular nursing shoe and we receive plenty of fantastic feedback about the comfort and support it provides on a long shift. The cushioning we use in the Avara is the same cushioning used in sports shoes. It is designed to compress on impact to reduce pressure and fatigue on your feet. Due to this, the midsole will compress over time and eventually need replacing. The length of time that this occurs can vary depending on the conditions of use, and it is recommended that you replace your shoes to keep that comfortable, supportive feeling in your legs when you are on your feet all day!

Ascent workboots

I purchased the suede work boots, just to try them out, and they were comfortable, light (but let the water through) and lasted about 8 months. I changed to the black work boots (which are waterproof) because I work outdoors every day and they lasted about 8 months too. I've been purchasing them ever since (about 4 years).

My last purchase was the suede boots again, because my usual boots were out of stock, but I'm a bit disappointed that they haven't gone the distance this time - 4 months and both soles are starting to peel off. I'm not sure if the product specs have been changed or whether it's just a problem with that pair - any advice would be great.

Hi Farm Gardener thank you for your review of our work boots. It is great to hear you are happy with the comfort and weight. If the outsole is starting to peel off your latest pair I would recommend returning them to the store to assess if this is a manufacturing fault.Thanks for the advice. Still like the boots.

Black school shoes

My son has had three pairs of school shoes (one each year). They are comfortable for him and last him all year! Some people I have spoken to get cheaper shoes and several a year. It's worth paying a little bit more and getting these shoes that last nearly 12 months. Highly recommended.

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Hi Bec thanks for the review. It is great to hear you are happy with our school shoes!

5 pairs same busted soles

Comfortable BUT.....
First pair the leather came apart on sides and both soles cracked in half in about 10 months.
Replaced under warranty, thanks BUT.......
No surprises same thing in about 12 months.
I also stepped on a nail (Blunt end up very deep) with these boots on and ended up with a chunk of rubber stuck in my foot for 5 weeks, infection and all. These boots have No protection against piercing.
All 3 of my brothers have had these boots and exactly the same thing, 5 pairs in total same huge cracks in soles. Enough said.
Theres no way the company dosent know there a problem with the soles on these boots.

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Hi Marti, thanks for taking the time to review our footwear. We value each and every review whether it is positive or negative. We are aware of an issue with a production of the Alpha2 boot and have been working on some modifications to increase the comfort, durability and stability of the new production. The new production is due to arrive in December.

Quality + value

Ascent Sustain cross-trainers are durable, reliable, fit-for-purpose sneakers. I've just ordered my third pair because my two previous pairs served me thoroughly whilst being worn almost nonstop in all conditions, including a lot of hiking in rough bush terrain. I owned and used no other shoes for daily shoes in the past six years because each pair lasted for three years with no loss of function, until the stitching and laces began to fray. I was frustrated that I could only buy from Athletes Foot which is >1 hour drive, so was delighted to discover online direct ordering is now available. I trust that quality and service from the online ordering team will be as reliable as the shoes have been.

Overpriced imported rubbish

My wife bought these for me and got conned, paid 250 au. Just over 12 months and both soles split, heal separation. Absolute junk for rip off price. Never again will I buy any ascent product, fb all my mates, I'm still yelling...

Alpha 2 workboots FYIHi Kenny, Thanks for taking the time to post a review. Can I ask if you have sought advice from your place of purchase as we are aware of a issue with a batch of outsoles that are splitting prematurely. In most instances the boots get replaced at no charge. Please email me your contact details to stuart@ascentfootwear.com.au and I will call you to discuss.Well I am surprised, picked up the new boots today, no charge, bad batch they said. Problem solved thanks

Awesome customer service, delivery and shoes

We just LOVE ascent footwear and dont wear anything else they are hard wearing, supportive, and made well.

My daughters school shoes and running shoes are only ever Ascent. Thank you for having the best customer service by far the best shoes and for making a shoe that I dont have to worry about I just know they are going to be good each and every time.

Not impressed, they are over price

For the price they aren't as comfortable as you advertise, my last pair of mongrels where way more comfortable, you were recommended by my podiatrist but I won't be listening to him again.

Was very disappointed.

Bought 2 pairs of 4E width shoes from Ascent that gave me foot pain the more I wore them. I have worn 4E width shoes for 20 years +.
After discussing issue with my podiatrist it was determined there must have been an issue with the Ascent shoes. Ascent refunded me the unworn pair, but refused to refund the pair I had already worn as I was a week out of their warranty period. Ascent claimed their shoes were made to spec and every other brand I have worn over 20 years must have been manufactured incorrectly.
Not impressed and will never buy from Ascent again.


My child wore your $100 pair of "school shoes" for 3-4 months before the stitching came apart!
They were sent to you and it took you 4 weeks to deem the issue to be due to normal wear and tear and you would not repair or replace them???
If your company cannot manufacture "school shoes" that can't withstand more than 3-4 months wear and tear then I would suggest you get out of the business of making them and stop ripping off struggling Families!!!
I'm so disgusted in your quality and service and I WILL NEVER PURCHASE ASCENT FOOTWEAR AGAIN!!!
Rest assured I will be voicing my opinion and review far and wide!!!

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Hi Amanda, Thanks for voicing your opinion about the shoes you purchased. We are yet to receive further information from you so we can investigate the situation. As I am sure you can imagine school shoes take a beating from kids and however strong we make them sometimes they will fail earlier than you're expectation.

The worst most uncomfortable pair of shoes

I have worn ascent shoes for years this pair kills my feet, they make the soles of my feet feel bruised and can hardly walk around after taking them off.I have never experienced such pain from a pair of shoes before, I paid $175.00 for this.

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Hi Allison, I'm very sorry to hear about your experience with us to date. At Ascent we appreciate your feedback and have passed your comments on to our product development team. Can you please confirm which style was purchased and did you have the shoe fitted by The Athletes Foot?

Excellent Service Very Helpful Thank You !!!

I bought these shoes and wasn't happy with them , so i asked to return them and get different ones , they were soooooo helpful didn't argue with me and said sure , posted out my new ones and was so happy , a girl called rose helped me out !! great shoes very comfy !!!

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Hi, Thank you very much for choosing us and sharing your thoughts online! We hope to serve you again in the future! Regards Ascent Footwear.

lasted 6 months wearing periodically, had reviewed by ascent and was told general wear and tear.

Have had 3 pairs over the years been very happy until this last pair... $170 shoes should not do this, no more recommendations from me to fellow workers, time for me to buy a new brand.

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Hi There, I'm very sorry to hear about your experience with us to date. At Ascent we appreciate your feedback and have past you comments on to our product development team. If in the future you require any further assistance or would like to provide us further information, please do not hesitate to contact us. My email address is info@ascentfootwear.com.au

Expensive, wear is poor and another ankle problem

Paid $220 for these boots at Athletes foot. After 13 months noticed the sole on the left boot was coming away at the edges. Further inspection at a bootmakers showed this had been happening for a while.
Took back to Athletes foot who said they sent back to Ascent who advised this was fair wear and tear. Maybe on the right boot - which was about half worn but still intact.
As for the left boot it has a manufacturing fault and for the money I expect better. I usually get 3-5 years from much cheaper boots.
I don't give Athletes foot a tick either as when I commented that I hadn't even worn out the innersoles( which they also sold me) they said must be a good pair of innersoles - I would have thought at least here's a discount on something better - as if you sell it it's your product to me.
Interesting on the ankle comments as I also developed a chronic sprained ankle after wearing these boots for about 3 months - on the right ankle which was the good boot!!!
Never had a problem before.
So I would concur with others here on the problem with instability around the ankle.
Note - I had these properly fitted at Athletes foot.
I will now put these in the bin.
In short very comfy, wear badly when worked in and bad for the ankles.
A very expensive pair of slippers maybe?
In one word.

Hi There, I'm very sorry to hear about your experience with us to date. At Ascent we appreciate your feedback and have past you comments on to our product development team. If in the future you require any further assistance or would like to provide us further information, please do not hesitate to contact us. My email address is info@ascentfootwear.com.auI'm sorry but this is pretty hollow as according to the Athletes foot store in Grafton they returned the boots to you and replacement was rejected as falling apart in 13 months was reasonable wear and tear even though it was obvious these had deteriorated in the 12 month warranty period. You can be of no further assistance as I would never buy them again. I have replaced them with Rossi boots. Aussie made, serviceable and painless to wear and deal with.

achilles tendon PAIN Beware

Really try these before you buy - the boot does not allow your feet to roll correctly - now after 4 days only of wear major pain in Achilles tendons in both legs to the point of inability to walk correctly when you take these boots off and you are at home - boots are way to high at the back and do not allow mobility of the feet even though they are supposed to be podiatrist certified - obviously whomever reviewed this item has never worked the outdoors or workshops as a tradie !
comfort of the boot
achilles tendon - major pain in both legs

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Hi There, I'm very sorry to hear about your experience with us to date. At Ascent we appreciate your feedback and have past you comments on to our product development team. If in the future you require any further assistance or would like to provide us further information, please do not hesitate to contact us. My email address is info@ascentfootwear.com.au

Blistered heels

Spent a decent amount of money on a pair for my son starting prep. Wore them today and didn’t last the day. Teacher had to take them off because he had big blisters behind both heels. Not sure if he was fitted incorrectly or just because they are new. will see how they hold up tomorrow with 2 pairs of socks and bandaids ☹️
Aside from that great looking shoe. My daughter has worn her’s twice now with no problems.

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Hi Steph, thank you for your review. I would recommend taking the shoes back in to store with your son to double check that the fit is correct.

Highly Recommend

Bought Apex senior for my son and they lasted 2 years ! His foot is very broad so the extra width options were perfect. Could have gone another 6 months but he needed to go up a size for this new school year . Out preformed Clarks for durability and way more comfortable than doc martens on his arch. Highly recommend !

Product Quality
Return Claim MadeNo
Sizing True to size
Product Appearance As advertised
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Hi Lee, thank you for your review. It is great to hear your son has been happy with the Apex! With four different width options in the Apex, we want to make sure every school child can achieve the prefect fit.

Blisters for my girls

Bought leather Ascent Adiva school shoes for my girls 9 & 10 from Athletes foot so should have been fitted correctly. Eldest wore hers for 1 hour and massive blister on each foot which burst. Youngest same story after 2 hours. Took old Lynx shoes up to the school to replace them which at least have some padding on the heel. Tried again with 2 double extra large bandaids on each heel but ripping through again after 20 mins. $130 each for torture. Put some padding on the heel of kids shoes please.

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Thank you for your review. I am sorry to hear that your girls experienced blisters with our Adiva school shoes. We use a firm heel counter in our shoes to provide excellent support for young feet when they are active all day. If you have been wearing open footwear over the summer months, your feet may need to take some time to adjust to structured footwear again. We always suggest walking around at home for short periods in your new shoes to get used to wearing school shoes before the year begins.

Excellent shoes!

I've had several pairs of Ascent shoes now and find them excellent - long-lasting and very supportive. They seem to be better value for money than comparable shoes, without losing anything in quality.

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Thanks for your review Tim. It is great to hear you have been happy with our shoes.

SERIOUSLY LASTED THREE YEARS! Could not fault these shoes!

I’m a picky mother. Without sounding egotistical, my kids’ uniforms are always well presented. I was shocked when the shoes lasted a whole year (Clarks barely did in the past), but then another and another. Three years and now handed down. INCREDIBLE. Well worth every cent!

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Thanks for your review. We pride ourselves on engineering a durable and supportive school shoe. It is great to hear they have lasted so well for you.

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Questions & Answers

Are the soles anti static in the ascent avara ladies shoes?
1 answer
Hi Mandy The Avara is not an antistatic shoe. Regards Team Ascent

Does any of the ascent work shoes provide as much support and motion control as the brooks beast.? I did go to an athlete's foot store but they couldn't find any.
1 answer
Hi, Thanks for your question. Yes we have a number of workboots that provide support and motion control through the use of mid foot stabiliser and firm thermoplastic heel counters. It you are looking for a model with a high degree of torsional support I would recommend the following style: https://store.ascentfootwear.com.au/slip-resistant/129206-oxide-black-male-senior.

Hi, I have gone through a few pairs of the Sigma work boots in a size USM 10, my last pair being the SKU#11743 (4E) in a USM size 10 - each pair has fit perfectly and was super comfortable instantly... I recently got a pair of the Alpha 2 SKU #129467 (4E) also in a USM size 10 and they are a smaller shoe on my foot and the composit caps gave me blisters after a day's wear. I gave it a week and tried again with the same result. I spoke to the General manager about this and he assured me that both shoes were made from the same mould and were egsactly the same size... I have phoned all the stockists within an hours drive from my home with the hopes of trying on some other sizes, but couldn't find anyone who had the sizes I wanted to try on. My question is: what is the next step? My overal disappoint derived mainly from the conversation I had with the sales manager would prompt me to place the boots in a charity bin and try another brand :(
2 answers
Hi, As noted in previous email communication the Alpha 2 zip boot is made on a completely different platform than your old Sigma slip on boot hence the reason the size you have chosen doesn't fit you. Because your employer has supplied the boot to you they would have need to communicate this with their supplier to arrange a replacement/exchange.Hi, I apologise for my previous mis communication, but I have also had a pair of the previous version of the Alpha zip boots. These were also a (4E) US size 10. The Alpha 2 is a smaller boot that the previous Alpha model. My employer made contact with the place of purchase and was told that they could not be exchanged as the boots had been worn.

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