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Aseako Electric Bike

Aseako Electric Bike

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Brilliant after sales service

The bike is a workhorse, is comfortable and has a good range. I do a round trip 55km commute and the bike is great. It's got good speed and gives a good kick along at take-off. I do a round trip 55km commute and is no worries with the Tourney.

I recently had to do a repair and got fast and comprehensive advice on how to do the job along with a fast delivery of the parts. They sent a video on the procedure to replace the main bearing that was easy to follow and helpful.

The advice and follow up by Brett at the company was excellent and he went beyond the call of duty in providing information and arranging parts delivery. The parts are very reasonably priced and were delivered within days.

The after sales service is a model for other companies trading online - great stuff.

Purchased in January 2017.

My experience dealing with Brett from Aseako bikes

Brett was very good to deal with always return my calls He explain any queries I had . Arrange to to see a similar bike near where I live before I ordered the bike and after service was excellent Highly recommend

Purchased in January 2019 at Better Braces for $2,800.00.

Great bike

Have done over 7600 is in four years .The only of problem in that time was a faulty switch in the rear brake lever ,promptly replaced under warrenty. Have optimised It with 32 mm front forks , air shock and 8 speed shimano hub gears , rear mudguard also made stronger mudguard brackets
Brett has improved a great company and expanded it by adding a service division which Intend to try out in the new future.

Date PurchasedJan 2015

Love my Zoco

Wow, I love my Zoco Ultra. Thankyou Brett for being so wonderful and helpful, when my husband and I first got our bikes and set them up, Brett responded very quickly to help us sort out any problems we had, Thankyou.
I am so pleased I got the 500w to help get up the hill near our house, this was the best decision.
We go out every weekend and enjoy riding our Zoco, Don’t hesitate, just buy one.... you will love it too
Thankyou :)
Nikki & Simon
Lennox Head NSW

Date PurchasedAug 2018

Aseako Tourney Electric Bike

Bought my Aseako Tourney bike near 4 years ago after having a total knee replacement, I can ride it like a normal bike or ride with electric power assist or just let the bike do the work. I live in a very hilly area I am nearly 75 years after having a mountain bike for many years and enjoyed my bike riding for the exercise it gave me strength back in my legs. No problems apart from normal bike maintenance Excellent sales and support from Brett..

Date PurchasedSep 2014

Easy to get on and off great fun to ride.

I love my new bike. I can ride it like a normal bike or ride with electric power assist or just let the bike do the work. It is seriously good fun. I am 64yo and feel like a kid again. It's making me want to get out there and exercise knowing I can get powered home if I need to. Get out there! You'll love it too.

Date PurchasedJan 2018

Repair service Aseako Electric bike

After finding a problem with noise in the centre drive hub after 12 months of regular riding we contacted Brett at Aseako in Sydney and asked what could be done. He promptly organised to send parts to his Gold Coast repair man (Stu) to come to our place and look at the problem, this was in the dead post Xmas time when most people were on holidays. Stu contacted us and organised to pick up the bike and within a couple of days returned the bike in full working order. Having spoken to other cycling friends about the service we received we were all in agreement that this was a great example of a business that put customer service at the top of the list.

We would highly recommend this company if you are considering purchasing an E- Bike as the product has been good and the service well ahead of the pack they actually care about their customers.

Date PurchasedNov 2016

Well designed, comfortable quality E-Bike.

Great bike which allows me to enjoy cycling again at the age of 62yrs especially in the hilly area where I live. Has enough flexible power combined with the Nu Vinci hub to get my 125kg up the hills and is very enjoyable to ride on the flat areas. Excellent sales and support from Brett.

Date PurchasedJul 2017


Placed the order Thursday p.m. Bike arrived Monday p.m. Very easy to assemble.
I have had both knee joints replaced and had to stop riding my regular bicycle. With minimal effort I can now cruise up hills and keep up a reasonable speed on the flat using my Cruiser.
I love it and am most impressed with both the product and the company. Well done Aseako.

Having now owned my Cruiser for a year I am still impressed. Had a problem with the battery charger which was replaced very promptly. Not only is the bike brilliant, the Company is great to deal with. Thanks Aseako.

Date PurchasedSep 2017

Excellent with the 15.6Ah Battery

I Purchased a Tourney and a Cruiser 2 months ago after extensive research. They had to be versatile as my wife and I had differing needs for the e-bikes.. Hers is to be used solely for use when we are Motorhoming, which is at least once per month and it had to have a basket to carry our miniature Dachshund when shopping!
Mine is for multi use (the Tourney) as it is to use when we are Motorhoming and as a 3days a week exercise bike when I ride approximately 50 Kms.
I purchased a Yakima bike rack to carry the two bikes on our motorhome and whilst it is a two person job to load the bikes as they are quite heavy, it is very rewarding.
I am impressed with the Tourney and my Wife needs a little more riding to give an opinion on the Cruiser.
With regard to Sales and service I can only say that Brett has been fantastic. When I have emailed him with questions, he has always responded immediately.
I have the highest regard for the Company in general and Brett in particular and have pleasure in recommending them hers was sole.

Date PurchasedApr 2017

The feeling of freedom!

After suffering a stroke, I am unable to drive anymore or walk very far as it is too painfull. With this bike I can ride most places. My wife and I both bought an aeseko bike, mine a tourney and hers a cruiser. We are very happy with our bikes and recommend them to anyone. We are currently touring around oz with our camper and have our bikes with us. The feeling of having freedom to get around is life saving! Thank you Brett and Aeseco!

Date PurchasedJun 2017

WOW hold on to your hat

Wanted to lose some weight but being unfit I went with the electric Alto bike to start off with. From purchase to delivery was 3 days and when the bike arrived I was surprised how well the bike was made, looked great and rode very well. One word of warning, these are not toy bikes, they are a seroius machine with pleanty of grunt. Going up hills are a breeze. Suggestion; make sure you buy a good helmet as thes things can fly if you want them too.

Date PurchasedFeb 2017

save health

Fantastic bike,This thing save my life or extended my life was 130 kg now just 78 kg and yes I was peddling always. Most people overweight would not even attempt to ride with that weight on them being 50 years of age and trying to find a easy solution to lose weight, This bike you can achieve anything distance is no problems and the amount of $$$$ I saved riding to work and back each day even in the rain love it... so well done Aseako Electric Bike thankyou

Date PurchasedNov 2015

Good Customer service and good bicycle.

I bought this Bicycle more than one year ago, and I used it so much. Maybe for my fault, i got few problems with few parts. But the owner is a very friendly person and he's tried to solve all problems.
I used this bicycle to ride off road on sandy and rocky tracks. And I used it to ride in town.
Just take care of your bike...

Date PurchasedOct 2015
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We found out about Mattias concerns via this product review. We would encourage all owners to contact us direct in the first instance to advise of any issues so we can assist in resolving them quickly. We have since contacted Mattia and have clarified that he has only had a couple problems with the bike. The first was a legitimate warranty issue which he contacted us about quite a while ago and it was quickly resolved. The current issue is only the 2nd issue and after discussion appears that it is not necessarily a part issue but most likely a maintenance issue as a result of the type of terrain he is using the bike in. We are however working with Mattia to assist in getting him back up and riding as quickly as possible. In regards to parts availability, all components other than those directly related to the electrics or drive system, are standard quality bike parts e.g. Shimano, gears, Tektro brakes etc. They are generally easily obtainable through a good local bike shop who are prepared to help but otherwise we keep all parts in stock ourselves to support our customers and can ship anywhere in Australia as required. Once again we encourage all customers with any questions or concerns to contact us direct via email or phone so we are able to assist. Happy Riding

The technology gets better every time!

I live in a very hilly district and normal push biking was exhausting. This Aseako Cruiser is the perfect solution. The bike has a throttle so you can 'drive' it like a scooter (which is a guilty pleasure) but it also gets you out and about like a normal bike. Very comfortable and beautifully made (recommend getting the kit assembled by a mechanic will cost up to $100), it's perfect for commuting or riding for pleasure. My only other comment is that the bike is solid and therefore quite heavy so you need to adapt to that. Get one though they're great!

Date PurchasedDec 2016

Best after sales service I received.

I bought my Aseako Sport second hand on Ebay 8 months ago and on the weekend I had a problem with the drive unit which was not engaging the crank. I phoned the service line on the Monday and spoke to Brett. I was not expecting the help I received from him as I did not buy the bike from him. He explained in detail what the problem could be and ran me through the procedure of fault finding followed by video and documents. I diagnosed the problem on Monday night, ordered the part at 1pm Tuesday and had the part in my hand by 10am Wednesday morning. My bike is now up and running thanks to Brett. It is very difficult in this day and age to receive the outstanding assistance that i received from Brett. I would highly recommend this company to family and friends or anyone looking to buy an Electric Bike based on the after sales service i received. Thank you.

Date PurchasedMar 2015

Just the bike for me.

I suffered a motorcycle accident a few years ago and am left with some permanent disabilities. An acquaintance had me try riding his E-bike and I loved it. After some research I bought the Aseako Alto, an upgraded model, because among other things, it was a step-through of solid design. I can honestly say that I haven't looked back since. Besides being a very practical machine, I love the independence of getting around no matter what headwind or hill may be in front of me. Every week I'll ride on streets, paths, through parks, and even on the beach if the sand is firm. Whenever I get my helmet out of the cupboard my dog is waiting to go, tail running like a propellor hoping its the park or beach. If you're thinking of an E-bike take a look at Pro-Electric Bikes, I'm glad I did.

Date PurchasedOct 2015

Couldn't wish for better service and backup

We had owned our bikes (1 for my wife and 1 for me) for just on a year and they had never missed a beat, not a complaint. Then wouldn't you know it we came back from holiday and mine developed a fault. I live on the Sunshine Coast, (a part of the world that hasn't caught up with electric bikes yet) and couldn't find anyone to look at it. Brett rang around for me, found someone to do the job AND took care of the whole thing for me. I was already impressed with the bike and now very impressed with the back up and service A1, thank you.

Date PurchasedOct 2015

Very Surprised.

Bought Aseako Tourney second hand a few days ago, was very surprised with build and performance of this model. I had been thinking about purchasing an electric bike for sometime but with so many different types, motor power, battery output and price it would have be quite easy to make an expensive mistake. The Tourney was for sale locally and after having a good read of the info on the web decided to check it out. First impression was of a really well made,sturdy bike. The biggest surprise was when I had a go of it. The pedal assist is excellent and makes the bike so easy to ride especially for an old chap like me. It didn't take long to part with the cash and take possession of this amazing bike. First trip was from sellers house to mine, 12 kms, with some long,steep hills. I survived only because of the pedal assist and being able to use the motor and gears. The motor driven central crank allows you to use the gears to their best for the conditions. Go buy one. You won't be disappointed.

Date PurchasedDec 2016

Very Happy I purchased Aseako Bikes.

My wife and I are both in our 60's, following an overseas holiday where we hired and rode E Bikes for the first time, we decided to purchase two new E bikes.
These E bikes make riding a pleasure, no more struggling against head winds and going up hills. For those looking to increase their fitness without joining the lycra and road racing set, E Bikes are a great option.
I chose Aseako bikes because of the central drive motor, this makes a rear wheel removal easy compared to a hub drive motor and also the motor drives through the gears.
My wife chose an Alto and I chose a Tourney.
We have now owned both these bikes for almost three years and have enjoyed trouble free riding.
Additional purchases for the bikes were, rear view mirrors, handlebar stem risers & a new heavy duty bike rack for the car.

Date PurchasedFeb 2014

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Questions & Answers

Hi...I have the Aseako Sport about 4-5 years old with Shimano 8 Speed casette and derailer that came standard. Does the chain have 114 links as mine comes off often. Thanks Graham
No answers

Hi I have 2 bikes bought of you about 5 yrs ago. it is the ASEAKO SPORT. Can you tell me what chain size links and cassette info.. Thanks Graham @ Kiama
3 answers
The chain is 3/32"x1/2"Thank you Shorty, do you know the correct amount of links for the shimano 8 speed cassette that came with the bike. I have 114 but chain comes off often.Hi Graham, thanks for the question. There are a number of reasons why the chain may be coming off. I would suggest you send us an email to our support email at support@aseakoelectricbikes.com.au and we would be happy to work through the issue and help to resolve the problem. Regards

Anybody in the wider adelaide region have an Aseako Tourney or Rossi or Zoco in a large frame. I just want to have a look to see if it is too small for me at 6ft3 inches and 120kg. Thanks, Sean (in Athelstone but willing to travel.)
2 answers
Looking at the sizes in height length there is only a slight difference with seat adjustment you could ride either check on Aseako web site under specsI'm in Melbourne and am 6'4" and put a long seat pole on the Tourney and it's a good fit. Bigger wheels would be good but it does the job pretty well as is.


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