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Disappointing and not very helpful

We moved from Carrara to Hope Island and although the removalists were pleasant enough, they were not very helpful. They arrived on time, took 2 hours to load the van but surprisingly took over 4 hours to unload, due to numerous breaks! In all our previous moving experiences it has always taken longer to load than unload.

We asked if they would help my wife and I assemble our 6 foot bed and were told quite bluntly that if Ashtons didn't dismantle the unit then they can't reassemble. My wife has arthritis in her hands, we are in our mid 60's and the bed requires at least 2 people to assemble. The 6ft mattress is very heavy and cumbersome. Needless to say, we were not impressed and this is the first time in 20 moves that we did not provide a tip.

We will not be using Ashtons again in the future and would not recommend their service. Very disappointing all round.

Hi Steve We were very disappointed to read that you were unhappy with the service we provided during your recent local removal. Ashtons Removals strives to provide the most professional removal service on the Gold Coast, so we welcome your feedback and will aim to provide a better service to our clients moving forward. In response to your review, I can confirm that the reason unloading took longer than loading was because we moved you from a house into a third-floor apartment. I also note that the removal team carried all your items up two flights of stairs before gaining access to the lift, and that we were unable to have sole use of the lift. This access resulted in the delivery taking much longer than it would have, if we had been moving your goods into a house. I can confirm we quoted you a fixed price for your removal, so you were not charged any extra for the breaks the removal team took, or the extra time it took them to place all of your goods into your apartment. In regard to the reassembly of your bed, our notes from the inspection and confirmation email indicate that you were going to dismantle and reassemble items yourself. Please note that when we don't dismantle an item, the process of reassembling it becomes more complicated as we aren't familiar with the item, and this is why, in general, we don't reassemble something we haven't dismantled. We understand from your review that there were health issues which meant the reassembly of the bed was extremely difficult for you both and we apologise for not assisting. I will ensure that the entire removal team is spoken to about being more lenient about this policy moving forward. It certainly was not our intention to cause you any additional stress during your recent removal, so please accept our sincere apologies for this. Please feel free to call me on 5527 9700 if you'd like to discuss this further. Kind regards, Mrs AJ Bigham General Manager Ashtons RemovalsWe are very disappointed with your response concerning the 2 main issues raised and refute the points made about the delivery and access for the following reasons: 1. Your Assessor at the time of quoting for the removal said she was familiar with the development that we were moving to and the crew knew all about the access to the property as they had delivered to the apartments before. They were familiar with the access from the road and the provisions for the lift access, so the excuses the crew have given as to why the unloading took longer than the uploading are laughable. 2. We moved from a 3 bed townhouse where most of the heavy furniture and all of the packed boxes were upstairs. In order to load the van they had to carry the items down a dog-leg staircase that consisted of 17 steps. The apartment we moved into was on the 3rd floor and to access the lift they had two small flights of steps - one consisting of 5 steps and the other 3 steps. The second flight of steps had a ramp for disabled access so they could easily bypass the second set of steps altogether. Finally, they were given a set of lift keys by the BC manager to lock the lift for their exclusive use - so there is no excuse as to why it took twice as long to unload the van as it did to upload. In actuality, the unload should have been less strenuous than the upload. We believe they may have prolonged the time it took to unload as the men told us they were paid by the hour. It made no difference to our cost as we were quoted a fixed price. 3. When we asked if they could give us a hand with the bed, they refused and we were informed that it was company policy not to help with constructing the bed if it had not been deconstructed. I was quite happy to assemble the bed myself but would have appreciated a helping hand with the mattress as it was heavy for my wife. It would have only taken 5 minutes for someone to assist while I screwed the bolts together and they had given us a helping hand with the heavy mattress. In 20 moves this is the first time we have ever taken issue with the removal of our goods as most Removal crews are happy to help and make the process easier for the client and often go the extra mile if necessary. Sadly, Ashtons removals service fell well below our expectations.

Questions & Answers

how much is the average monthly storage fees charged by removalist if you have to store before they deliver to new address?
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Sorry, can't really answer this question as it depends on how much you have to store. Great company though, and would recommend them to anyone.Gee sounds like an adGood afternoon Fela. Grace is correct in advising that the storage rates depend on the volume of goods that you have to be stored with us. As you are aware, we store goods in modules and our storage rates depend on how many of these modules a client uses, but so that you know, for the first module we charge $25.00 per week and for each additional module it's an extra $20.00 per week. Therefore, if you had 5 modules of goods in store the weekly storage charges would be $105.00 per week - so for a four week month you'd be paying $420.00 and for a five week month you would be paying $525.00. We do only charge for the storage up to the date that the goods are delivered so if you've paid your storage in advance, any applicable refund would be paid back to you following delivery. I hope this helps but if you'd like more information please call the office on 07 5527 9700. Thank you.

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